Almost a year had gone by since the events around the Masaki household had occurred. Things had certainly calmed down since Matthew had left.

Ayeka had left for a while in order to visit her parents, she hoped that seeing her family may take her mind of Ryoko and Tenchi as their relationship had bloomed and they were now a lot more intimate, which still bothered her due to her feelings for the young man.

She had tried to get Sasami to join her, but the little princess had declined, wanting to stay on earth, especially as she had just started going to school, after some help from Washu to create some papers giving Sasami a fake history on earth to stop questions being raised.

Washu didn't feel like things had changed too much for her, she still spent most of her time in the lab, working on new projects, upgrading old machines, repairing damage that Mihoshi had caused. But she found herself spending more time out of the lab, not just watching soaps or joining meals. She spent a lot of time with Tokimi, almost like sisters normally would.

Tokimi herself had spent time with everyone in the house, learning more about what was as close to a normal life that the people living there had. She would cook with Sasami whenever she could, sometimes doing a meal by herself when Sasami was at school. She still didn't understand a few things about the lives they lived, but she was glad to learn what she could.

Tenchi and Ryoko had grown much closer, they had now moved into Ryoko room together after deciding Tenchi's own room was a little small for both of them. Ryoko was starting to help out a little more then normal too, usually joining Tenchi as he worked in the fields, she still liked to tease Ayeka about the relationship, and she kind of missed that right now. Tenchi on the other hand was enjoying the extra bit of piece and quiet, he missed the princess too, but was focused on Ryoko now, he didn't get embarrassed by her that much anymore, which let him be a little more daring, in more ways then one.

Mihoshi and Kiyone got on with their lives as normal, going into space every few days to monitor the region of space they were guarding. Mihoshi's accident rate had almost dropped by half after Kiyone forced her to re-take a piloting course, while it certainly helped a little, it didn't stop the fact that Mihoshi seemed to be naturally clumsy, meaning they still had more then enough crash landings and accidents in Washu's lab. Kiyone was a little quieter now, she was able to cope with Mihoshi's accidents a little better now, but she still lectured her partner about it, though there wasn't as much annoyance in her voice now.

And as for Ryo-Ohki, the cabbit was just as happy as ever, given regular attention and plenty of carrots. Although she started learning how to talk, while Ryoko and Washu could already understand her due to their mental link, and Sasami and Tokimi understood her partly from their being goddesses, there were times when all four of them were busy and talking with the other housemates was more then a little difficult, so after some failed gadgets Washu tried to use, Ryo-Ohki was slowly learning by herself, quickly learning 'carrots' and 'thank you'


Tenchi and Ryoko were currently out on another date and Sasami was on her way home from school. Tokimi, Mihoshi and Kiyone were infront of the TV, drinking some tea as they watched the end of the latest drama that had caught their attention.

Washu walked out of the door from her lab as she heard the music for the credits start up, Ryo-Ohki following her in her child form.
"Aww, that was a good episode" Mihoshi said as she grabbed a cookie from a plate between her and the other girls.
"Yeah, I didn't think they would end it there though" Kiyone replied, before sipping some tea.
"I still don't understand why they make the concept of love sound much easier then it would be in a real situation" Tokimi commented, "If real people were to try that, I am certain they would not get the same results.

Washu smiled, sitting herself down next to Kiyone.
"It makes people happy, gives them a little hope I suppose" she replied, picking up a cookie for herself. "It makes people feel good to see that people are getting together like that. It may not be that realistic, but it's pretty close"
"Anyone mind if I change the channel?" Mihoshi asked, taking hold of the remote. Receiving no objections, she pressed a few buttons, making a cartoon appear on the screen.

Kiyone, Washu and Tokimi talked to eachother as Mihoshi watched the show, Ryo-Ohki sitting down next to her to watch too. Washu didn't pay the TV much attention until she heard 'LCL' which got her attention, forcing her to watch the screen.

"It smells like blood" a young boy could be heard saying as a group of people looked at a screen.
"You'll get used to it" A blonde woman replied, looking like a doctor due to her clothing "It helps you connect with the eva, so you can control it"

"That sounds awfully familiar" Washu spoke aloud to herself.
"What?" Kiyone asked simply.
"One of my old projects, I came across a substance that was like water, yet breathable, it also had a special energy signature to it that can allow someone to control thing"
"Like what?"
"Loads of things, mainly electronic or mechanical, I always thought it would be great for complicated machinery, as there wouldn't be so many buttons to press"
"Like a giant robot?" Mihoshi asked, hearing the conversation.
"What?" Washu replied, before looking at the screen again "I don't belive it"

She watched as a mech ran through a city, charging at a giant monster.

"They took my idea! How did they even do that? I was millions of light years away when I thought this up!"
"Calm down sister, its only an animated television show, perhaps it was merely coincidence" Tokimi said flatly, hoping to calm her sister, neither hearing the front door open.

Sasami smiled as she heard everyone in the living room, she was always glad to have someone ready to talk to when she got back from school.
"Hello everyone!" she called out, causing Washu to stop her complaints and smile back to the princes.
"Welcome home Sasami, I hope to had a good day" Washu said, deciding to pay the writer of the show a later visit to find out what else he knew.
"It was ok, but I had the strangest feeling that someone was watching me on the way home"

Washu thought a moment, before walking over to Sasami.
"Don't worry, next week I'll have a security droid watch you on the way to and from school"
"Ok Washu, thanks"

Ryo-Ohki had already got up at this point and had walked over to Sasami to give her a hug.
"H-Hi Sas, Sasami" she tried to say, though she was in her child form, she didn't sound at young as you would think, but she stuttered a little as she made sure she got the right words.
"Hi Ryo-Ohki, want to help me with dinner?"

As they left for the kitchen, Kiyone smiled a little.
"Ryo-Ohki's doing really well with her speech, isn't she?" she mentioned, after finishing her tea.
"Yes, she may stumble on a few of her words, but she has done well for herself" Tokimi replied, standing up as she went towards the kitchen. "I think I will help with dinner as well"


Tenchi and Ryoko were on their way back from their date, even though they had already eaten, they were both looking forward to Sasami's meal.
"I wonder when Ayeka will get back" Ryoko thought aloud, which surprised Tenchi, she never really let out any thoughts about the princess.
"You miss her too, don't you?" Tenchi asked, half expecting what the answer would be.
"Yeah, it feels a little too quiet at home. We may not get along that well, but she was fun to have around"

Tenchi smiled and put his hand on hers, giving her a reassuring squeeze.
"Don't worry, I know she'll come back, with Sasami here, I'm sure Ayeka will visit us at least"
"I suppose so" Ryoko replied, resting her head on Tenchi's shoulder, smiling contently. "You know what's weird?"
"When we were on our way to that restaurant, I could have sword someone was following us. But I couldn't quite put my finger on it"
"Could you sense anything?"
"No, and that's what bothered me, I couldn't figure out where the feeling was coming from"
"I'm sure its nothing" Tenchi said, calmly giving Ryoko a kiss on her forehead. "Come on, its going to get dark soon"
"Alright" Ryoko replied happily, not taking notice of the man watching them.


A knock came from the front door of the Masaki house. Tenchi and Ryoko were already home, Katsuhito and Nobuyuki would come in freely, so no-one was sure who would be around at this time, especially as it was so late.

Ryoko phased in front of the door, yawning slightly "I'm coming, I'm coming" she said loud enough for whoever it was to hear before opening the door. "What do yo-" she went to say before noticing the man standing before her. "Who are you?"

The man looked at her, the expression on his face seemed to be a mix of anger and stupidity, he seemed to be the kind of person who would blindly rush into something with nothing to back himself up.
"I am Tinios, of the planet Spiernesun, your every action insults me! I have come to challenge you" he shouted out blindly, almost blurting it out randomly.
"Oh please, you know who I am?" Ryoko yawned, already bored as the man before her tried to make himself look tough.

Before the man could answer, one of Washu's teleportation holes appeared beneath him, dropping him into nothingness.
"I don't think we need any more of that" Washu stated as she appeared next to Ryoko.
"You know him?"
"Not personally. I saw a report on him. He was going around to insult a lot of powerful people, all smarter, stronger and generally better then him, just because he thought he was tough"
"And is he?" Ryoko asked curiously.
"Not really" Washu replied, a little bored herself. "He entered a galaxy-wide tournament and was beaten in less then five seconds after his first match. And that was before they found out he was using someone else's name because of a grudge"
"Why do we always get the idiots?"
"No idea, but lets not worry about it, just get some sleep"


Kiyone was the first to get up the following morning. She had a hard time sleeping, and decided to get up now and make herself a small snack rather then keep on trying to sleep. She walking into the living room, looking out through the windows over to the lake as the sunlight beamed down gently.

She made herself a small snack, and sat herself down in front of the television, turning it on to check the news.

"Good news for bounty heads out there" a reporter said from the screen, looking at its notes, it was difficult to tell if the reporter was male or female, mainly due to its bug-like appearance. "A well known bounty hunter has just announced she may be retiring from her lifestyle to get some well earned rest"

Kiyone watched, almost choking when an image of Nagi appeared on the screen.

"During her announcement, it was reported that the space pirate had made a lot of high-paying collections, which has gave her enough credit to live peacefully for a number of decades. She said she felt no need for protection, as the only person she considered a challenge has retired and disappeared somewhere deep into space"

"Good of her to keep Ryoko's location a secret" Kiyone thought, looking out over to the lake, before a knock on the front door got her attention. "Who's visiting this early in the morning?"

She got up, brushing some crumbs off her nightwear before getting up to open the door. "You do know what time it is don't yo-" she stopped herself mid-speech as a very familiar face stood before her.
"Actually, I don't. That's the problem when you're jumping between dimensions, it doesn't drop you off at the exact same minute as the place you left"
"When did you?" Kiyone stuttered, surprised that he was right there.
"Just a minute ago, where else would I go in this dimension? Besides, I kind of missed you"
"Well, yeah. I missed everyone else of course, but well, I guess I missed you a little bit more"
"Matt" Kiyone said quietly, before wrapping her arms around him for a big hug.

The pair stayed like that for a moment, stood there in each other's arms, before Matt decided to speak.
"Think we could sit down? I haven't had many chances to relax while I was gone"

Kiyone nodded, letting him follow her into the living room. She turned off the TV as he sat down, before taking a seat next to him.
"So" She said, a little anxiously, "Tell me about what happened"
"Later, right now there's something I want to do" he replied, placing a hand on Kiyone's shoulder, leaning in to finally let their lips connect.


Meanwhile, back in the depths of space, in the centre of Tokimi's realm, the figure of a man stood in the middle of the great hall where the battle between Washu and Ryoko had took place, where an orb containing Washu's energy once rested.

"Hmm, not as much left as I hoped" the figure said, its voice gruff, yet familiar. "But it will do, it gave me this body, and enough knowledge for me to take my revenge!"

The figure raised an arm in the air, creating an energy blade before disappearing into space, a chilling laugh being all that remained.


Authors Corner – Well, that's it, this story is over. Will I do a sequel? Who knows, I'd like to work on my side series instead for the moment, but it's a matter of thinking what other series I could go into while 'Swapping Dimensions'

I've learnt a few things while doing this story. For one, its hard to write a character based on yourself that isn't a Mary-Sue (Or whatever the male equivalent is) when in life your kind of a blank page, seriously, until recently, I was the kind of guy who just seemed to blend into crowds and never really stood out.

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