"You did what?" I looked up from my place at the pond as Kai and Tala stepped out of the dojo. I was wearing a black

shirt, so I blended in with the darkness.

"You heard me Kai. Hilary came with me from the abbey. She's staying with me. Ok, us."

"Fine, we'll decide as a team tomorrow. Where is she."


"I'm right here."

"Kami! Have you been there the whole time?"


Kai gave us a hand gesture to come, and we both followed. He didn't lead us to where Tyson, Max, and Ray were sleeping, but

a room where a single bed and sheets were layed out. Kai brought one more out.

"We only have one extra. So, who's going to share?"

"Hilary can have her own-"

"Tala and I will share," I blurted out. Kai gave us a weird look, but left us alone. I pulled the pallet to a corner away from Kai, and

put myself in. Tala reluctintly climed in after me. I looked at him and whispered, "We can make up a story this way."


So apperently I hepled Tala escape the abbey. I had no experence in beyblading. I nodded happily as we finisfed and burried my head

in his chest. Almost relluctintly, or against his own will, his arms slipped gently around my waist. He pulled me as close to him as he could.

His lips decended on my forhead and let them linger for awhile. Soon his lips pulled back, and one hand came up and stroked my hair. I swear

he had no clue what he was doing. It was like he was petting Wolborg, not me. I turned my head, so my ear was against his chest,

listening to the steady beating of his heart. Soon everything went black with sleep.


I'm sorry it took me so long to update. I was in California for awhile. I was also out of ideas. Sorry it took so long.