Summary: Hermione is a lonely 22 year old girl. She drifted away from her two best friends after they graduated from Hogwarts. She is a rich Auror that is well known through the Wizard industry. She now is still currently living in England and is invited to go to her best friend's wedding. She can't show up alone so she hires a male escort. Out of pure destiny, it turns out to be one of her old best friends.

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Getting There

Hermione anxiously paced through her apartment biting her nails. She couldn't take the anticipation. She needed to call just one more time. She was packing to go to New York where her best friend was planning on getting married. The reason she was so nervous was that her ex boyfriend was the best man, Ron. She wanted so desperately to get him back. They were together during Hogwarts, but he broke it off and left Hermione heart broken. She wanted to make Ron jealous of her finding someone else. Then maybe he'd take her back.

"Oh that's it" Hermione said to no one in particular. She grabbed her muggle telephone and phoned her hired escort again. Oh shit, the recorder again! Honestly, doesn't anyone know how to answer the phone? Hermione thought. "'s me...again... Um just wondering if you are going up at the airport and um...maybe you already left...but I hope you show...bye" Hermione said in a jittery and stuttered voice.

She walked over to a tub of pictures and pulled them out. She flipped through a couple of her and Ron together and that made her get ready faster. Her expression saddened as she saw a picture of them kissing. She threw the picture back into the tub and started packing more quickly. She was only staying for two weeks but it seemed like much longer since she practically packed everything.

She was heading out and shrunk all her bags so that they were easier to carry. She walked down to the nice limo cab waiting for her in front of her huge apartment building. She climbed in and ordered the cab driver to drive fast since she was very anxious. They reached the airport just in time to board the jet she was taking to the states. She was supposed to meet her escort on the plane. She didn't know much about him and only spoke to him on the phone once. It seemed like a big risk but Hermione was desperate. She figured that the six thousand dollars she was paying him for the full two weeks would be worth the looks and charm.

She got on the plane and sat down. She couldn't help but fidget since her 'date' wasn't there yet. She was fixing her hair like crazy and kept checking her make up. Her breathing was heavily and she was biting her nails. She stood up and went to the flight attendants wing.

"I need a drink. You see, I'm supposed to meet someone that has a ticket for seat 8B that isn't here yet but-" Hermione was cut off by the attendant.

"Did you just say 8B?" the male attendant asked.


"You got some cute man" he replied in a feminine tone.

Hermione spun around to see a man a bit taller than she. He had messy black hair and mysterious green eyes. This look was awfully familiar. Who is that? I know him form somewhere... Hermione thought to herself. She continued to stare his way and watch him sit at the same seat that she was supposed to meet her escort. Something about him is so familiar. She observed the way he ran his fingers through his hair and instantly knew who he was. Harry? That couldn't be him. It has been nearly five years since they last saw each other and Harry looked better than ever.

"Harry?" Hermione said as she approached the dark haired guy.

"Yea— 'Mione?" Harry said as he stood up towering Hermione by at least a good foot.

"8B?" she asked him sheepishly.

"Afraid, I'm your new male escort" Harry said with a simple shrug.

"I guess so. How did you get into this industry?" Hermione said taking a seat in her seat, 8A. "Just curious"

"Well it all started about after we graduated. I needed a job and a friend of mines offered me this one" he replied simply.

Some thing was so different about him this time. "Harry, how did we manage to drift apart?"

"I don't know. I guess we had different ambitions and that's what separated us" he replied taking a sip of his sparkling wine.


"By the way, since when does the great Hermione Granger call for male escorts?"

"Well you know how Ron and I had a thing for each other in school? Well we dated then out of no where he broke my heart and left me desperate and depressed. I mean we were the perfect couple and one day it all just ended. I still don't understand and I still have strong feelings for him. Now Ginny and Draco are getting married and Ron's the best man. I'm a brides maid and I can't show up alone. Everyone's going to be there Harry, from school, you know? I can't stand being the only one at these thing's without a date so that's why I hired you"

"I see" Harry said. "No one told me about the wedding. You would think Ron would have the decency to call me up or something. Even Ginny. I thought Draco was my buddy too."

"I know. Ginny told me she tried getting in touch with you. I don't blame her because you are a hard person to get in contact with"

Harry and Hermione stayed awake talking for a while more until they both drifted off to sleep. The plane ride was long so it was overnight. Hermione dreamed about the old days back in Hogwarts and how she missed it so much. Harry, on the other hand, was dreaming of a girl he once loved. She was beautiful, smart and the best-est friend anyone could ever ask for. Who was this girl? Hermione Granger.

Hermione awoke to some slight turbulence on the plane. It was 9AM in the morning on her time and they still had a bit to go until they reached New York. She opened her eyes and looked around to see if this was really a dream. It was definitely not a dream. It was reality. She saw Harry just about to sit back down in his seat. The light hit him perfectly and she saw him in a whole new light. She shook any potential feelings for him off and stretched a bit.

"Good morning" Hermione said groggily but awake.

"Good Morning to you too. How did you sleep?"

"Oh brilliantly, you?"


They sat down and chatted for a bit to pass time. They both couldn't help but notice that something was different about the other. They were served breakfast and told they should be landing in less than an hour.

"Well for us to pull this off, we need a plan" Hermione said sipping her freshly squeezed orange juice. "A believable one too"

"Alright, go on"

"Well, what does everyone think you're doing? Your job..."

"Well Ron seems to think I work for the ministry but I don't think we can pull it off since Mr. Weasely still has connections in there. Other than that, I could pass for an Auror"

"Okay that's a great idea. I guess our story is, we ran into each other at work unexpectedly."


"We've been dating for 3 months and you're crazy about me"

"Sounds good"

Hermione drew a satisfied smile across her face and tilted her head in deep thought. Wow, this is actually going to work. Let's just hope we don't screw this up or anything. One mistake and everyone will know. Dammit Hermione, why do you have to be such a bloody perfectionist? Hermione mentally slapped herself for even thinking this would work. He satisfied smile soon faded into a blank look.

"Mione are you alright?" Harry asked trying to look into Hermione's eyes.

"Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine. Just thinking about our plan and if it'll work"

"Relax, everyone will fall for it" Harry reassured. "And look we are here. Finally! I think my arse needs a break from sitting so long"

Hermione giggle at that statement and watched out the window as they landed. She saw the limo waiting for them not too far from where they were supposed to land. Everything was running smoothly so far. Maybe we can pull this off. The plane came to a heavy stop and the flight of stairs went down so they could exit the jet. Harry went down first and being the gentlemen he is, helped Hermione down the stairs.

"Thank you" Hermione said with a slight blush coming across her face.

They got into the limo and drove to the house Mrs. Weasely rented to stay at for the wedding. Hermione didn't know much about where or how the house looked like. The driver was sent to pick them up. Ginny was really curious to see who Hermione was bringing, also. Hermione, of course, didn't know much then so she had no choice about to tell her it was a secret.

By now, Hermione's hands were sweating and shaking uncontrollably. She was so anxious that at every muggle stop sign her heart stopped because she thought they had reached. Harry noticed Hermione's uncomfortable vibe and debated whether to ask her if she was alright or not.

"Uhm, Hermione?" Harry asked. "Are you feeling alright? I mean, you look a little tense"

"Oh-uhm- I- I-I- I'm just nervous as hell" Hermione confessed.

"I can tell"

The conversation drifted into a silence very soon. They both looked out their window sides and admired the muggle way of living. It was always Ginny's dream to have a fairy-tale-muggle wedding. Hermione didn't see why she would want something like it but it was Ginny's wedding, not hers. Hermione had her own wedding plans. She wanted to be married along the lake at Hogwarts under the famous beech tree. An outside wedding was more Hermione's speed.

"Looks like we're here" Harry said noticing that the car had come to a full stop and they were parked in front of a huge house. The house was like any other but way bigger that Hermione ever imagined. It was bigger than the burrow. She noticed the boat outside and knew it belonged to Mr. Weasely. He had told Hermione how fascinated he was with this muggle craft and how amazing ti is to ride it. It was a huge yacht, it was more of small fishing boat.

"O-o-ohkay" Hermione mumbled under her breath.

Harry went out the door first and extended his hand out for Hermione to use to get out of the car with. She accepted and slid her hand into his and stepped out of the vehicle. There was a nice summer breeze flowing through, which made Hermione cling her dress down to her sides tightly. It was only now that she noticed that her yellow dress matched Harry's yellow tie.

"Please tell me you're changing that tie" Hermione said.

"Why, what's wrong with it?" Harry asked innocently.

"Well it matches my dress. You just can't do that. It would make it seem obvious that we are trying too hard to be a good couple" Hermione said as a matter of fact. "We have to be believable, not totally obvious"

"I think it's fine. Let's go in. I haven't seen the Weasely's in ages"

"I don't think so, mister" Hermione said grabbing Harry's arm. Harry just gave her the 'you're-not-making-me' look. "Fine then I'm going to change my dress"

"Alright then I'll just go in"

"No, you're waiting for me." Hermione insisted. She went to the open trunk and went through one of her many bags in search of a different dress. She pulled out an emerald green one. It was a sun dress so it wouldn't seem so casual. She jumped back into the car and changed in there. When she got into the dress, she adjusted it so that it 'fit' better. She stepped out of the car and revealed her gorgeous emerald colored dress. Harry was in awe.

"Wow, Mione, you look beautiful" was all that he could manage to say.

"You mean that?" Hermione asked. "Thanks"

They approached the door and Hermione gave Harry a nervous look before he knocked. She took a deep breath with indicated that she was ready. Harry knocked on the door a full three powerful knocks. Hermione's inside's were swirling with anxiousness. Harry just squeezed her hand for reassurance.

"HARRY! HERMIONE!" Mrs. Weasely screamed as she pulled the two of them in for her famous rib crushing hugs.

"Hey Mrs. Weasely" Harry said as soon as she let him go.

Hermione just smiled to be polite. Mrs. Weasely pulled Hermione on the side for a quick girl-on-girl chat.

"Hermione? Since when have you and Harry been dating?" she asked.

"About 3 months to be exact" Hermione replied trying to be as sincere as possible.

"That's wonderful, darling! Too bad you and Ron didn't work out. We all thought you and him would be the first to marry. Well I guess Gin got there first"

"Yeah" Hermione said.

She was trying to think of that last statement if it was an insult or a complement. Hermione soon found herself alone after she collected her thoughts. She decided to find Harry and stay by him. She was walking through the crowd of relatives and friends when she saw him. He was tall and still had his ginger colored hair. Hermione almost thought she melted until she ran into Harry by mistake.

"Oh sorry" Hermione said looking into Harry's emerald eyes.

"That's okay" Harry replied.

Suddenly Ron headed their way and gave Harry a friendly hug. He paused before hugging Hermione debating whether of not to hug her. Hermione, instead, just shook his hand and said a quiet hello.

"Since when have the two of you been dating?" Ron asked.

"3 months" Hermione replied touching Harry's shoulder in hopes of making Ron jealous.

"O-o-h" Ron muttered.

"I think we are in love" Hermione said in a playful voice as Harry pulled Hermione closer to him.

"That's lovely" Ron said in a rather uncomfortable voice. "I better be going...over there"

"See ya" Hermione said trying to be more interested in Harry then anyone else.

"Bye Ron" Harry added.

Almost instantly, Harry and Hermione released from their awkward position. They just exchanged crooked smiles. Not too long after that the 'ceremony' began. Mrs. Weasely greeted everyone on a muggle microphone.

"Hello and thank you all for joining us. Today we are all here to celebrate my baby Ginny's wedding to Mister Draco." Mrs. Weasely said as she pointed to the snuggling couple. "You know, we all thought our Hermione would wed first but apparently not." Hermione tuned red at this statement. "Now please enjoy the refreshments we have at the back of the room. We also have a bar for our own pleasure"

"Do you want something to drink?" Harry asked Hermione.

"Uh, no thanks" she replied.

Hermione observed the way Ginny and Draco were cuddling and holding each other. She was thinking of how badly she wanted that. She wanted to be held and feel safe for the first time in her life. If only someone was there for her. Hermione's train of thoughts were soon interrupted by an old friend.

"Mione?" said an ecstatic Luna.

"Luna!" Hermione said as she spun around to the direction of the very familiar voice.

"How's everything?" she asked.


"Are you here alone again? Because it's really quite alright since I'm here too al by myself and-" Luna was cut off by Hermione.

"Actually I'm here with my new boyfriend, Harry" Hermione replied pointing to Harry who was coming their way with his drink.

"Harry? Harry Potter, Harry?" Luna asked in shock.

"Yes in fact here's the man himself" Hermione said introducing Harry into their conversation.

"Hello Luna. Long time no see, eh?" Harry said with a glamorous smile.

"Yeah, so how long have you been dating?" she asked.

"3 months" Hermione replied.

Luna, Hermione and Harry continued to talk some more. They discussed everything from their current jobs to Luna's new cat named 'Kinkers'. Harry tried his best to make it look like they were an happy couple in front of Luna. He started with his arm around Hermione's shoulders to kissing her on the cheek. All of this, made Hermione giggle and blush like crazy. The part was coming to an end for the night and it was getting late. Harry and Hermione stayed and helped clean up while Luna and the others left.

"Oh dear, did I show you two your room?" Mrs. Weasely asked.

"No, you didn't" Hermione replied.

"Oh well let's do so now" she said.

Mrs. Weasely led them upstairs and showed them the one bedroom they were to share. She opened the door to show them that the room contained, a small living area, one bed and one bathroom.

"Surely this must be a mistake. There is only one bed and two of us" Hermione reminded.

"Oh I know dear and I think that you're old enough to share a bed with your boyfriend" she replied simply.

"But-" Hermione argued but it was far too late.

"Good night Hermione" she said as she kissed her on the cheek. "Oh and good night Harry"

Mrs. Weasely trailed off her to her bedroom and went to sleep.

"I'm really sorry about all of this and if you want, I can sleep on the ground" Hermione offered.

"No, we can both sleep on the bed" Harry answered. "I'm quite alright with it"

"Okay but if I kick you or something just let me know" Hermione said.

She jumped on the plush bed and spread out. Harry sat on the opposite side and soon fell next to her. Hermione fixed a spot on her side of the bed while Harry went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. She turned off the lamp on her side of the bed indicating that she was going to sleep. Harry noticed that and quietly slid onto the other side of the bed and turned off his lamp. Hermione tossed and turned a little. Before they knew it Hermione was snuggled up to Harry.

Oh gosh, I can't do this. The temptation is killing me slowly. Why couldn't this be like the last one? Why did it have to be my best friend Hermione? I can't take this. Harry thought to himself before he drifted asleep like all the rest.


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