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Summary: I'm not really sure where the inspiration for this came from, I just decided to write it. Claire muses about her relationship with Gabe. Set in the first season. Please RR.

Give and Take

Claire wasn't sure what it was she saw in Gabe. He'd made a laughing stock of her- he'd made her suck his fucking toes! He could take and take and take and yet she failed to think of an instance where he gave something back. There was no good that could come from their relationship- he was seriously messed up and she didn't know what she wanted.

Maybe it was because he was original; not quite the same as all those other stereotyped skanks as she so 'fondly' called them. He did seem to care- and she did care about him. They had a bond of some kind; it was as if they were stuck together, for some unknown reason. The probably deserved each other.

Maybe she saw something of herself in him; and if she could save him maybe she could save herself.