A/N: Oh dear lord, what's this? I've actually uploaded a new chapter for my OTH fic? And you thought the day would never come. Though I warn you, this isn't really a chapter, chapter in the respect that no new ground is reached in anything. As always thanks for reviewing. And OTH is the creation of the WB. Not of me.

The days passed as all days pass and the future would hold much of which would be unexpected. Hopes floated through the air, dreams fighting for fulfillment. Romance would be yearned for, and break ups would inevitably occur. But when, what, and for whom?

Will Haley James Scott be able to score a record deal and become a mega-hit super star singer? Upon returning home from her turbulent, starry music tour, will Nathan's words have held true? Would her love be able to cope with all that fame brought, if fame did actually go her way? His jealousy and insecurities are growing, and with the possibility of more "untrustworthy" singers wanting to collaborate with his wife, with a legion of male fans wanting to nail her, would Nathan be able to let Haley go on with her work, his faith and trust in her loyalty firm? And as for Haley herself, would fame change her, would the achievement of her secret passion cause her personality to shift? Would Nathan find himself with a diva that believes he is now below her, or would Haley find herself with a controlling, possessive husband unable to trust her enough to let her truly grow and flourish?

Time changes all things and every choice a person makes influences their life, for better or for worse. Whether or not Haley made a mistake in leaving Tree Hill at all, or whether or not she should have divorced Nathan when he showed signs of holding her back will be questions that linger on their minds, subconsciously or not. But no one can know what the future will bring, and fate is a fickle thing. Perhaps this sequence of events would lead to Haley's stardom, Nathan finally going after his own dream, and the surprising strengthening of their relationship. Or it could very well go in the completely negative direction, with Haley's career flopping miserably and her ultimate bitterness at the man who had wanted her to stay home, perhaps the two would divorce the moment she returned home. Perhaps Haley would after all pursue an affair with Chris Keller. Hell, maybe Nathan would decide he wanted to be with Peyton and Brooke again and screw up relations with all three of his closest females along with his brother and Jake.

In Tree Hill, anything can happen, and often does happen. It is Tree Hill, after all. The possible events mentioned are actually pretty tame for the town. Hey, maybe Haley will ditch her career completely and rush home to find Nathan involved in an orgy with every loved and loathed member of Tree Hill. The town has way too much drama for it's own good… Only and always in the one Tree Hill with enough going on to fill up four different towns.

One fight was fixed, and one relationship is, for the time being, strong with warm fuzzies being distributed. The two will drift and argue, get closer and make up, in an unendingly viscous cycle. Or maybe they'll get their happily ever after. Here's to hoping that Haley and Nathan last.