Yooooo! Hello fellow fanficcers! Wow, it sure has been awhile since I posted a fanfic, ne? Anyways, I know this is about two days late, but I decided to do something I've never really done before. I wrote a holiday fic! Truth be told, I usually don't do that because I think it's kind of cliché, but don't get me wrong, I love to read everyone else's holiday fics. I just always felt there were plenty of them written so I don't have to add to the pile, but the idea for this one just stuck in my head! Then again, I really wanted to post this before Valentines Day because it's a chapter fic, but I didn't really get it done in time. Oh well…better late then never!

So I guess I'll tell you a little something about this story. Have any of you ever seen or heard of the movie Ground Hog's day? If you haven't, I'd like to recommend it. It's a really funny sweet ol romance movie about this guy who keeps reliving his most hated holiday, Ground Hog's Day. Well when I got the idea for this fic, it was because I was reading this play called the Sure Thing and it reminded me a lot of this movie, and then ironically the next day it was playing on TV. After watching this movie, I realized something, 'this is a sign,' and then the idea for this fic suddenly came to mind! Well being the procrastinator I am, I thought to myself 'I got plenty of time to start this fic.' Yeah, well that was over a month ago and I didn't start writing this until less then 2 weeks before V-day, and then I got bombarded with test….

So anyhow, then I had to decide, who do I like torturing the most…well Setokins of course.

Seto: Why me?

Momo: Well because…you deserve to be tortured

Seto: What have I ever done to you?

Momo: Well first of all you're a mean ass, but most importantly you're a sexshy hot ass bisho, that I can never truly make love with because you're animated. So for teasing me you need to be punished!

Seto: That's not fair! That's not my fault!

Momo: Yes it is. Now shut up and take it like a man

Seto: This is why I hate woman….

Momo: That's okay. You're not getting set up with a 'woman' anyways. I won't let any woman have you

Seto: But you'll let a man

Momo: Heck yeah, nothing makes me feel hotter

Seto: You are such a hentaisha….

Momo: ''

Aww finally I just like to say one more thing. This fic is dedicated to wonderful Dutchess Murasaki! Here's my late Valentines gift to you! Thank you so much for being my beta and putting up with my wonderfully flawed writing skills! I hope you like blood as much as I do, because now that we're partners you'll be seeing lots of it!

To everyone else, enjoy the torture, cuz this is my late Valentine gift to you guys too!

Disclaimer: Thou shall not kill. Thou shall not steal. Thou shall not claim to own Yugioh or any of it's cast. Thou shall not torture my little brother. Thou shall not run over small animals with my car. Thou shall not covet Yugi, Yami, Jounouchi, Seto, Ryou, Bakura, Malik, Marik...etc.

That's What Makes the World Go Round and Round

Chp1 The Never Ending Valentine

The sound of a blaring alarm clock startled the boy as it screeched from some unknown region of the room. For a moment the teen smothered himself deeper into his pillows, sadly attempting to shelter himself from the relentless noise. Now far past the point of annoyance, the brunette reached a weary hand out from his bed, and waved it around aimlessly. He then blinked through the pillow he was suffocating himself with, before the sluggish wheels of his mind began to turn.

Normally he wasn't one to harp on the pains of willing one's self out of bed, but for some reason he seemed a little more tired then usual. However, the longer the boy sat there in his daze, the louder the sound of his raging alarm clock grew. Then again, he usually would just pound the irritating thing into silence, but for some reason he couldn't reach it.

Taking a few moments longer then necessary to register what the problem could be, Seto instantly snapped into action as the radio station his clock had turned to begin to play "Everybody loves Somebody." Now in a state of complete horror, Seto instantly located the clock and sent it packing on a one-way trip out the window. He then muttered something intangible under his breath as he suddenly recognized what his problem was.

"Great…I woke up on the wrong side of the bed…"

:Next Scene:

Seto raised a wry eye, as he entered the kitchen and frowned. He then stood in the doorway for a moment and attempted to recover from what he was seeing. The kitchen was a complete mess, decorated with pools of batter and chocolate. Dirty pots and pans littered the floor as an obscure trail of caramel and sprinkles led a path towards the source of all the mess.

"Mokuba, what are you doing?"

"SETO!" Mokuba blurted, slamming his head on the edge of the counter in the process. Seto merely narrowed his eyes on the younger Kaiba, unaffected by his brother's minor injury.

"Uhh…" the raven-haired boy trailed off. He then lowered his face in an attempt to hide his eyes. Seto raised a brow even further as he noticed Mokuba was hiding something behind his back. However, before he had time to question the boy, a large gaudy object was shoved into his face.


"Wha-" Seto stammered as he finally managed to free himself from the package.

"I made this for you Niisan!" Mokuba replied as he smiled up brightly.

Upon further examination, Seto finally realized what had been shoved into his face. It was an array of candies and treats, darned in red festive wrap, and complete with pink frilly bow. Seto stared at the present with a somewhat comatose look on his face, and looked back down at his expectant brother.

Something in the back of the brunette's mind waned, namely the reason for his waking up on the wrong side of the bed, as a silent hiss escaped his lips. "So it's Valentines Day. Well that explains a lot."

"Well, you don't have to be so appreciative," Mokuba frowned as he realized that was precisely the reaction he had expected. Valentines day wasn't exactly his brother's forte. Then again, there weren't really any holidays that were.

"Thanks Mokuba," Seto grunted. He then proceeded to get his ceremonial cup of morning coffee. After a few moments of silence had passed, the rejuvenating affects of caffeine willed the brunette to incite conversation with his stilling looming brother.

"So you woke up so early this morning just to make me a Valentine's present? You know I could care less if you had just bought me one or not given me one at all."

"I know, but that's not the point!"

Seto gave his brother a questionable glance, as he wondered why his simple statement had upset the boy so much.

"Sure I could have bought you something much better then what I made, but that would just take all the meaning out of my gift! I wanted to make you something more special then anything I could have bought at a store."

"Well I guess special is the word to look for," Seto retorted as he began to further examine his gift, noting that even candy shouldn't be a few of the colors he was looking at.

"Gimme that!" Mokuba shouted as he reached for the candy and failed. Seto internally smirked as the light shade of pink painting his brother's cheeks darkened.

"Stores can't buy that something special deep from within!"

"Spare me the philosophies Mokuba," Seto groaned. "Everyone knows Valentines Day is just another one of those silly holidays the money making industry has commercialized in order to leech off all those love sick idiots. It's no different then Christmas and Halloween."

"That's not true!" Mokuba shouted.

"Mmm," Seto hummed, as he realized he was over stepping his boundaries. Obviously this meant a lot to his brother, all though he had no idea why.

Feeling a slight tinge of guilt, Seto decided to rethink his words.

"So I guess I appreciate this more then you adding to all that commercialized bonanza...and you were thinking about me so...never mind what I said before."

"Seto…" Mokuba trailed. He then gave his brother an appreciative smile causing the older boy to pull out the paper in order to hide his relief.

"Well I guess I better get ready for school now."

Seto merely nodded his head as he began to get preoccupied by an article about his oh-so-favorite entrepreneur, Pegasus J. Crawford. For some reason, seeing headlines on the front page that read "Famous game creator launches toon monster theme park. Toon mermaid and clam to be wedded on Valentine's Day opening" drew the brunette's attention.

"Umm Seto…" Mokuba half whispered.


"Well I…."

"Mokuba if you have something to say, just spit it out. You know how I hate it when people beat around the bush!" Seto snapped back sharply, although his frustration was more due the disturbing article and less because his brother's fumbling words.

"WOULD YOU PLEASE GIVE THIS TO YUUGI WHEN YOU GO TO SCHOOL!" Mokuba blurted, before he shoved a package twice as large as Seto's into the unsuspecting brother's lap and took off running.

"What the fu-" Seto choked out as he stared into the vicinity Mokuba had been before he had took off like lightning.

:Next Scene:

'What the Hell! Why would Mokuba want to give this to Yuugi?'

A heated feeling burned within the brunette's chest as he entered his limo and subconsciously slammed the door behind him.

'Of all people-why on god's green earth-to give this-and-err…YUUGI?"

At this point Seto was too upset to string a coherent sentence together. The thought of his brother and his rival together sent a fire blazing within the young CEO.

It wasn't that Seto hated Yuugi. He just didn't really like him. Then again, he didn't really like anyone, and in all reality, he disliked Yuugi a little less then most people, which could almost pass for an indifference towards the smaller duelist. On the other hand, once Seto really thought about it, the real issue here wasn't what he was making it out to be.

"What else does that Mouto intend to steal from me?" Seto hissed as he clutched onto the Valentine's gift tightly. He then caught himself as he realized he was crushing some of the candy.

"I could just not give this to him, but then Mokuba…"

"Stores can't buy that something special deep from within!"

"So that's why he got so mad…"

Seto brushed a languid hand through his hair as he set the package gently down and stared out his window. He then narrowed his eyes and scowled at his own reflection.

"I hate Valentines Day."

:Next Scene:

"Kaiba-sama! Oh Kaiba-sama!"

The brunette picked up his pace, as he pretended not to hear his name. He then made his way to class without even thinking to stopping at his locker. At this point, he wouldn't be able to fit any books in it anyways.


"Persistent twit," Seto muttered. He then raised a brow towards the blushing girl standing above his desk.

"Umm, Kaiba-sama…" the girl stuttered nervously. "Th-This is for you."

Seto stared at the box of chocolate, and then back at the girl who had her head bowed down so low it was almost touching the ground. He then internally groaned as he prayed to Ra that the girl wasn't one of those sensitive teary types.

"No thanks."

"Wh-what?" the girl half choked out.

"Let me be straight with you. I'm not interested. So I'd rather not lead you on by accepting this. Now take your candy and go back to class."


The girl gave Seto a helpless glance, as Seto merely closed his eyes and raised his head away from her pretentiously. The girl's eyes then glossed over as she finally gave up and turned away.

"Even when he's being cold he's still sooo cool," the lovesick girl mumbled as she walked away.

Seto merely nodded his head just before a light cackle startled him.

"What a silly girl. Then again she does belong to that senseless breed of beast know as woman."

Seto glared at the smug looking boy as he watched the white-haired tomb robber lean back in his seat and open one of the various Valentines' packages covering his desk. "What these girls see in my silly little landlord I don't know, but if it can buy me a free snack, then what the hell should I care. You know you really shouldn't blow off the advantages your popularity among the female ranks has. I bet a guy like you can get more then just candy."

"And people call me a monster," Seto scowled as he wasted no time in interpreting Bakura's suggestive grin.

"Okay class, take your seats. Put the treats away and I'll pretend I didn't see them. Class is starting now," the teacher announced before he then turned towards Otogi and frowned. "And all fan club members need to see their way back to class also."

:Next Scene:

Seto frowned at his locker. He then took a deep breath as he prepared himself for the worse. However, before he had time to open it, a familiar bushel of blonde hair appeared before him.

"Well if it isn't the puppy."

"Go screw yourself!" the infuriated teen barked.

Seto's smile only deepened before he gave the other a perplexed glance. For some reason, Jonouchi's face was now a deep shade of red and his head was lowered towards the ground. It usually wasn't like the boy to act so submissive around him. Especially after he had just insulted him.

Then again, Seto didn't really care, as he decided he had graced the other with enough of his attention to last a week. Even though the two of them happened to be locker neighbors, they very rarely exchanged words. That is if one didn't count their routine greeting of Seto calling Jonouchi a puppy and the blonde shouting some obscenity back before trying to start a physical confrontation. However, this time, the blonde had immediately opened his locker and cut their farce short.

Expertly hiding his disappointment in relieving some stress through teasing the witless Jonouchi, Seto merely shrugged and continued to open his door.

"Uhh Kaiba…"

Seto slightly paused, as he mistakenly heard a voice that sounded a lot like Jonouchi.

"Umm…I…" Jonouchi whispered almost inaudibly.

Seto's interest grew as he noticed a light pink hue covering the others cheeks. It also didn't help that Jonouchi still had his head lowered in an uncharacteristic display of shyness. If Seto knew one thing about the puppy, it was definitely that he wasn't timid.

However, the brunette's alarm grew, as Jonouchi seemed to be reaching into his locker to get something. Not trusting the other, Seto raised his defenses before Jonouchi stopped sputtering like an idiot and stared at Seto with shock.

Seto blinked for a moment, wondering what had startled the other, before he remembered he was still carrying around the Valentine's gift his brother had made for Yuugi.

"Oh this is for Yuugi."

"For Yuugi?" Jonouchi echoed back, however his voice seemed a bit pained. "You got Yuugi a Valentine's present?"

"What!" Seto blurted as he felt his own face burn. "Don't be ridiculous! This isn't from me. This is from Mokuba!"

"From Mokuba!"

"Yes Mr. Broken record!"

A wave of relief washed over the blonde's face, causing Seto's suspicions to grow.

"Oh well… then…." started Jonouchi as the same lost look covered what Seto thought to be a blush.

However, he was soon cut off as Seto's locker door flew open, spewing out a countless number of cards, packages, candies, and other various treats.

"How the hell do they keep getting into my locker!" Seto shouted. "Every year it's the same damn thing, and no matter what kind of security lock I put on it, they always do it! Next year I'm arming this thing with lasers!"

"Wha?" Jonouchi sputtered as he finally popped his head from out of his locker and blinked at the irritated Seto. "Whatcha getting your panties all bunched up for. They're just valentines presents."

"Yeah, well I can do without them!" Seto spat back as he kicked the gifts to one side.

"And why is that?" Jonouchi snapped in a strangely offended tone.

"Because these all are just a stupid reminder of how many leeches out there have fooled themselves into believing they like me because they know they can gain something out of me! Damn I'm sick of this! Valentines Day is such a worthless excuse for every hopeless love sick idiot to gather enough courage to do stupid irrational things just because they think covering up their idiocy with a gift will make everything all right!"

Seto felt a chill run through his spine as Jonouchi punched his locker shut and let out a shout. "GODS SETO KAIBA! WHY DO YOU HAVE BE SUCH AN IMPOSSIBLE ASS!"

The blonde then dashed past Seto without another word or any kind of explanation for his crude outburst. Seto, however, remained dumbfounded as he watched Jonouchi disappear down the hall.

:Next Scene:

'Well I must say I'm glad that this day is almost over. There's just one more thing I have to do…'

Seto paused for a moment as he stared at the Valentine's gift in his hand. Sure he had many opportunities to give it to its rightful owner, but the brunette was still flirting with the idea of trashing it.

Then again, thanks to his self-respect for his younger brother, Seto couldn't bring himself to do it. 'Well what do I do now? Class is over now, can I still catch Yuugi in time?'

Realizing that standing in one spot daunting wasn't going to help him, Seto finally decided to find Yuugi. It was then that he watched a vision impaired Ryou stumble out of his classroom. The boy was carrying so many packages he couldn't see where he was going and eventually tripped and landed flat on his ass.

"Clumsy," Seto snorted as he glanced at the stunned Ryou.

"I guess I was carrying too much stuff to see where I was going," Ryou laughed nervously. Seto merely stared at the boy before shrugging and walking off, not even thinking about helping him up.

'How a guy like him can have such a twisted alter ego, I will never understand. If you ask me that boy is in some serious need of therapy…'

:Next Scene:


The golden haired boy nearly stumbled into the trashcan he had opened as the sound of his own name startled him.

"Oh, Yuugi!" Jonouchi chuckled back.

"What are you doing?"

"Oh nothing," the boy answered quickly. He then discarded some unknown object into the trash before Yuugi had time to see it.

"Want to walk home together," Yugi offered as he decided Jonouchi's nervous behavior wasn't worth questioning.


"There you are."

Both Yuugi and Jonouchi twirled around as a familiar figure approached them from behind.

"Ohh Kaiba-kun."

Seto merely gave Yuugi a cold glare, as he hovered over the smaller teen. He then remained silent for a moment as though he were debating something in his head. After what seemed like a moment too long, a strange noise of discomfort sounded from the brunette. He then handed Yuugi Mokuba's present and frowned.

"This is from Mokuba."

"Really?" Yuugi blinked. He then examined the tattered package, before a smile made its way onto his face. "He must have made this himself."

"Hmm, I guess it's pretty obvious something like that couldn't have been bought at a store."

"Yes," Yuugi smiled. He then surprised the brunette as he gave him a look so warm Seto wasn't sure what to do.

"Because there are just some things you can't buy at a store," Yuugi stated. He then began to rummage through his backpack before he handed Seto two small boxes. "Tell Mokuba I said thanks, and Happy Valentines day. I'm afraid I'm not talented enough to make something myself, so I had to ask Anzu to help me out, but I guess in the end the gesture is still the same."

"What's this?"

"For one of the smartest guys I know, you sure catch on slow," Yuugi laughed back.

"I don't want a gift from you," Seto replied frigidly.

"True, but you need it."

Seto remained silent for a moment, before he took one of the boxes from Yuugi. It was at that point that he finally noticed Jonouchi.

"Ahh, so you finally decided to stop running away from me with your tail between your legs?"

"What!" Jonouchi blurted. However, before he could get another word in Seto had already walked off.

"I really hate that guy sometimes," Jonouchi gritted as he lowered his head towards the ground and clenched his fist.

"I guess he can be a bit cold, but that's just Kaiba-kun for you," Yuugi chuckled idly.

"No, that's not the reason why I hate him."

"Jonouchi?" Yuugi questioned, as he was almost certain a tear had rolled down the blonde's cheek.

"Sometimes I forget how rotten Valentines Day can be..." the boy half laughed. He then feigned the act of rubbing his nose with his thumb in order to wipe the stray tear away and grinned back at Yuugi oddly. "Thank goodness there are always people like Kaiba around to remind me of that."

"Jou…" Yuugi trailed solemnly as he wasn't sure how to react to the somber situation.

:Next Scene:


"Who the hell are you?" Seto snapped as the door to his limo was caught before he could shut it.

"I wasn't sure what time you got out of class, but I'm glad that I finally caught up with you," the man huffed as he ignored Seto's salty response.

"So you're stalking me?" Seto retorted just before he narrowed his eyes and gave the man a queer smirk. "You're not trying to give me a Valentine's present are you?"

The man stopped gasping for breath and blinked back wildly. He then waved his hands in front of his face defensively and yelped.

"OH NO! It's nothing like that at all…not unless you want it to be, because I could…"

"Just tell me what you have to say," Seto sighed once he realized picking on the man wasn't as amusing as he thought it would be.

"Well…you see, it's just that I've been trying to make contact with you for the last several weeks-"

Seto drummed his fingers against his crossed arms impatiently, signifying he was ready for the man to make his point.

"And well, boy do I have a proposition for you!"

"Is that so," Seto replied calmly. "What's your name?

"Oh! I'm so sorry! I never introduced myself. Well you see I'm Toshi Iwasaki and-"

"Iwasaki!" Seto barked.

"Y-yes sir!" Toshi stammered as he jumped back in surprise.

Seto gave the man a devilish smirk causing him to shudder. It was then that Toshi realized what had happened. Upon jumping back, Toshi had released his hold on Seto's door, but before he could react, it was slammed in his face and he was left to contemplate on the cloud of dirt that Seto's limo left behind.

:Next Scene:

"What do you need Komae?" the irritated Seto half growled. The young CEO was in the middle of solving an elaborate equation that involved the upgrade of his latest product and was quite certain he hadn't called his secretary in.

"Uh…well…Kaiba san..."

Seto frowned before he pulled his glasses off his face and massaged the bridge of his nose.

"Komae, how long have you been working for me?"

"A little over a year sir," the woman trembled, as she was almost certain she didn't like where the conversation was headed.

"Well then if that's so, I would think you would have realized by now if you want to tell me something, it would be wise to spit it out within a two second latency."

"OH! Well! Kaiba san, it's just that my boyfriend won some Tackey Tsubasa tickets today on the radio, so I was wondering if I could maybe get off an hour early today."

Seto grew silent, giving the woman no signs of compliancy. Not sure how to react to her boss's strange behavior, Komae decided Seto was waiting for further explanation.

"And I just thought that since it was Valentines Day-"

"You could steal an hour's worth of work from me," the brunette interrupted as he leaned back in his seat and stared up at Komae calmly.

"No sir! I would never do something like that!"

"Well that's funny, because I would have sworn that you just came into my office with the notion that just because of some silly holiday I was going to let you off of work early."

"Well I just thought-"

"Leave that to me, and the filing to you, because I most definitely would never pay you to do any thinking on my behalf."

The woman gave Seto a pitiful glance before she quickly twirled around in order to hide oncoming tears. Seto internally groaned, before he decided it best to dismiss the whimpering woman back to her post.

Realizing it was hopeless, Komae stomped out of the office, all while muttering something about Seto being a cold-hearted prude who needed to get laid.

Seto felt his eye twitch at the remark, as he suddenly began to consider looking for a new secretary.

:Next Scene:

"I'm sorry Mr. Kaiba, but I think the engines busted."

Seto groaned as he rested his now throbbing forehead against his hand. "Perfect ending to a perfect day."

"If you wait here sir, I'll call you a cab," the driver suggested calmly.

"Considering what time it is, I don't expect a cab to get here anytime soon," Seto sighed tiredly. He then glanced out the limo window and realized the area wasn't completely tarnished with cheap motels and liquor stores.

"I'll be waiting inside there until it arrives," Seto instructed as he pointed to a small diner across the street.

"Yes sir. I'll inform you when the cab gets here."

:Next Scene:

"Well-well, if it isn't Mr. High and Mighty himself."

Seto felt his headache grow as a painfully familiar voice chimed at his arrival.

"To what do we lowly peasants owe the pleasure?" Jonouchi smirked as he bowed from the stool he was sitting at.

"Figures you would be working at a place like this," Seto sneered as he looked the blonde up and down and noticed the boy was garbed in typical bus boy attire. "Now be a good dog and fetch me some coffee."

"You know I would love to, well you and I both know that's not true," Jonouchi chortled before he gave the stiff brunette a light tap on the shoulder. "However, I'm off now, so go order someone else around will you."

"Tch," Seto spat before the smell of cooking oil and bacon diverted his attention.

"So, what can I get for you blue eyes?" smiled a large foreign looking woman with a bad Japanese accent.

"I just want some coffee."

"Oh but you look so skinny! You need to add some homemade American style cooking to those skinny bones!"

"I said I just wanted-"

"I know!" The woman shouted as she rudely cut Seto off. "How about some of what Jou-Jou is eatin there?"

Figuring the woman was referring to the grinning blonde sitting next to him, Seto glanced over at Jonouchi's plate and frowned at the poached eggs and what he believed to be ham.

"I'd rather not-"

"Miyaka! One Dr. Sues Special!" the large woman bellowed, completely disregarding any of Seto's protest.

"Fine. Whatever," Seto muttered as he examined the white flake floating around in his coffee.

"So Jou-Jou, how did your extra special plan work out today?"

Upon being spoken to, the blonde suddenly snapped out of his daze, and half yelped out a response.

"OH! Well you see…"

"Oh don't be silly Jordan. If Jonouchi's plan worked out today, he would have never called in and offered to work."

Jonouchi slightly paled at the other woman's comment as he realized he'd been found out.

"Go figure, all that huffin and puffin yesterday about finally putting your foot down. Lil Jonouchi is all bark and no bite."

Seto let out a muffled noise at the younger looking woman's remark, causing the blonde to glare at him. However, the woman didn't seem to notice as she nudged Jonouchi in the ribs and winked. "You choked up. Didn't you?"

"Rini. That's an awful harsh thing to say. Didn't you even stop to think that maybe Jonouchi did tell his crush how he felt and was completely rejected?"

Rini's face turned flush as she gave Jonouchi an apologetic look. "Oh no. I didn't think about it like that. I just didn't think someone would reject our sweet little cutie pie."

Before he realized it, Seto had edged his way closer towards the gossiping women, as he tried to remain as inconspicuous as a man in a 2000-dollar suite could. Sure it wasn't like him to ease drop, but with three women as loud as bullhorns only two feet from him, Seto had no choice but to listen and suddenly the conversation had gotten interesting.

"So tell us Jonouchi. How did it go? Did you finally tell him how you feel?"


Seto nearly fell out his seat, as he could hardly believe what he had heard. However, before he had time to reflect, Jonouchi had jumped into action.

"ARRGHH! SHUDDUP!" Jonouchi thundered as he snapped out of his seat. "I refuse to tell you about my personal life!"

"You never had a problem before," Jordan shrugged, obviously unaffected by the blonde's rant.

"Yeah, well, I got a problem today! I'm not gonna get into this now. Not with him here!"

Seto blinked at Jonouchi's accusing finger in an attempt to feign surprise before he narrowed his eyes and sneered at the angry teen.

"Oh don't flatter yourself. I don't care about your little mundane theatrics. I haven't heard a single thing you ladies have been squabbling about."

"OH MY!" Rini gasped as she dropped the tray in her hand. "I didn't realize that he was here."

"Eh?" Seto gave the girl a queer glance of pure confusion before he recollected himself. "What is that suppose to mean?"

"Well you're the one Jonouchi was talking about," Rini replied.

Both Jonouchi and Seto stiffened. Seto then gave Jonouchi a questioning glance, but the blushing blonde had his head lowered so far towards the ground Seto couldn't read him.

"You're that bully Seto Kaiba," Rini finally finished saying, causing Seto to eye her sharply.

"A bully, am I?"

Seto let out an icy laugh, causing all three women to shudder. He then gave Jonouchi a salty smirk and nodded. "As I recall, I'm not the only one with a long track record."

"Okay! So I admit. I'm not exactly a prince when it comes to that area, and I regret how I use to act before I met Yuugi, but even before that, I only physically abused people. I didn't emotionally hurt them also! So don't dare compare yourself to me."

"Emotional abuse?" Seto echoed. He then let out another idle laugh, seemingly unfazed by Jonouchi's rage. "Don't tell me all the name calling hurts the poor little puppy's feelings. I thought you were tougher then that."

"It's just not the name calling! I can stand that!" Jonouchi spat back. "What I can't stand is name calling from the person that I-"

Jonouchi suddenly caught himself as he quickly bit his lower lip and turned away. However, it was much too late. Seto's attention was fully caught, and the brunet did not like to be left in the dark.

"Don't stop on my account."

Jonouchi remained quiet for a moment before he finally turned back to face Seto. His features had softened up a bit, but the fire burning within his amber eyes was a clear reflection of all the heat the boy was holding back.

"You're nothing but a cold hearted jerk Seto Kaiba! You try to pretend that this holiday means nothing to you, but you know that's a lie. If that were true, you wouldn't get all extra worked up when it comes around."

A strangled sound came from Seto's throat surprising the brunette in the process. However, before he could explain himself, Jonouchi cut him off.

"And you know the reason why today bugs you so much? Because you're nothing but a hateful person who can't stand to see people around you expressing themselves to the ones that they love!

It just eats at you because deep down you know that you don't and never will have anyone in you're cold life!"

At that point Jonouchi had already lost his restraints as his voice was so loud everyone in the diner could hear him. Then again, the blonde was too rage stricken to notice.

Finally unable to contain himself, Jonouchi slammed a wad of money on the counter and stormed out the diner, running into Seto's limo driver as he left.

"Mr. Kaiba sir. Your cab is ready," the driver replied stoically. After being in Seto's service for the last four years, the driver had grown quit accustom to scenes like this and thought it best not to question what was going on.

Seto glared at the man, and then at the rest of the room. Everyone quickly averted their gazes as the three waitress gaped at Seto numbly.

"Keep the change," Seto snapped as he slammed some money on the counter and made a quick exit.

:Next Scene:

Seto tapped his pen against his laptop and stared at the bright florescent screen blankly. An exasperated sound escaped his lips as the young CEO realized for the last hour or so he hadn't got any work done. Instead he just fidgeted with anything within a 5-centimeter radius and made strange irritated noises.

Finally unable to take it, Seto tossed the pen roughly at his desk and watched it roll to the floor. "Why…Why am I letting this get to me?"

"It just eats at you because deep down you know that you don't and never will have anyone in you're cold life!"

"Stupid Mutt! He doesn't know what he's talking about," Seto cursed silently, ignoring the fact that it sounded like he was trying to convince himself.

"I'm glad this day is finally over…I don't want to think about another stupid valentine for at least 364 more days…"

It was with that final statement Seto attempted to get some work done. However, the pangs of sleep soon swept over the troubled teen and sent him nodding off at his desk.

:Next Scene:

Seto stiffened and then blinked. It took him a moment to realize where he was and even longer to recognize the shrieking noise filling the air around him.

'I don't remember getting a new alarm clock…and I don't remember getting up and changing to go to bed.'

Seto's confusion overtook him, as it drowned out the sound of his alarm clock. It wasn't like the teen to have memory lapses, no matter how tired he was. However, once the radio started playing "Everybody Loves Somebody" Seto snapped up and realized he had once again woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

"What the…not this stupid song again?" Seto muttered as he snatched the clock off his dresser and stopped himself from throwing it out the window again. However, as Seto stopped he brought the clock closer to his face and examined it.

"This looks exactly like my old clock…"

Seto remained awe stricken for a moment before the song the station was playing grew louder. Seto crinkled his nose in disgust, remembering how much he hated the song and quickly turned the annoying thing off.

"I bet this station doesn't look forward to many ratings…"

:Next Scene:

Seto stood in the doorway and frowned. Once again the kitchen was a complete mess, covered in neon colored sprinkles and globs of caramel and chocolate.

"Not this again…" Seto growled before he located his brother perched on the floor and completely unaware of his presence. "MOKUBA!"

"SETO!"Mokuba blurted, slamming his head on the edge of the counter in the process. Seto merely narrowed his eyes on the younger Kaiba, once again unaffected by his brother's injury.

"What is all this?"

"Uhh…" the raven-haired boy trailed off. He then lowered his face in an attempt to hide his face. Seto internally rolled his eyes disappointed by his brother's total lack of originality. Was this not the same stunt he pulled yesterday? Okay, so he had to admit that the first time it was slightly cute, but this time it was just down right pathetic.


"Mokuba," Seto responded as he brought his hand to his face just in time to keep the package from being slammed into it.

"I made this for you Niisan!" Mokuba replied as he smiled brightly.

"Why on earth did you make me another Valentine's gift?"

"What do you mean? This is the first time I ever did this," Mokuba questioned in a genuinely surprised voice.

"But just yesterday you…"

"Seto are you feeling alright?" Mokuba asked as he gave his brother a worried look.

For a moment, Seto was actually convinced he was losing his mind, but then he remembered how great of an actor his brother was during the Christmas season.

"Mokuba, are you trying to play some kind of trick on me?"

"What are you talking about!" Mokuba shouted offensively. "I made you a present because it's Valentines Day. There's nothing deceitful about that."

"Mokuba," Seto growled irritably, although this time his voice gave off a hint of panic.

"WHAT!" Mokuba snapped back.

"Yesterday was Valentines."

"Umm, no. Yesterday was February 13," Mokuba replied dryly. He then narrowed his eyes on the blank looking teen, deciding he was not amused by Seto's game. "Come on Seto, I know you don't care much for holidays, but even you aren't one to get dates mixed up."


"Look, check out the paper. See! February 14th."

Seto snatched the paper that was shoved in his face out of Mokuba's hands and briefly examined it. Mokuba merely glared at his brother, finding Seto to be acting a little too childish for his taste. It wasn't until Seto unconsciously dropped the paper to the floor and landed ungracefully in his seat that the younger Kaiba began to worry.

"This must be some kind of joke," Seto droned out.


Fear began to take over Mokuba as he realized Seto's eyes were now wide and a bit pale. He then set a hand on his brother's arm, but Seto seemed too out of it to notice.

"This just can't be happening," Seto finally managed to sputter out. He then brought his face into his hands cursing the realization that finally hit him. "How could it be Valentines Day again?"

To be continued…

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