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Chapter 5: Yokkyufuman


"How are your classes, Anzu?" Anzu's father stood by her bedroom door. She was studying for a test when her father broke her concentration with the question. Shrugging her shoulder she turned a page from her biology book.

"It's going good. I'm having finals next week." She answered. Even though Anzu's back was facing her father, he nodded.

"Well you know what to do." Rolling her eyes, she let out a fake laugh.

"I know, dad." He would never know that her laugh was fake. Her real laugh was only heard by her friends when she was out having a good time. The laugh she used with her parents or at school was a polite one, never hearty. The sound of his footsteps departing and fading let her know that he was gone. The door shut a few moments later and the car ignition was turned on.

After that two second conversation with her father, she no longer felt like studying. She felt like drinking away her thoughts. Her father and her never had a typical father-daughter relationship. He was proud of her but that was all. They never had real meaningful discussions. They never laughed with each other. They never even saw each other more than two minutes a day.

They practically even knew each other….

It was strange to say that about someone who lived under the same roof as you. But it was true. If she was a gambling kind of girl, she would bet a million dollars that he did not know what her favorite color was. It was a stupid fact about her, but if he knew that stupid fact then she would truly be satisfied knowing that he knew.

Her father was a hard working man. He would always find some way to make money for his family. Not to sound ungrateful.. She sometimes wished she had more than just a father who could financially support her. She wished she could have a father who supported her emotionally as well. She wanted a father who took time out to spend some time with her. To laugh with her, to see his daughter grow up.

Not having a father who wanted to spend time with her was something that made her cringe every time she saw him. He would always look at her confused. As if he didn't know what to do with her. As if there was no way he could connect with her. So all he did was ask her if school was alright. It was the only safe thing for him to ask . It was an easy question with an easy answer. Even if she did have problems at school like she did today, she would never tell him.

"Anzu!" Her mother called out. "Telephone! It's Jounouchi!" Ahh.. Part of the reason why school was bad today .

Last night Mai insulted her. She said she was fine with the comment but deep down she knew she wasn't. She even ran into Kaiba drunk. From what she remembered she said some things to him she thanked the heavens that she did not remember. All she did remember was that she was crying. Crying and driving like a maniac. Thankfully she got home in one piece. Waking up was a battle all on it's on though. She must have hit her snooze button half a dozen times before she reluctantly got up from her bed and stepped into the shower to wash away the smells of the club that still lingered on her. After taking an aspirin and drinking some orange juice she headed off to school.

Kaiba obviously didn't like her as she was last night. When they saw each other he confronted her even though it was against her wishes.

Anzu knew something was wrong once her eyes locked eyes with his in the hallway. Naturally she would give him a knowing look as if to say she was going to go after him today and tease him like she was getting used to doing. Today when she saw him, his eyebrow lifted and his eyes read something close to intrigue. Seeing that look made her remember a very hazy part of when she ran into him. Her back hurt from remembering him push her against the car. Lowering her head down she tried to walk past him but he prevented her from leaving by grabbing her arm.

"I'm surprised you made it home safe.." He whispered in her ear so that no one heard.

For once Jounouchi came to school on time and saw what Kaiba did to Anzu. From what he saw it was a glaring Kaiba holding onto a scared looking Anzu and threatening her. Being the true friend that he is, he ran up to Kaiba with clenched fists ready to strike.

"Let her go!" Anzu looked up at the pissed off Jounouchi.

"Jounouchi.. It's okay." She softly said after Kaiba smirked and tightened his hold on her arm. "Kaiba was just asking me something.." Her own voice sounded to tired, so weak. Both Kaiba and Jounouchi looked at her and then at each other. Knowing what made her sound so tired Kaiba let her go.

"We'll talk later, Mazaki." He whispered for only her to hear. The bell rang after he spoke and he walked off to his class. Anzu stood looking at his departing figure without a word. Taking the change to go up to her, Jounouchi held the arm that Kaiba let go of.

"Why the hell does he want to talk to you?" He growled out. The mention of Kaiba left a bad taste in his mouth. Seeing him touch Anzu made him see red. He checked her arm to see if Kaiba left a bruise. "Did he hurt you?"

"No.." she said and then wriggled out of Jounouchi's hold. "I don't know why he wants to talk.. I'll find out later I guess.."

"The hell you are! You know Kaiba is an asshole! He'll probably just kidnap you and hold you in his basement to do experiments on you!" Knowing that he was overreacting, Anzu smiled at him.

"Maybe I'd agree to be experimented on. Then I won't be alone." Jounouchi stuttered at her comment.

"W..What in the hell are you talking about? You'd actually.. " then he realized why she said that. "You're mad about what Mai said?" He softly asked. All she did was nod her head.

"But it's okay. Mai was drunk.. " She sadly lied. "I do push away guys. " She looked up sadly at his eyes. "Right?" Suddenly his arm went around her waist as pulled her closer to him with the hand that held her arm. She stumbled into his arms. The hand that held her arm moved to the back of her head, caressing her hair.

"No.. you won't be alone. You're careful around guys. That's not unnatural, Anzu. Just forget what she said.. She was drunk, alright?" He moved back and kissed her forehead. "Now get that stupid idea out of your head and let's go to class." Anzu nodded and then laughed.

"Since when do you want to go to class?"

"Since I started cleaning up my act.." Pausing for a moment, his smile faded. "You know, I think you should do the same.." Not knowing what he was talking about, she frowned. "I was scared for you yesterday. You drove off and I knew you weren't all right. I thought maybe we shouldn't go out so much. Stay home every once and a while, you know?" His arm went up to give her a half hug but she steped away from him.

"What are you now? My dad or something?" She didn't need anyone telling her what to do right now. All she wanted was to stay away from the conversation. Eyebrows knitted together in thought, he sighed and let his arm hang down by his side.

"No.." He said still in thought.. " I'm just trying to make sure you're alright, Anzu."

"Why? Do I look like I'm not okay?" Anzu questioned fiercely. Just what was Jounouchi trying to say to her? That she could not handle her nightlife anymore?

"No! I'm not saying that!" He growled out in frustration. "Just…"

"Forget it?" She finished for him.

"Yea." He dig his hands in his pockets and started to walk away. "Forget I even cared.." The comment hurt making her scowl.

"Fine, then fuck you.." She bit out and walked the opposite direction from Jounouchi. Thinking that he was just as mad as her, she walked on down the hallway and turned a corner without ever looking back. Had she did look back, she would have seen a forlorn looking Jounouchi who stood down the hallway looking after her.

"I got it mom.." She yelled back after she picked up the phone from her room. When she heard a click on the other side of the line, she acknowledged Jounouchi. "Hello?"

"Yea, I'm here. I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry. I don't want to fight with you." Knowing that he was sincere about not wanting to fight, she smiled slowly.

"I know." she breathed out. "I'm just ... Frustrated."

"About Mai's comment?" Even though he could not see her, she still shook her head.

"Not just that." The two friends stayed silent on the phone, neither knowing what to say about the comment. Sometimes it was just best to not say anything. "Kaiba saw me. I almost hit his car last night. We stopped and he saw me drunk. I don't really remember what we said to each other but it pissed him off I think?" The other line was silent for a moment.

"Is that why he was talking to you this morning at school? What did he say to you?"

"Nothing. He just said something about me getting home safely." She lied.

"You weren't hurt or anything last night, right?" He asked worriedly. "Kaiba didn't do anything to you did he? If he did then so help me.."

"nothing happened. Thankfully it was Kaiba who I almost hit and not someone else. Otherwise I don't think I'd be talking to you right now." she laughed tiredly. It was always weird to talk about her late nights. She knew that she was no angel but when she went out, she felt like a whole different person. Like the devil in her came out at night and during the day she was trying to deny she was ever that person who drank like a fish and danced until the morning light.

"Let's be glad that you are talking to me right now." he grimly responded. "How about tonight I drive? I promise not to drink and we'll all have fun." Going out tonight was never an issue. They all knew without saying a word that they were all going to be smashed by midnight.

"You want to make a bet that you won't fulfill your promise?" Anzu joked.

"I'm not a betting kind of man.." He joked back. She laughed and saw what time it was. It was close to dinner time.

"I've got to go now, Jounouchi. My mom is about to call me down for dinner. Thanks for calling me."

"Alright.. Same time tonight. Don't get caught." He chuckled afterwards. Anzu was too slick to get caught.

"I won't. Bye." Shortly after, she hung up on him and walked to the kitchen where her mother was cleaning the dishes. "Are we having dinner together?" Anzu asked. Usually her mother would wash the dishes after they all had dinner.

"No. You're father is going to work late and I have a big headache. Your food is on the stove. Feel free to eat when you want." Waving her hands in front of her, she smiled.

"No, it's okay mom. I actually think I'm going to take a walk. I had a huge lunch today and completely stuffed myself. I'll be back." Walking out of the kitchen and to the foyer of her house, she reached into the closet next to the door and put on her sneakers. Even eating was out of the question for today.

The day was too bright for her mood. After seeing that her father was working late yet again, it just dampened her mood once again. Luckily she had on gym shorts and a form fitting tee-shirt for the hot evening. Her legs took her wherever they wanted. Mentally she didn't know where she was walking. All she knew was that she wanted out of the house. It was too much to see her mother without her father there. The headaches her mother said she had was something not caused by a cold. It was caused by stress due to her absent father.

Times in her household have been rough. To someone on the outside, they looked like a perfect family. The perfect father and mother, and the perfect daughter. How wrong were they all?

Before she knew it, she stood in front of her school. Her legs wanted to dance. A release from her frustration. A brilliant idea.

After jumping the fence, she entered the school through the back and made her way to the gym. There was a boom box at the end of the gym that Anzu could use when she danced. Stretching for about a minute, she tried to relax her mind from her family. When she felt like she was ready to begin dancing, she went over to the boom box and turned it on to a random station. The song that was on had a fast tempo, making her leg twitch.

Starting with a twirl, she began to relieve her frustration. It was easy to break into a routine. She practiced one she learned a few weeks ago. She kept repeating the routine over and over again, making her moves sharper as she practiced. The way she danced now was becoming too rough for her own good. As she thought about Mai and her family and even her fight with Jounouchi, she hit her moves harshly. Not even the sound of the music reached her ears. The only thing that did reach her were flashbacks from last night, and this morning with Kaiba and Jounouchi. Each move she made a loud whooshing sound. From a distance it looked like she was trying to fight an invisible opponent. Soon , her body shined with her sweat and her breathing became harsh but did not stop. A creak made her lose concentration on her moves and she missed a step, falling back and landing on her butt with a loud thud. Looking up, she saw what was the cause of the creak.

"And here I thought I was caught by a teacher.." She mumbled in between breaths. Kaiba shook his head at her.

"I always seem to run into you in the weirdest places." He seemed to be talking by himself.

"School is not a weird place." Anzu answered even though she wasn't sure if he was talking to her or not.

"It is when it's eight at night."

"So then why are you here?" Raising his hand, he showed her a disk. "A disk? Did you have to get it?" His smirk told her she was right. "I didn't take you as a guy who forgot things in his locker."

"I didn't forget it." He bit out defensively. Taking a few advancing steps towards her, he held out a hand. Standing up from the floor, she dismissed his hand. She walked over to the boom box which was still playing and turned it off. "I heard the music and saw you dancing. You always seem to be dancing." He said after a while. Pulling her hair up into a messy bun, she rolled her eyes. They never did have that talk from this morning. Kaiba studied her obviously frustrated form.

"If you don't mind.." She whispered and tried to walk past him. Something in him told him not to let her go just yet. His arm prevented her from doing so. Holding on to her arm, he pulled her in front of him. Something close to lust filled his eyes. "Just what in the hell are you doing?" She asked venomously. She knew she played with him in the past, perhaps this was his chance to get her back.

"It's too bad…" He spoke in thought. "You're all sweaty from dancing." Holding her shoulders, he roughly pushed her backwards until she hit the gym wall. The cool wall made chills run down her spine. She had to admit, this was exciting for her. Who knew Kaiba was a lustful man? Who knew he would try and make the first move. His face drew closer to hers, making her heart skip. His eyes lowered down from her eyes to her parted awaiting lips. His breath on her lips made her feel all tingly. "Screw it…" He mumbled incoherently. Then he held either side of her face and met with her lips. To stop from crashing onto him, she held onto his waist. Taking control for once, his lips moved eagerly against hers, making her wanting to be touched by him more. From his waist to his own face, her hands reached up to move him closer to her. Feeling the eagerness in her actions, he pushed his body up against her so that she was trapped between the wall and his body. Knees wobbly, she felt him holding her up. Parting for air, he continued on lavishing her with wet kisses across her jaw and down her neck. With her eyes closed, she tried to regain her strength from the powerful kiss.

"Kaiba.." She breathed out hotly. His kisses went to her collar bone. The chills down her back did not want to seem to stop. Running her hands through his hair, she relished the feel of his soft hair. A hand went up her shirt, feeling her flat stomach. The feel of his palm against her stomach made her breath hitch. She felt herself sliding down the wall with him going down with her.

He definitely won this round..

Her shirt was now bunched up right below her breast, with Kaiba's hands feeling her soft, hot skin. He continued to leave a trail of wet kisses on her collar bone and neck. All she could do was have her head thrown back with her eyes closed and enjoy the moment.. After all, when was the last time a guy showed her this kind of attention who wasn't at a club drunk? Kaiba was actually sober and in business attire. They were now on the floor, with Anzu's back ached up off of the wall. Kaiba supported her back with one hand and the other stayed one her stomach. He was up on one knee, and Anzu on both knees.

Right when he moved back to attack her lips once more, his cell phone rang. Only then did he get up off of the floor, pulling Anzu up with him. Eyes concentrated on her hazy blue eyes, he reached in his pocket and checked the caller id. "No one important.." He muttered and placed the cell phone back into his pocket.

"That was.. Unexpected." Anzu finally formed words to come out of her mouth. Kaiba seemed to have struck from no where. The kiss was passionate, wanting, inviting, and all sorts of different emotions that she could not describe. "Where did that come from?" She asked softly as she pulled down her shirt to hide her stomach.

Shrugging, Kaiba looked away from her. His eyes held the same lust, but it barely lingered there now that he was aware of the situation. "I suppose it was payback for all the times you approached me." He explained.

"Ooh.. I see.." Not liking the explanation, she brushed her self off from any dirt on her. "Then I guess you got me this time." She bitterly added. Of course.. The feeling she felt as they kissed were false. They came from him wanting to repay her for her actions towards him in the past. Why else would he kiss her like that? He left her hungry for more, just as she did to him. He beat her on her own twisted game. "Well.. Now that you have your fill, I'm going to go back home. I have some things to do there." With her breathing still a little ragged and her heart pounding from the proximity, she moved to get away from Kaiba. Turning his head to see her move away, his arm caught her shoulder.

"Another night of drinking, I suppose?" He asked sarcastically. "Try not to over do it this time and try not to drive. You almost killed yourself last night with your driving." Usually when someone says that kind of advice, it is said out of concern. The way Kaiba said it came out like he was making fun of her. Shrugging his hand off of her shoulder, she glared at him.

"What I do is none of your business." She spat out. Not only was her own friend trying to tell her what to do but now her enemy?

"It is my business when you almost hit my car! What the hell is wrong with you Mazaki? I knew you were crazy but I didn't know you were a crazy drunk!" She stepped back away from the angry CEO but he followed. "Do your little geeky friends even know about this? Does your boyfriend Yugi know?"

"No. And they're not going to." She hissed out as if she was threatening him.

"But Jounouchi knows, doesn't he?" Kaiba asked with an eyebrow raised. His fists were shaking beside him. Feeling like she was being questioned by some police officer in a dark room, she pushed him away.

"Goodbye, Kaiba." she finalized. "I'm not fighting with you anymore. I have some things to do at home. I'd rather be there right now than spent my time arguing with you. Especially if I'm going to argue with you about this subject." Before he could reach for her arm again, she moved out of the way and jogged to the exit. Thankfully Kaiba didn't stop her again. Running out of the school, she hoped she had enough time to get ready to go out and meet Jounouchi on time.

Kaiba stayed where Anzu left him, running his hand through his hair in frustration. Even though Anzu and Kaiba had their twisted little game, he still felt bad for her when he saw her last night. There was a seemingly perfect girl who was slowly destroying herself.

The worst part was that he was probably the only person noticing it.

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