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As they walked to the party that had been thrown for the Gullwing's save return, Yuna and Tidus walked hand-in-hand, not saying anything, just before being ambushed by a streak of blonde hair catapulting into Tidus, knocking him down.

"Tidus! Omigosh! You're back!" Rikku chirped, smiling gleefully. She got up and bounced up and down, giggling to herself. Yuna rolled her eyes, and reached down to help Tidus up. Tidus rubbed his sore rump, and cracked a grin back at Rikku.

"Looks like you haven't changed a bit Rikku…" His voiced trailed off, and he coughed at Rikku's thief outfit. He gulped and noticed that Yuna had a definite change of clothes too…

"Tidus! What hole did you spring out of, ya?" Asked a grinning Wakka, with a following Lulu, holding Vidina in her arms.

"Oh… Lulu? You have a baby!" Tidus smiled, wondering whom the father was.

"Allow me to introduce my son Vidina, ya?" Wakka smiled, and put his arm around Lulu. It took a while until Tidus connected two with two.

"Whoa! So you guys are… Married?" He chuckled nervously, grasping onto Yuna's hand.

"Yes, we were married little bit after you had… departed, Tidus. By the way, I hope you don't mind sleeping with the Aurochs tonight." Lulu calmly stated.

"Yeah, no problem" Tidus chuckled, shaking the last remnants of water out of his eyes. After a lot of small talk was said about Tidus' re-awakening, Yuna led Tidus to the banquet. They sat down, and started to take some food from the plates. Yuna quirked an eyebrow at how much food Tidus had taken, comparing to her small amount she had taken and had usually eaten. Tidus grinned at her, with his fork in one hand, his spoon in the other, and dug in. Literally dug in.

They both quietly snuck away, to Yuna's hut, where they plopped down on her bed, still hearing raucous calls, one strangely like this:

"Lusa uh, Rikku! Tnehg uha vun dra Al Bhed!" Which sounded strangely like a drinking contest, with Rikku in it, with Brother and Buddy shouting their support. Yuna sighed, and rested her head on his shoulder, watching the sun set.

"Whenever Rikku comes to celebrations like this, she always seems to win the drinking contests…" Yuna chuckled, leaving Tidus with a bemused smirk on his face.

"Well, back in Zanarkand, this was expected after a big match, except here they're a lot better… So what shall we do?" Tidus let go of Yuna, and slid behind her and started to rub her back rhythmically, relaxing Yuna's muscles slowly…

"Ohhh… I don't know Tidus…" She turned back to him, softly kissing his lips, gingerly relishing the taste. Tidus put his hands on the small of her back, still kissing her, leading her onto his lap. Yuna broke away from the kiss, now seated on his lap, staring into the twin sea blue eyes of Tidus, before sighing a bit, took off her wrap-around skirt and bag, feeling that it was constricting her. She wanted to tell him with all of her might that she wanted to make love to him, and give him her virginity. While she turned away and sighed, his gloved hand cuffed her shoulder.

"What's wrong, Yuna?" He kissed her cheek lightly, feeling the compressed sorrow in Yuna's heart. He knew she wanted to tell him something, but hesitated in asking. He took off his gloves and shoulder armor, knowing that Yuna wanted to be in a relaxed, unobstructed atmosphere. She looked back at him, and embraced him, with her head cradled in his neck.

"Is there something… you wish to… ask me, Yuna?" He started, hearing her heart skip a beat. He kissed her forehead, and took her off his lap, placing her beside him, and he began to sweat. He waited in cold anticipation for Yuna to answer him, and he unbuckled his shorts, leaving them on, but slipped off his shirt, and drew Yuna close to him again.

"Tidus… can we…"Yuna started.

"Hiya guys!" A drunken Rikku said, stumbling through Yuna's doorway, with a foolish grin on her face. Just before noticing what they were doing, a hand rested on her shoulder, beckoning her out, with a voice scolding her, which sounded like Gippal's.

"Rikku, fa ghuf dryd fa'na cibbucat du pa maddehk dras ryja draen des ymuha, nekrd? Mad'c ku pavuna ouin vydran hudleac oui'na kuha. Sorry guys."

When the footsteps wore away, Tidus turned back to Yuna.

"You were saying?

"Umm… Can we… take our relationship to a higher level?" She stumbled, a blush forming on her cheeks. She reached back to her straps that kept her shirt together, and Tidus realized what she was implying, and nodded. Her laid her down on her back, and she started to strip off her clothes…

5 hours later…

He woke up to the sound off a raging party still going on, and smiled down at a peaceful Yuna. He stroked her hair, and kissed her forehead gently, remembering what went on. Yes, they had taken their relationship to a new level. A WHOLE NEW LEVEL worth remembering. He thought of what Wakka would think about their meandering, and gave up on the matter, and fell back asleep.

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