A/N: Um, yeah. We were doing Shakespearean sonnets in English, I was bored out of my mind…Not from anyone's point of view in particular, excepting this crazy fangirl's…

Some of the rhymes are kind of weird. It's NOT meant to be taken seriously. XD

And yes, of course it's in iambic pentameter! (Sort of.) What kind of demented Chrno fangirl do you think I am!

Your spiky purple hair gives me a thrill,
Your eyes so deep a red, burning with lust,
Your manly yellow bow sends a deep chill
All down my aching spine; it's you I trust.
Your braid, it whips around as you doth gaze
With purest hatred at that demon great;
I must admit, you tend to make me crazed;
I only wish that you would be my mate.
When you get angry, my breath comes quite fast,
You look at Aion with an angry glare
I only wish your demon form would last,
So at your washboard abs I could just stare.
Oh, Chrno, even from the very start,
You were, indeed, the devil of my heart.

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