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Sweet Abandonment

He sighed heavily, pacing beneath the dark shadows of the city. His hands were clenching and unclenching, reflexively feeling for his twin sais. Letting out another frustrated breath, he continued muttering incoherently as he faced off with his inner demons.

The red clad turtle's temper flared like an embossed flame, flickering as hateful sentiments and seething rage added to his fury.

I hate them all.

It's always their fault.

They can't tell me what do.

They don't need me.

I can leave whenever I want to.

He felt the heat behind his eyes.

He felt the tension in his limbs.

He felt the anger coursing through his blood…ever a part of him.

As the moaning clouds above him let loose their own storm, he hardly felt the cool, soothing touch of the crystalline droplets falling…at least he couldn't feel them physically.

The tiny droplets fell and pirouetted and touched and danced and twirled and stirred and shook….

They reached deeper, attempting to ease the pain and animosity that dug themselves painfully beneath the fibers of his soul, his beliefs, his heart.

They do care.

Maybe they're right.

Maybe they do need me.

I don't really hate them, how could I?

He felt confusion within his mind.

He felt repentance within his grasp.

He felt redemption…so closely reaching out to him…

The ominous clouds hung clapping and shaking and thundering and jarring and piercing and shrilling and grating…

Flickering dimly within, the fire sparked to life once more.

What am I thinking?

Why should I feel guilty?

I didn't do anything wrong.

It's not my fault.

I didn't act rashly.

I could leave all them behind so easily…in an instant.


He realized then…he didn't have an excuse or reason…

He didn't have a mask to hide behind while he was so exposed.

He didn't have a remark to answer with.

He didn't have a defense…not this time.

The storm was no longer deafening and loud andforceful andcomforting andsheltering…it offered him nothing, and he was left alone once more with his thoughts…

I could leave them behind…but I won't.

As he turned to disappear into the shadows, the rain dissipated completely. He began running towards home.

They may not need me…but I need them.

A/N: Just another really, really, really short one-shot. Plot bunnies are nasty critters my friends. Ja ne:)