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Chapter 1: Mujaki

She never claimed to be innocent. Mujaki. (1) That was a quality everyone thought she had. Everyone just assumed. We all know the saying; when you assume you make an ASS out of U and ME. It certainly didn't make an ass out of her. She didn't care what they thought. What anyone thought. Al she needed to worry about was if she was getting her homework done, going to school, and earning enough money at her job to pay for dance lessons.

Jounouchi was always with her when they wanted to do something that wasn't exactly legal. Honda would sometimes come along but he would always preach to the both of them. Mai would always come along with them. Mai had a crush on Jounouchi so every time they got drunk and ended up making out she would blame it on the alcohol. Excuses, excuses. One day Mai would lose Jounouchi, she could see it. Maybe not now but in the future.

"I never get her. One moment she's all up on my balls the next she's cold and bitchy." He would complain to Anzu when he drove her back home from the clubs. Mai preferred to drive her motorcycle then to get into a car with Jounouchi.

Last night Jounouchi, Mai and Anzu all went to a new club that opened in Tokyo. The hot spot. They lived in a quieter town, not at all like the Japanese version of Times Square. She loved going to the clubs even though she was still seventeen. Everyone else was eighteen but would always find some way to sneak her inside. When she got inside loads of men would offer to buy her drinks which she graciously accepted. Jounouchi would always be watching her with heavily lidded eyes. Jounouchi was like her brother and would always make sure she was safe. Even though he corrupted her somewhat, he made sure she never lost her morals. Nothing went past dancing, drinking, and third base. He was her blond goofy bodyguard Mai would make sure Anzu was alright as well, but they gave Anzu her freedom. She was going to be an adult pretty soon anyways. She was no child. She sure as hell knew that.

Jounouchi knew all of her dirty secrets. Half the time he would cover for her when she was hung over at school and everyone was worried for her. When they would be at school they would never mention the night before. At night around ten he would pick her up and they would go to a club. It was a ritual. Go to school and pretend like you weren't dancing on top of the bar while taking shots last night and then when the sun went down get dressed up in your shortest shirt and low cut tank top and wild out.

"It's that stomach flu going around. Yea. That must be it."

He knew how many times she got drunk and got sick from it. Half the time he would be the one holding her shoulder length hair back as she got sick. But that was at first. She learned to control how much she could drink before she could get sick. You live, you learn, right?

The only secret Jounouchi didn't know was her little crush on Seto Kaiba. His mortal enemy. Her and Kaiba. She would never dare call him by his first name. Sure she got away with a lot of things when it came to him, but calling him by his first name was a no no in her book. Not because it would be disrespectful to him, she could care less about that. The reason why she couldn't call him by his first name was because it meant closeness. She didn't want that. She was a seventeen hormonal teenage girl who wanted fun.

Like she said before, she never claimed to be innocent. Everyone just assumed.

Other than Jounouchi, Mai, and to an extent, Honda, Kaiba was the other person who knew how she really was. Ever since he came into her school she was always attracted to him. They would always eye each other in the hall ways, during class, or during lunch. She never acted on it because she was never sure. After all, she was in school and sober. The act of cute innocent Anzu had to continue while she was in school. One day she would approach him out of school. Then she would find out if he found her attractive as well.

That day came a couple of days ago when she had to stay late at school to tutor a student. Obviously Kaiba had to stay after for the same thing. Anzu and Kaiba were the top two students in the whole school and today was tutor day.

After the tutor lesson Anzu went to her locker only to find Kaiba by his locker looking for a book. The hall was silent except for the metal of the locker banging against the other door when it opened and the shuffle of books being moved around. Kaiba seemed to misplace his book. The angry look on his face proved that he did misplace it. After closing her own locker softly she walked up to him hearing him growl in frustration.

"You know, you could always borrow someone else's book until you find yours." She suggested politely as she set her school bag down beside her. The bag was left open for him to search through her bag to borrow the book. "Gojiyu ni dozo." (2)Yes, the innocent Anzu façade was on. Kaiba had yet to know how she really was. Scowling he looked over at her direction. That sweet smile of hers was plastered on her face. It made him sick.

"Kekko desu, Mazaki. (3) I would rather use my own book." He gritted out. His deep husky voice ringed in her ears. He then noticed her attire. The top of her school uniform was off leaving only the small skirt. Replacing the tight top was an even tighter baby blue doll tee showing a bit of her navel. "Don't you think you should return that shirt to your baby sister? I'm surprised you could still breath with that top on." Aww. Kaiba wishes he was bright.

"Yea. Yea. Do you want to borrow the book or not?"

"Iie (4) ." She shrugged her shoulders and leaned back against the lockers as if she was waiting for him to change his mind. "What are you doing?" Agitation clearly heard in his voice.

"Waiting for you to stop being stubborn." Snorting he slammed his locker shut and stepped in front of her.

"Then you're going to have to wait for a long time." His body was heating her own up. He was too close to her. She felt like just grabbing him by the collar and 'make' him change his mind. Trying not to show how she felt inside, she faked a yawn and looked away from him as if she was bored.

"Will you be waiting with me? I might be lonely and could use the company." Kaiba lifted her chin with his finger so that she would look at him.

"I bet you would like that." Smirking he unconsciously leaned closer towards her. Staring into his cold blue eyes she fought back a shiver.

"It all depends on you." She whispered as she leaned closer to him as well. Her hands leisurely held onto his trench coats lapels pulling his body close.

"So it does?" They were each taking their time to say each word so that their lips slowly and painfully brushed against each other. Neither of them would make a move.

"Yes." She mumbled before pressing her lips against his slowly. She lost, she was the first to make a move. At least she got her answer. Kaiba's suppressed moan told her that he didn't really expect her to make the first move. His hands went to either sides of her head to hold her closer if it was even possible. Tilting her head a little she deepened the kiss as well opening her mouth to enter her tongue into his mouth. Tongue pushing against his lips, she pressed her body more against his and groaned to get through to him. After a while he got the message and opened his mouth for her. Who knew she was so demanding.

The mere taste of her made him lose his senses. Practically shoving her against the metal lockers his hands went to her sides bunching up the baby blue fabric in his fists. Anzu on the other hand continued to hold onto his lapel to make sure he didn't leave until she said otherwise.

A sound down the hall made her abruptly push him off a little. Surprised at the sudden action he stumbled back a little with his hands still on her sides. The sound was a door shutting. A teacher was still in the building. Face and lips still flushed she stepped close to a disbelieving Kaiba. The proximity made him step back letting his hands drop from her sides. Smirking she smoothed out her now crinkled shirt and her now messy hair. Kaiba still stood before her watching her fix herself up like nothing happened. Said teacher now walked down the hall and nodded towards Kaiba and Anzu.

"Goodbye Sensei." Anzu chirped pulling Kaiba out of his trance. He turned around and nodded towards the teacher.

"Good evening sensei." Kaiba bowed as did Anzu.

"Staying late for tutoring are we?" The old woman asked happily.

"Yes. I was just showing Kaiba-kun something." Kaiba-kun? The twinkle in her eye looked innocent to the teacher but to Kaiba it meant something else.

"Well, goodbye. Study hard, but not too hard." Anzu continued with her bright smile and bowed one more time. Kaiba now had his back turned to her. When she heard the teach leave the building she bent down to pick up her bag.

" Konban wa." Anzu said like nothing.(5) She sure as hell acted like it was nothing. She walked past him to leave the school and meet up with Jounouchi. Well, she intended to but Kaiba grabbed her wrist making her turn around.

"Konban wa? Nekkyo.(6) That's what you are." He mumbled as he let her wrist go.

"Why? Because you didn't expect it? Or because you liked it?" She smirked while Kaiba glared. Her smirk faded as she looked around the hall to see of anyone else was coming. She stepped closer to him. "Onegai ga arimasu?" (7) She whispered into his ear. When he made no move she continued. "Don't mention any of this to anyone." She leaned back and kissed him once more, this time only kissing him for a couple of seconds. After she stepped back she winked. "It'll be our little secret." She bowed and left Kaiba by himself. "Sumimasen." (8)

As she walked out of the school doors she smiled to herself. She could get any guy she wanted. Even the cold hearted CEO, Seto Kaiba. Not that she was vain or anything. It was just that guys were so easy to lure in.

Now she was laying on her bed after a long night with Jounouchi. That night no one caught her attention. There were no fun guys to dance with. Sometimes she would have to resort to dancing with Jounouchi. He had some rhythm. Nice rhythm. Their bodies would mold together perfectly while they tried to keep up with the tempo. The way he held her close made her feel like he knew what he was doing and he did. There were a couple of times they had to take breaks because they got too into the dancing. If Mai didn't have dibs on him she would have instantly tried to 'lure' Jounouchi in. That and they were close friends, almost family so it would be awkward for the both of them. Dancing was as far as they would go. She would never destroy a great friendship.

Sometimes there would be some interesting guys who would dance with her but they would always ruin it.

"Why don't you show me a little booby?"


"Lets go in the back and get to know each other a little better?" Okay, sometimes if she was really drunk she would comply with the guys. Under Jounouchi's watchful eye of course. One time he almost got kicked out of a club because he wanted to beat up some guy for groping Anzu. She didn't notice the guy groping her ass until Jounouchi pushed her out of the way to punch the guy in the face. Mai stood behind Jounouchi cheering him on as Anzu stood beside her oblivious to what was happening. Anzu kept on dancing to her own beat, even though the music was off. That was how wild their nights would be.

Her parents were asleep. It was a wonder how they never caught her sneaking out. Then again she was always quiet and careful. Jounouchi would park in the corner so that no one in the house could hear him drive off. Every night she would come home through the window reeking of alcohol and smoke. Her parents never questioned her. She was an honorable student with a great reputation. No one knew of her wild nights and wanton relationships with random guys she would meet in the clubs or bars. As long as she made sure no one she knew was there with her and she remained going to different clubs where no one knew her, then it was fine. It was all in pure fun. She never got caught and never would get caught. She was a healthy curious seventeen year old girl who just wanted some fun. Lets just see how long that fun lasts…

Yea, it's a new story. Right now I'm lacking inspiration for 'A life without you.' Sad, ain't it? Don't worry my inspiration should come back soon. In the meantime you could read this fanfic, right? Right. Also Kill me kiss me should be done by the end of this week. Hopefully. I'm learning some Japanese so I put some Japanese in this chapter. If I'm wrong in anything please correct me so I can fix it right away. Review!

Translation: Aren't you proud of my Japanese?

1) Mujaki: Innocence

2) Gojiyu ni dozo: " Please help yourself."

3) Kekko desu: "No, Thank you."

4) Iie: "No."

5) Konban wa:"Good Evening."

6) Nekkyo: crazy

7) Onegai ga arimasu: "Could you do me a favor?"

8) Sumimasen: Could mean "excuse me" or "pardon me".