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Pairing: Danny/Flack

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Part 4: We're Off To See The Wizard

We were in a state of sated sleep when my cell phone rang. It was 2 pm and it was no doubt either Mac or Stella ready to bitch us out for playing hooky.


"Bonasera. Now that we got the introductions out of the way, where the fuck are you?"

"Home. I don't feel very good today." I did a weak imitation of a cough, which earned me a teasing glance from my sleepy partner. He was spread over the bed opulently, wrapping his limbs seductively around mine, trying to distract me from my ever so pleasing conversation with Stella.

"You better be fucking sporting a fever and whooping cough because we have three cases, Flack is also MIA and one of the cases is a triple homicide."

It didn't take a genius to figure out that not only was Stella frustrated but she was slightly skeptic about my excuse. I coughed again for good measure, and Flack laughed at me openly this time, I swatted his arm.

"Look Stella, I wish I could come in today, but I'm just not feeling up to it." Flack began to trace invisible circles on my arm, making it slightly harder for me to concentrate on the verbal badgering I was receiving.

"Not feeling up to it?" Stella's normally cool voice turned hotter.

I immediately realized I was in the doghouse, there was just no getting around a stubborn angry Greek woman. I could just visualize her eyes narrowing at my audacity and her knuckles growing tighter around the Motorola. Yet, I was at least 20 minutes away from her, in my apartment, in my bed, getting groped by enigma personified, and I couldn't give a fuck less if Stella murdered me when I got to work.

Flack wrapped his arm around my stomach, teasing my navel playfully and descending, "Follow the brunette happy trail, follow the brunette happy trail…" Flack whispered in my ear, sending jolts of electricity down my spine. His movements rejuvenated me to the point that I almost hung up the phone.

"Aye, Stel, I gotta go, I'll work overtime later, I can't even get out of bed right now." I really wasn't lying; wild horses couldn't drag me out of Flack's arms at this point, not that I really minded him being here. There was a moment of silence over the telephone; I think Stella was contemplating the situation.

Poor Aid, she'd probably be pulling a double shift due to lack of staff, and yet I couldn't care less as Flack's fingertips grazed sensitive skin, and his lips kissed my shoulder, "Hang up." He whined uncharacteristically, and even then his deep voice, probably an octave lower than any man's made it sound sexy, "I'll make it worth your while." He crooned, playfully insinuating a midday rendezvous.

"Okay, I'll call to check on you later on, feel better."


I didn't even have time to say good-bye before Flack's lips settled against mine.

"You have no idea how disillusioned I am about Wizard of Oz now." I referred to his earlier comment on my happy trail.

His body settled pleasantly against mine, making me forget about Aiden, and Stella, and my 'fever'.

He left a trail of hot dry kisses down my torso, "I can definitely say we're not in Kansas any more." He winked before disappearing behind the midnight blue sheet.