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This is an AU that takes place before Doma and after Battle City.

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Mystery pairing!

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"Miss Mazaki?" the judge spoke, looking up at the nervous girl.

Anzu Mazaki bit her lip and stared down at her blue platform shoes. This was her last chance to get to any funds to support her to get to America, to dance. The school would not allow her to keep any after school jobs. It all came down to this.

"I am very proud to say that you have a remarkable voice…"

Oh, crap. This is where trouble starts. Anzu thought dryly.

"…and so I am pleased to announce that you have won the Hoshi Inc. Idol Search!" he said proudly.

The crowd jumped to their feet clapping. Yuugi, Jou, Honda and Ryou jumped on stage to hug her tightly. Bright blue and white streamers dropped down from the ceiling, bearing the Hoshi Inc. symbol, a black star in a circle. Anzu's parents stoop standing in the front, clapping loudly for their child.

A cheery reporter stood to the side of the group of friends. "And there we have it. Domino City's newest singing sensation has just been identified as sixteen year old Mazaki Anzu. Hoshi Inc., the country's number one company for Teens with Talent, will sponsor this young woman as she makes her pop-star début. Mazaki-san, how does it feel to be the Winner of Idol Search?"

The blue eyed girl didn't get a chance to answer, her tall blonde hair friend did. "Let me assure you Lady, Anzu couldn't be happier." The girl, a tall brown haired boy and a short boy with multi-colored and angled hair nodded.

The reporter smiled brightly again, "There we have it, as close to Mazaki-san as we can get. Friday night the CEO of Hoshi Inc., Samui Kagi Dartz, will congratulate Mazaki-san in person and offer her the prize money and a contract with Hoshi Inc. This is Chiisai Miki signing off for channel 10 news."

"Master Dartz? The contest winner has been announced just as you predicted, it is the girl." A tall, muscular man with blond hair and sideburns said, kneeling in front of a man sitting in a chair, watching a large screen with Anzu and her friends on it.

"Yes," he said more to himself then the man. "She is the Pharaoh's companion. This will work out just as planned. Raphael, bring Amelda to me."

"Yes, master." Raphael exited through the large silver doors. A moment later a young man with red hair, dressed in a short blue tank top and a trench coat with many buckles that jutted out in places. He knelt before Dartz.

"The girl, Amelda, do you know who she is?" Dartz asked, turning his head and brushing his long blue bangs out of his eyes.

"The Pharaoh's whore," Amelda said harshly. His brows furrowed, I don't have time for this. I have to avenge my brother.

Dartz chucked before motioning for him to rise, he did. "You may be correct on that. But she is one of the Pharaoh's main pillars. A source of strength. If you look at the photos on my desk you will see for yourself. These were taken during the course of Seto Kaiba's Battle City event and a few before then."

Amelda frowned as he fingered through the images. A few caught his eye, one of the Pharaoh and the girl at a burger joint, the girl on a dance platform, resting on a bench, chained to a chair with a crate dangling over her head. This one caught his attention. "Master Dartz, may I keep these, to study."

"Yes, you may leave now. I think it is clear what your assignment will involve. Make sure you are at the Celebration on Friday. And dress like something other then a whore." Dartz said.

Amelda growled and left with the pictures secured in his pocket, next to his brother's toy.

I'll show you whore, ever consider a haircut?


"Jou! Put down that pizza!" Anzu's mother yelled, ripping the large pepperoni pizza out of the boy's hands.

"Aw!" Jou crossed his arms and fell back on the couch next to his sister, Shizuka, who was giggling. Honda was staring at Shizuka, trying to decide when to move in, Yuugi and Anzu were chatting on the couch (both with party hats on), Anzu's father had gone to get more pizza since the last five had "disappeared", and Anzu's mother was keeping Jou away from eating the party's last pizza until Mazaki-san came back with more.

"Anzu-chan, congratulations, on winning the Idol Search," Yuugi began, "You have a wonderful voice." Anzu blushed brightly.

"Yuugi-kun, thank you." She said softly, giving him a small peck on the cheek. Yuugi blushed hotly.

"Hey! Break it up you two, Anzu go sit on the other side of the couch." Her mother said. Anzu laughed and slid over two feet.


I don't wanna… was a sleepy reply

Yami, why don't you talk to Anzu?

I don't wanna go to the zoo… Nope, he was still in lala land

No Yami, why don't you talk to Anzu? She won the Idol Search today; she would feel bad if you didn't at least say something.

Uh? Oh! How dumb of me, yes please let me out. Ah, finally out of bed.

Anzu blinked, Yuugi had that glazed look in his eyes again, suddenly, and they narrowed and became a darker color. Yami Yuugi… she thought.

"Anzu, I am happy for you, for winning the Idol Search. Your voice was enchanting." Yami said smoothly. (Amazing how he can go from a sleepy boy to a man hmm?)

She blushed as red as a cherry. "You h-heard me?" she asked puzzled and flattered at the same time.

He smiled in a charming way, "Yes, Yuugi was listen very intently. Though I would have heard it either way."

"Yami I—"

Ding Dong!

Anzu jumped, "Excuse me for a moment." Anzu got the door since her mother was busy making sure Jou and Honda didn't break her expensive, imported maple table with their arm wrestling game.

She was met with three people. Her father with a mountain of pizza boxes, Mokuba Kaiba with a blue bag in his grasp and his older brother, Seto Kaiba.

"Anzu, you have a few more guests." Her father said cheerily while depositing the pizza's on his wife's expensive, imported maple table. Jou and Honda abandoned their game to eat more of the pizza, ignoring Kaiba. Shizuka helped herself to a small piece, chewing respectfully, unlike her brother.

Anzu stared open mouthed at Kaiba, who gazed monotonously down at her. "Mokuba." He said plainly. Her mouth formed a silent 'o' before stepping a side.

"Anzu, I got this for you. You were really great big brother thought so too. Right Seto?" he handed her the bag cheerily before skipping off to talk to Shizuka. Anzu looked up at Kaiba with a look of shock on her face. He had the tiniest of blushes on his cheeks but other wise made no comment, instead he moved into the living room and lean against the wall silently.

"Seta! My table!" he mother screamed at her father, who was steering her out of the home and putting her jacket on. Mazaki Seta had bright blue eyes and dark hair with a kind smile. His wife, Mazaki Rei had brown eyes, brown hair and was a spit-fire when trifled with.

"Rei, let's let Anzu have some time with her friends. We can go see a movie, then to dinner and…" He let the suggestion hang in the air. Jou spit out his cola all over Honda, who was choking on his pizza. Shizuka and Mokuba remained oblivious. Yami and Anzu exchanged glances before gagging. If Kaiba showed any discomfort he hid it well.

The parents exited, giggling like school children. All was quite except for the sounds pizza munching and pop sipping. Anzu set Mokuba's gift next to all the others on a card table and sat back down next to Yami.

"Gah! Jou, did you have to sip that at me? I'll never fix my do now!" Honda wailed. Jou glared at him. "Well, if someone's parents weren't so—" Anzu cut him off.

"Who's the pervert? The perverts or the pervert thinking of what the perverts are thinking of?" Kaiba snorted. "You wasting your time Mazaki, the dog has no idea what you're talking about."

Yami stood up at this, he and Kaiba exchanged heated glares. Anzu finally stood up. "Enough! You guys, just for one night please? Let's just have a good time and NOT fight like morons."

Muffled grumbles. Anzu smiled and flopped back on the sofa. Reaching for one of her gifts. Everyone was as happy as they would show as they watched the new singer open her gifts. Yuugi and Yami had gotten her a stationary kit for wring down songs as well as a nice card. Jou and Shizuka had bought her several new, hip looking outfits; Honda got her a collection of jelly bracelets, wrist bands, make up and a visor. When asked why he simply said: "A pop star has to look cool." Kaiba and Mokuba had gotten her a very expensive headset/ hands free microphone. Kaiba also had a tracker installed in it: "Since you always seem to be kidnapped at least once a month."

The rest of the party went smoothly, with only minor conflicts between the gang. Her parents weren't home by the time Yuugi left after helping her clean up. After putting away all her gifts Anzu laid contently in her bed with a happy smile plastered on her face.


Why is the phone going off? Who the hell could be calling at- Anzu turned her head. –two in the morning!


Maybe if I just ignore it. They'll take a hint and let me sleep…


"That's it!" Anzu rolled over and ripped the phone off the receiver. "What?" she grumbled.

"Anzu-chan! Wake up!" a voice cheered on the other end.

"Otogi-kun?" Why is he calling at this hour?

"Yeah, I saw you on the news. Congratulations, sorry I couldn't make your party. I had a big meeting about DDM." Get to the point…

"Any way, I'm going to take you shopping for a new dress for your meeting on Friday with Samui Kagi-san. Be at seven, I'll come and pick you up then."

"Otogi, I have school tomorrow." She said sleepily.

"Nope, the teachers will have a "surprise" meeting tomorrow. So I'll catch you then. Ja!"


Anzu twitched and set the phone down. Otogi Ryuji, I'll never understand how you do it. Or why you call people at two in the morning.

Friday rolled around just as promised. Otogi had taken her shopping just as he said. They had compromised on a blue gown that reached her ankles. It was sleeveless, with a white jacket that covered her bare arms. Shizuka and her mother had done her hair in a low hanging bun with a few strands framing her face. Her mother had given her a pair of earrings that matched her dress.

Sadly, he parents were unable to attend the ball. "If you're going to be a pop star, you have to learn to do things on your own." Otogi had accompanied her anyway. "Just so you won't be alone." Anzu smiled. I have such friends…even if some are only looking for pointers in how to get Shizuka to like them.

"Are you nervous?" Otogi asked her as they prepared to enter the building. He had dressed for the occasion. She nodded. "If you get scared, there are these pills in my-"

He shut up when Anzu stamped on his foot with a heel, "Watch it Dice-boy…"

He nodded meekly and they started to walk inside with her following his lead.

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