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Anyways, just a friendly warning: THIS IS A RATED 'R' STORY! So just remember to be mature, 'kay?

Anyhow, this story won't be as bloody as the previous. It will be much more emotionally trying and emotionally torturing than the other, however. But don't worry, it won't be that bad. :grins:

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So, this chapter will be a prologue, or in other words a recap and a minor introduction. It will most likely be a really short one, and for that I apologize, but the story has got to start off somewhere, ne?

This story takes place right after Leo left. (read 'In the Moon's Bloody Shadow' first to understand)

So, a few things to note:

ITALICS will be personal thoughts.

Prologue: Light

(Recap from 'In the Moon's Bloody Shadow')

:Leo looked away. "I'm really sorry guys, but you must understand something. I'm really sorry and I love you guys and I really thank you all for everything that you did, but now I really must go. And—" Leo said, pausing. "Whatever you do, DON'T come after me. I'm sorry."

Leo whispered, before whirling around and jumping onto the next roof, and then running off into the shadows.

The elite turned and disappeared.

Everyone else was left on top of the roof, with howling wind and rain soaking them:

Well. He did it. He'd taken the last step and had run away. Run away from everything that he had worked so hard to preserve. He had spent years perfecting it, he had spent years preserving it, and now it was all gone.

Just in one moment.

One moment, one word, one thought, one wish; and it was gone.

It was actually pretty funny once you really thought about it… You spend years and years, heck, all your life trying to perfect and preserve something; then just one moment destroys it all.

Makes you kind of wonder what the heck our purpose is in our life. And why the heck we bother living it.

In a way, it kind of reminded you of how pathetic and useless our lives are. But at the same time, it reminds us that even in the darkest part of our lives, there's still hope. There's still a chance.

A chance, a hope, a desire, a dream.

Funny how death revolves around life, how life revolves around plight, how plight revolves around hope, how hope revolves around misery, how misery revolves around a chance, and how a chance all goes back to death and life.

It's all a circle. And in the end, we all go back to the beginning…even if there is no real beginning.

Leo sighed as the foot headquarters came into view. The elite were following him, even though both he and they knew that he wouldn't turn back.

He used to believe that. But after the last couple of weeks and what was happening now, he didn't believe anymore.

It made him think of what he saw long ago in the tea leaves: the gun, the cross, and the tree. The gun sign came to be fulfilled. 'Hidden dangers'. Even the cross did come to be fulfilled. 'Self-sacrifice'. But the tree…the one that meant 'improvements in life'…that one never happened.

And judging the way things were going, it never will.

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