Haley's Decision

Summary: When she told her husband Nathan that she was offered the chance to jump start her musical career (albeit by an attractive singer whom Nathan hated) Haley James Scott was given an ultimatum by her young husband: choose either her dream job as a singer, or him. He told her that if she accepted the offer, that would be the end of their relationship. Haley chose her music. This story follows the events following her life shattering choice.

Nathan ran through the front door and called out his wife's name. Taylor, his wife's sister, walked out from the bedroom and looked at Nathan sympathetically.

"I'm sorry, Nathan. She's gone." Taylor told him gently. Nathan ran in a haze to their room where the large bulletin of pictures from their wedding party was hung and threw it down. He couldn't believe that Haley had gone with Chris on the tour after he had told her in no uncertain terms that if she went, her marriage would not survive.

Nathan noticed a piece of paper folded neatly beside the bed the two had shared. He picked it up and recognized the writing as Haley's immediately.


You know how much I love you. I've supported you, haven't I? I've been there for you, I've forgiven you, and I saw the good in you. And now when I need you more than ever, when I need you to support me, to encourage me…where are you? I've always wanted to sing. I never thought I was good enough…I never realized it was more than just a silly fantasy. I wanted you to go to the High Flyers; I never wanted to be the reason you gave up your dream. Nate, you can't know how much it broke my heart when you forced me to choose between my lifelong dream and my lifelong love. This is the chance of a lifetime. Michelle Branch wants me to tour with her! I thought you would have understood. Opportunities like these do not come around often. If I don't take this chance…who knows if I'll get another one. Nathan, I needed you and you deserted me. If you truly are making me choose, if you truly don't understand and don't want to support me in this, maybe I don't know you as well as I thought. You don't trust me with Chris. I'm your wife, Nathan! Don't you realize that I could never be with anyone else? You refuse to believe me when I tell you there's nothing going on. You refuse to believe that Chris is just helping me professionally. You don't trust me to be faithful. This hurts me beyond anything. Don't think for a second that I chose Chris over you. I know that's what you're going to believe. If our marriage can't survive this, if your jealously is so over bearing that you really won't let me achieve my dream, then our marriage wasn't that strong to begin with.

When I come home, I wish with all my heart that you'll be here. Please, our marriage is too wonderful to throw away. If you do decide to leave and still want a divorce, there's nothing more I can say. Nate, you're the love of my life, my only love…my true love. I only wish I were yours.

Haley James

The letter fell out of Nathan's hand as he collapsed on the ground and closed his eyes in anguish. How could this have happened? Those words stung Nathan deeply. He realized he was being an overprotective ass. Haley had been there for him always… And he couldn't understand and support her through this critical part of her life that could make her dream career soar.

Taylor walked in and sat down next to Nathan and put a comforting arm on his shoulder. "It was the hardest decision she ever had to make. She loved you so much."

"She left," Nathan got out hollowly.

"Yeah. Just make sure you're here when she comes back." Taylor said. "Little sis wouldn't leave for nothing. If you love her, you won't give up your marriage over this."

"She's gone," Nathan shook his head; dry sobs escaping.

"She's coming back," Taylor reminded him, "And you've already broken her heart. You better be here to out it together again. Or I will kick you ass. We may not be close, but we're still sisters. Now stop looking as is she went over and had an affair and divorced you. You were the one who made it into such a big thing. Clean yourself up and before you know it, the months will have passed and you can be with your wife again." Taylor stood up with a small smile and left the room.