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To be sincere, I've beenconcentratingon other projects and I left this without really realizing about it. And since I love EdxWin very muchI thought I should at least update every once in a while. Without much else to say, except an apology for not updating in such a long while, I leave you to read this new drabble. And please remember to review!


Edward Elric wasn't known to be an overly emotional man. He wasn't very vocal or physical. And although it was true that he got easily irritated, he was mostly quiet and tried be subtle when it came to his feelings; before he ran out of patience anyway. Ed wasn't a possessive man either, he just liked that his things were respected as much as he respected other people's properties.

Given the circumstances, his friend Winry had once concluded that no one who didn't know him well enough would really understand what the boy was actually feeling based on his actions alone. Not that one couldn't try to figure him out by being very observant, of course. Like the way he walked with a hand pocketed in his pants or how he frowned whenever he thought a price was too high in the supermarket. There was also the special angle his hand took when he waved or how his lips twitched before he would actually smile.

And then, there was that one day when a recently 'regular' costumer arrived at the shop asking about the new automails parts for his grandfather. The tall, young man had visited at least thrice in a week the Rockbell workshop and, the Fullmetal hadn't failed to notice, seemed particularly fond of the young automail mechanic.

The man was visiting a fourth time, on that warm Autumn afternoon, as Winry stood well positioned on her place behind the counter. Ed simply barged in, carrying a deep frown, strolled to the counter, held Winry's hand, and glared at the costumer.

"E-Ed?" the girl turned to his childhood friend, surprised by the sudden intromission. The customer quietly stood stunned in-between them, his eyes shifting back and forth from the automail mechanic to the red-coated, angry-looking blond.

"Auntie Pinako asked me to tell you she needs you to check something at home," he motioned towards the house. "Let's go," Ed pulled her arm lightly before he turned to the brunette man. His golden eyes fixed themselves on the gulping costumer and his glare intensified.

"Oh, alright," she nodded, "Just let me…" she began, slightly turning towards the customer.

The man excused himself even before Winry could do it herself. He hadn't returned since.