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Where we left off:

"Where the bloody hell is Ginny?" Cho exclaimed, being Ginny's next best friend, she was worried.

"She'll be here" Hermione assured.

Chapter 7

Silence fell upon all the girls after Hermione's last comment. No one clearly understood what she meant by 'She'll be here' but they just decided to leave it at that. Hermione moved away from the other girls so she could think away from any distractions. She moved to a chair near the dressing room. She rested her hand on her chin and started thinking. Is it over? How could I have let everything I once knew, slip away from the grasp of my hands? I was so close to getting to him. He's probably long gone by now. I wonder where he is at this exact moment. I wonder what's running through his head. I wonder if we'll ever meet again in life. I guess if we do then it was meant to be. Maybe if I never see him again, it was kinda of like Gods message that it wasn't ever going to work out. But I think I'm the one in love with him, now. I'm so stupid. How could I just take everything for granted. Now I'm left with pretty much nothing. I don't know what I got until it's gone.

"Mione?" Ginny said reappearing from the shadows with Draco's hand in hers.

"Yeah?" Hermione said flatly with no expression what so ever. "I see you two worked things out."

"Yeah, I guess we were meant to be. Isn't that right, Draco?" Ginny said as she leaned towards Draco for a kiss.

"Congratulations" Hermione said looking down on the ground.

"Mione? Is something bothering you?" Ginny asked as she signaled Draco to leave so she could have some private talk time with Hermione. "You can tell me, you know?"

"No, I've already caused enough trouble today" Hermione said glumly.

"That's not true. For what I can say, you made me and Draco's relationship stronger. Now just tell me what's bothering you so I can help you"

"Gin, no matter what I say...I don't think you'd be able to help me on this one." Hermione said as tears started to well up in her caramel eyes.

"Hermione, you know I'm your best friend. And best friends don't let each other down."

"I know" Hermione said as she wiped the tears that rolled down her cheeks. "I'm such a bad friend"

"That's not true Mione. You are the greatest friend I could have ever wished for. You helped me through the roughest times of my life and I think it's time for me to start helping you. Don't you ever talk about yourself being a bad friend. I think we were meant to be best friends because if we were sisters our mums wouldn't be able to handle us" Ginny said in desperate need to try and cheer Hermione up.

"I don't really think now's the time to talk. I mean you have a wedding to get ready for" Hermione said changing the subject that she so badly wanted to run away from.

"Hermione, I would stop a wedding for you. Even if it's my own" Ginny said.

"Alright, I'll tell you but you have to promise your life over it that you won't tell another living soul" Hermione said sternly.

Hermione told Ginny everything. From how she hired Harry to be her date to his strip tease right in front of her. Ever single thing that happened except the part where she is in love with Harry, Hermione confided to her best friend.

"So you're telling me, you paid him six thousand dollars to come here to be your date. And now you're in love with him, am I right?"

"Yeah, and that's the– Wait a second, how did you know?" Hermione said in shock over what Ginny said.

"Like I said, I'm your best friend. I knew something was happening so I put the pieces together."

"I guess you're smarter than what I give you credit for" Hermione stated.

"Hey!" Ginny said.

They both giggled and then stood up to give each other a hug. Hermione let go so Ginny could get ready for her wedding. Hermione looked at the clock and her jaw dropped as she found out what time it was. They had been talking for a little too long and Ginny's wedding was going to start in a little over an hour.

"Ginny! You have to get ready now!" Hermione said pointing at the clock.

"Oh yeah, I'm getting married today!" Ginny said as Hermione pushed her into the dressing room.

Hermione got all the make up and other stuff ready for Ginny to use.

"I'll do your make up and hair so you can get ready quickly" Hermione shouted out to Ginny.

Ginny made her way out of the dressing room and sat down in front of the mirror. Hermione applied Ginny's make up. Her dress was white so it was pretty much easy to match with. Hermione straightened Ginny's already straight hair so it would shine nicely.

"It looks better in pictures" Hermione explained.

Ginny just nodded.

Hermione just finished her off with a matching white barrette. It was similar to the one the bridesmaids were wearing but nicer and white. Hermione finished everything by handing Ginny a bouquet of pink lilies. Ginny pulled Hermione in for a hug.

"Thank you" Ginny whispered into Hermione's ear as they ended the hug. "I can't believe I'm getting married today"

"I know. I can't believe it either" Hermione said.

(With the boys)

"Hey" said a gruff male voice from out of nowhere.

"Aah!" Draco said as he jumped back after seeing Ron appear.

"Is that the right way to greet your lover?" Ron said moving closer.

"Lover? Please! What are you doing here?" Draco spat out.

Without any further words Ron leapt on Draco causing him to fall. Ron was now on top of him. Draco was trying to get free but it was no use without his wand. He was squished so much he could barely breath. Ron inched closer. Draco squirmed more. Ron inched even more close until his face and Draco's were merely centimeters apart. Ron moved in.


Draco gave Ron a hard kick where it hurts the most and Ron was groaning in pain.

"I SWEAR I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Draco said as he rummaged around for his wand.

That piece of information made Ron jump up and out of the room. Draco chased him out of the church and down the block. Draco wasn't too far behind. They were two or three blocks away from the chapel now. Ron was still running and screaming for his dear life. Draco on the other hand was furious with what Ron did to him. They were now running on the side of the road. Little did they both know, Harry was leaving and passing on that same road. Harry caught sight of the two men in tuxedos and pulled over. Draco looked back and let Ron run into the field still screaming like a little girl.

"What the bloody hell are you two doing?" Harry asked.

"I guess I won't have to worry about that git ever bothering me again. Don't worry about it" Draco replied.

"Shouldn't you be at the wedding?" Harry asked. "Which will be starting in a half an hour or so"

"Oh shit"

"I could give you a ride back there"

"Everyone thought you left, Harry" Draco said. No response. "Hermione was really torn up about it."

"Yeah well that's not my problem" Harry said as he started the car.

"It is your problem. I don't know what's going on with you two but she's in love with you. I can tell. Everyone can"

Harry paused before answering. "No it's Ron that she's in love with"

"No. No, it isn't. He's gay"

Harry and Draco reached the chapel and Draco got out of the car.

"Harry, come to the wedding at least"

"I have a plane to catch" Harry said as an excuse for facing everyone.

"Accio Plane Ticket" Draco shouted.

The plane ticket flew out of Harry's pocket and into Draco's hand. With one movement Draco ripped the plane ticket into shreds. Draco just watched the expression on Harry's face as he threw all the little pieces back into the car.

"What the bloody hell was that for?" Harry exclaimed.

"For your own good. There's an extra tux in the dressing room. Get going" Draco ordered.

"But- I- but-I can't"

"Oh and is this the same Harry Potter I grew up with? I guess everyone changes. Even the best of us. I thought you weren't scared of anything?" Draco said as he was trying to pull a guilt trip over Harry.

"I'm not scared" Harry stated sternly.

"Sounds like it to me" Draco taunted.

"Where's the dressing room?" Harry said between gritted teeth.

Draco pointed towards the boys dressing room. Harry got out of the car and marched over to it. He was not extremely happy that he was forced into being in this wedding. But he really had no choice. How was he going to explain how his ticket got shredded up into a million pieces? He entered the empty fitting room and changed quickly. He stood in front of a mirror and wetted his hands. He ran his fingers through his hair to give it a messy yet clean look.

"Wedding's about to start. Everyone take their places!" Harry heard Mrs. Weasely yell in the hallway.

Harry up with Draco and the other guys. Everyone was happy he came back. They all took turns telling him that he should marry Hermione next. Harry was just plain nervous about what Hermione would say or even do when she saw he returned. The organ started playing. One by one the bridesmaids entered the room of smiling people. Hermione was the last one out before Ginny. She entered and once she saw Harry standing next to Draco at the alter her heart stopped. She froze as her eyes kept still on Harry. Her bouquet of flowers dropped to the ground. The organ stopped playing and Hermione was still frozen like a statue in the middle of the alter. Luna rushed up to Hermione so they could keep on going with the wedding.

"Hermione, now's not the time" Luna warned.

Hermione still didn't say anything but instead ran towards Harry. She threw herself into him for a long hug.

"I thought you were never coming back" Hermione whispered into Harry's ear. "I-I..."

"Sorry" Luna said budging in. "Not now. Come on 'Mione!"

Luna managed to pull Hermione away after Lavender and Parvati joined to help. The organ started to play once more and Ginny entered. Mrs. Weasely was crying while Mr. Weasely hugged her. Ginny smiled to everyone and joined Hermione and the other girls at the alter.

"What happened?" Ginny whispered to Hermione. "What was all the commotion?"

"I-I-I-I love him" Hermione whispered back with her eyes still fixed on Harry.

Ginny didn't know what Hermione was talking about until she saw Harry standing next to Draco where Ron should've been. The ceremony went on and Hermione was soon the only one standing at the alter. She was still star struck that Harry came back. Does this mean we are meant to be? He's back. He's really back. Hermione lost her thought as Ginny entered the room with Harry.

"I think you too should talk. Take however long you need. Okay, Mione?" Ginny said as she nudged Harry to approach Hermione.

"Hi" Harry said as she started the conversation with a friendly smile.

"You came back?" Hermione squeaked out.

"Yeah, long story on that one" Harry replied.

"It doesn't matter, as long as you're here. I was afraid I would never see you again. Harry, I'm-" Hermione started but she was soon cut off.

"Hermione, I know you must be furious that I left and everything but I did it so no one else could get hurt"

"I know and I just wanted to tell you that I-"

"Look, I think that after today we should just make like none of this never happened. That we never met again. And that I never told you I loved you"

"But-" Hermione said as tears were streaming down her cheek.

"Just don't cry. It's hard enough already"

"No" Hermione said sternly. "Listen to me, alright?"

Harry shot a confused look at Hermione but just decided to shut up.

"I'm in love with you Harry"

"What? There must be some sort of mistake. You can't be..."

"But I am!" Hermione shouted. "Ever since you left, I couldn't get you out of my mind. I just kept telling myself that if we'd meet up again, then we were meant to be. Look, we met up again! I'm feeling this things that I can't explain, Harry. I know I'm in love. I finally figured out that if I couldn't get you out of my head, then maybe, just maybe you were supposed to be there"


"No, it's true. I know it."

No words were said after that. Harry inched closer to Hermione and gave her a kiss on the lips. Hermione ran her fingers through his hair and kissed him back. They didn't know that practically everyone was watching. They all crept out and started clapping their hands. Hermione and Harry broke apart their kiss and smiled at everyone.

"I love you too" Harry said to Hermione.

End of chapter

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