"And it is with great pleasure that I present Mr. Draco Malfoy special honors to the school for helping restore a fellow classmate's memory!" Dumbledore announced to the Great Hall the following Monday morning. Draco, timid with the actualization (much unlike his previous self), stood up very shyly and waved only for a moment. He ran his fingers through his soft, blond hair as he took his seat. "Mr. Malfoy will receive a free pass to the restricted section, free pass to the kitchens any time he pleases, and a lifetime supply of Every Flavored Beans!" The entire Great Hall clapped -yes, even Pansy and Crabbengoyle. Crabbe and Goyle should be treated as one entity, since they insist on spending their lives together in these flicks.

But it didn't matter who was actually clapping for him, because Draco wanted to meet a certain young lady's eye. He scanned the Hall as he took his seat to meet a pair of chocolate brown eyes. It made him smirk on the inside, however, on the outside, he was sweating (which was something Malfoys just didn't do.) He mouthed the word 'hey' and gave her a look that only he could give. Her reaction was unreadable as she glanced away, but not before biting her lower lip, which was just the way he liked. Perhaps, he thought, this day might turn out good after all.

"Draco, quit gawking, you look like Potter." Pansy snapped his focus back into reality, only to be met with a plate full of food and no appetite. "What's wrong?"

"I..." Draco tried to form the words, but they wouldn't come out.

"He hasn't talked to her since." Blaise nudged the conversation.

"Oh..." Pansy looked over to Granger, back over to Draco, and gave him a reassuring smile. "I'm sure it'll be okay. Who could resist the charm of a Malfoy."

"You did." Draco finally formed a sentence. "If it wasn't for you rejecting me all the time, I wouldn't have pushed you to go on that date with me. And if I hadn't made that date..." He wouldn't have gone to the Prefect's bathroom, and he most certainly wouldn't have saved Granger. Everywhere he tried to avert his mind, it still seemed to stray back to the thought of her curly hair and the scent of her skin. He wouldn't let anyone know this, however.

"Just cheer up." Blaise patted him on the shoulder. "Just go talk to her."

"Not now." Draco fiddled with his mashed potatoes.

"Okay, mate." Blaise agreed. "Later then. But you should talk to her..."

Draco spent most of his night turning and tossing in his bed. "Stop thinking about her." He told himself. "Stop it." Nothing seemed to work. From the curve of her lips to the curve of her body was all Draco could think about. He tried counting imaginary things on the ceiling, biting his nails, wanking off (which only made the problem worse), and writing his feelings out on paper. Nothing seemed to work. He couldn't take it anymore. In the morning, he would have to do something about this. He had to...

--Knock Knock. Who's there. Orange. Orange who. Orange you glad I didn't say I love you?--

Hesitantly he strummed his fingers on the door, then gave it a nice, sturdy knock. Then he fiddled with his tie and stood. Waiting. The door opened after a few moments, revealing a very cute girl in her nighty and looking either embarrassed or curious. "Ma-Malfoy?"

"Granger, I came to inform you that you still haven't done a thing about the bathroom on the third floor." With a hefty push, he made his way into the common room and sat down on the nice comfortable couch, much like he used to.

"What?" Hermione rubbed her eyes. "Malfoy... its five A.M. Shouldn't you be-"

"Nagging you? Yes." He smirked. "You said you'd get something done about the bathroom but you never did." Hermione gave him a blank stare. "Don't tell me you don't remember what happened to it. It was flooded. -Shows how much you know. Why'd they put you as Head Girl anyways? You haven't been here most of the year, not to mention you don't have a clue what is going on."

"I most certainly do!" Hermione put her hands on her hips, much more awake than she was. "I have my memory back, remember?"

"You still don't have a clue what's going on."

"What are you doing in my dormitories, Malfoy? Surely it wasn't to insult me like this."

This was just the rise he was hoping to get out of her. "What if it was?" The look in his eye glimmered with a smirk.

Hermione was struck speechless for a few moments, but she gained her composure in a fashionable manner. "Get out."

"Excuse me?" Draco snorted. "I'm not leaving till I'm good and ready."

"You're leaving now."

"Fine. I came here to give you something, but if you don't want me to..." He stood up and strolled towards the door. Five... Four... Three... Two... One...

"... What is it?"


"Hmm?" Draco turned around. "Oh. What is it? Well first you have to admit to some things, alright?"

"What? I'm not playing this..."


"I'm not a chicken."

"Chicken." Draco challenged.


"Admit that I am superior over you."

"WHAT? I will not!"


"Just because I have morals does not make me chicken." She stepped up to challenge him. "Don't tempt me, Malfoy."

"Ooh, Malfoy is it? You really do have your memory back. -Fine then. You don't tempt me."

"Tempt you how?" Hermione narrowed her eyes. Draco leaned in a bit closer.

"If you wont admit that, then admit something else." He locked eyes with her, and both refused to look away. "Admit that you love me."

"Excuse me? I don't see where you get off telling me what to do or not do, and just because you saved my life, and my memory, don't go thinking that I owe you some huge debt of being your sex slave or fuck buddy or anything like that, because quite honestly I don't lo-" He kissed her. Quick. Soft. Tilting her head to the side... It was nearly desperate. Then he pulled away, gave her a smirk, wiped the corner of his mouth and lifted his eyebrows in a precarious manner.

"I'll be outside if you need me." He kissed her hand and exited the dormitories. As he walked down the hallway, going nowhere in particular, he heard a set of footsteps running behind him, catching up.

"Draco! Wait!" She slowed down her pace when she finally made it to him. "I know you didn't rape me. I know now."

"Good." He said, still not turning around.

"I... I love you, Draco."

This was the moment he was waiting for. As if on cue, he turned around and grinned. "I know you do. Who wouldn't love me?" His grin turned into a smirk. "I'd love me too if I could. -But I think I'd rather love you." His smirked faded away when he took her hand lightly. "Hermione, I know we've been through Hell and back. I mean... what I'm trying to say is... Look, I'm not good at doing this so just bare with me... I..."

"Do you want to date, Draco?"

"Yes, very much."

"Good. Work for it." She gave him a slight peck of a kiss on the cheek and giggled. This sent Draco very off guard, and it took him a few moments to gain his composure. No girl had ever made him truly work for it -Pansy had been just a game... but he had never really worked for anything in his life. He wasn't sure whether to be pissed or amused.

"Trust me, you've got nothing to worry abou-"

"Mr. Malfoy!" A voice called from down the hallway, and as both turned they were shocked to find it was none other than Snape. His chest was exceptionally puffed out. "Have you seen Filch?" He stopped his pacing when he saw Hermione and Draco holding hands. The look on his face was anything but grateful. A sneer pressed upon his lips, but he ignored it for a moment. "Are you deaf? I asked you where's Filch?"

"I haven't seen him, Professor." Draco said politely.

"I'm going to get him for letting that Tarrywinkle in. I knew it was him from the start." Snape's lip twitched. "I'm turning him into the Headmaster as we speak." And with that Snape set off down the hallway once more, mumbling, "...congratulations..." Though it was clear the air in his voice was constricted and deceiving. As he vanished out of sight, Hermione began to laugh to herself.

"What's so funny?" Draco raised an eyebrow.

"Snape's the one to let the Tarrywinkle in." Hermione laughed even more, till her voice bounced off of the stone walls.

"What? The Professor would never do that. Those things nearly killed us!"

"An unintentional mishap in his way to getting Filch fired." Hermione stifled her laughter long enough to explain. "Think about it, Draco. That night you saved my life, what was Snape doing alone in the hallways by himself? He obviously must have let it in, and that's why he wanted to escort me to the Headmaster – so he would have an alibi. He scared me to death when I first saw him and didn't know who he was -with that crooked nose and that greasy hair..."

Draco recalled the day he had heard about a first Tarrywinkle sighting -that one day after Potions...

"Who's to say they're not?" Snape asked, feeling a slight pride well up inside of him, and Draco knew he was going to try to out-do Filch if it was the last thing he'd do. Filch and Snape had been at each other's throats ever since one evening when Snape had stepped on Mrs. Norris's tail.

"They've been gone far too long to be coming back. The only thing that could drive a Tarrywinkle here inside Hogwarts School is when they're lured."

"Then I suggest you talk to Hagrid about getting rid of them?" Snape said coolly. An icy feeling came over the hallway. "They're poisonous to humans." With a flick of his cloak he spun around and stood with his back to Filch. "Dangerous."

"Yes, very dangerous indeed… curious they should end up here…" Filch said, a long pause after his statement. Potter and Weasley were right across from Draco in the hallway, watching as Filch eyed Snape's back with loathing and whispered to Mrs. Norris, "Come my sweet."

"Filch must have been onto him..." Draco said, sinking it in.

"I bet the Tarrywinkle was to frighten Ms. Norris."

"Or kill Filch..." Draco smirked. "You know, for a greasy old git, Professor Snape has got his good points."

"I thought he was your favorite teacher."

"He is."

Hermione shook her head and smiled. "So should we warn Filch?"

"Nah, leave them to their affairs -I'm a little preoccupied right now." He averted his gaze to Hermione, and that same smirk played on his lips. "Tell you what. You be the French maid, and I'll be the rich arrogant prick who fondles you as you bend over to dust things."

"So you'll be playing yourself?" Hermione grinned.

"Ha. Ha. Ha." Draco leaned in and gave her a soft kiss, unsure of where this was headed but knowing that this was right where he wanted to be.

The End.

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