Matt Ran through the winding corridors of his ship, the Rusmas, searching for the intruders.

"Elsa! Where are they?" He shouted out, stopping at a crossing point to check the corridors either side of him.
"I have located them, they are heading towards the living quarters" The ships feminine voice spoke out to him in its dull manner. "May I suggest using the turbo lift on the port side of the ship?"

Considering the choice, Matt looked ahead, seeing the lifts doors a good distance away from him, scratching the back of his head though his damp brown hair, he turned away, heading down a corridor he had passed just a moment ago.

"Are the ventilation shafts clear? I think I could sneak up on them through those." He replied in a heavy accent as he crouched down in front of the maintenance hatch leading to the air ducts.
"Affirmative, the shafts are currently clear, do you want me to run a maintenance check?", Elsa asked him, not truly understanding Matt's idea.
"No. Just keep your eye on the intruders, tell me if they move away from the living quarters." with that, Matt opened the hatch, sliding into the small shaft. "When this is all over Elsa remind me to get a better security system."

Mihoshi and Kiyone were out on another one of their patrols, but unlike their usual scouting missions that involved them making sure there was no one attempting to come into earths area in space, keeping humans safe from the aliens in the universe.

"Kiyone, what are we looking for?" Mihoshi asked curiously, blinking a few times, staring at her partner innocently.
"For the tenth time, we've been ordered to search for a battle class ship that was sighted heading towards earth" Kiyone sighed as she repeated their orders to her ditzy partner. "Apparently, it's been piloted by a space pirate with a very high bounty on his head. I think his name was Darkfox or something" "Oh, ok then" Mihoshi replied happily, giving one of her light hearted smiles.

A few hours went by slowly, they had circled earth three times now and there had been no sign of any battle ship. Kiyone was getting tired and was about ready to head back home when she saw it. The dust clouds ahead of their ship, all swirling around as electricity seemed to gather them together.

"What is that?" Kiyone muttered to herself. Staring at the thing before her.
"It looks like a warp hole!" Mihoshi chirped out, oblivious that it may be dangerous.

Yuki-nojo came down from his spot on the ceiling of yagami's cockpit, looking at the two pilots.

"That appears to be a rip in the fabric of space, something has caused it to open up. But if my calculations are correct, it shall close in about 10 earth minutes." He told them, looking at Kiyone as she nodded her understanding of the situation, turning to Mihoshi, he had a different reaction.
"Miss Mihoshi! Are you even listening?"

Mihoshi looked up at the droid, staring at him intently.

"Who are you again?"

Carefully opening up the maintenance hatch he had reached, Matt looked along the corridors, finding no-one in the immediate area. Pressing his back against the wall, he pulled out his blaster, checking it was fully charged before holding it in front of him, just in case. Sneaking up the corridor, he peaked round a corner, spotting his targets. Four large creatures, very lizard like were busy trying to break into one of the rest-rooms.

"Damn it! Those thing got my gloves!" He cursed under his breath, eyeing the pair of gloves hanging out the pocket of the smallest intruder, the gems on the palms glowing dimly. Taking careful aim, he pulled the trigger. The burst of energy was too sudden for any of the ships intruders to react, before any of them had seen where the shot had came from, one of the lizard men had already collapsed to the floor lifeless. The small one, who had hold of Matt's gemmed gloves, immediately reached down to his side for his own blaster, firing a few shots back up the narrow passage, forcing Matt to take cover around the corner.

"Blow the ship!", he said, hissing at the bulkier lizards, before firing a few more shots down the corridor. One of the lizards took off a pack it had been carrying, placing it on the ground, pressing a button on it to activate the bombs timer inside. Getting up the thing took hold of another bag, filled with what they had looted and ran down to the turbo-lift.

"This is getting nowhere!" Matt thought as shots ricocheted of the walls. Turning the corner briefly, he fired a few times, causing the small lizard man to duck for cover, giving Matt his chance, running down the corridor, he fired a few more shots at the creature, scoring a direct him to its arm, forcing it to drop its blaster. The two larger men already gone with their haul, leaving the creature defenceless.

"Hand over my gloves, or the last thing you'll be seeing it that timer reaching zero." He said angrily as he pointed the blaster to the lizards head. Not being a betting man, the lizard reached to his pocket, tossing the gemmed gloves to the floor. Kneeling down, Matt put his blaster away before picking up the gloves and putting them on. As he secured them, the gems on the gloves palms began to glow a deep red. Grinning, almost evilly, Matt curled one hand into a fist, an energy beam forming out of nowhere.

"You should be glad I got these back, you would have been here a long time else" Matt said plainly as he brought him arm back, before swinging it hard, beheading the lizard before him. Diminishing the blade, he looked over to the bomb, eyeing it curiously. "Elsa? You know how to deactivate this thing?"

"This device is unregistered on my data files, I am afraid I do not know." The robotic voice hummed out, before considering possibilities. "There is not enough time to remove the bomb, the only option available to you is taking an escape pod."

Matt nodded, before running down the corridor, heading straight to this floors escape pod, seeing it already open, he thanked the computer before getting inside and sealing the pod.

A few minutes after launching itself, Matt watched on as the his ship exploded, but it wasn't as he thought to would be. In moments, the ships hull began to fold in on itself, getting smaller and smaller. The shockwave from the blast had been very small but had knocked out his thrusters system, and had began to pull him in. In a last ditch effort, he fired a few shots from the blaster cannon on the pod, but had little effect.

"Looks like this is the end" He thought aloud, to close to see the rip in space.

"Something is coming out!" Mihoshi yelled, much to the annoyance of her fellow officer. Yuki-nojo immediately put up an image on screen, showing them a small pod that flew out, heading towards earth.

"It appears to be on a collision course, at its current rate of speed, it will crash-land in the mountains near the Masaki household" The robot stated, another screen coming up on the monitor. "It also appears to have barely made it through the rip, which has now sealed itself.

"Come on, lets get back down there, find out what this is" Kiyone stated, taking the ships controls and plotting a course straight back to Tenchi's home. "I've got a bad feeling about this"

Authors Notes : This is my first attempt at a fan-fic in a real long time, so my writing may be a little off, but I am trying. Say what you think, and give a little advice if you like.
Next chapter, our two parties collide and a new adventure begins.