A/n: I had an idea, then I adapted it in two ways. I wrote one story with a similar but not identical plotline… so if you prefer that one, well Meh.

Pairings: Corrine/Marshall, Vaughn/Josie…. One sided Lucas/Josie and Josie/Marshall Um…. Read before you judge

For the purpose of this story Yin is light and Yang is dark…. I think that's true to fact but if it's not… at the risk of repeating myself: Well, Meh.

Chapter one: Visiting Yang.

Josie stared at the list in front of her. It was there in pure black and white. A list of pros and cons for both boys. She couldn't chose. Stupid boys! Stupid feelings! Stupid…lists! Yes, I know that was sort of a list

"Grrr!" She said furiously. That was Josie all over, she was quick to anger she had a short fuse, but anyone who said that to her was in serious trouble as she took it as a hit to her height, or lack thereof.

"What's wrong?" Asked Corrine, Josie's roommate and fellow science fanatic.

"Vaughn and Lucas…." She fumed.

"Oh great what now?" She asked. Corrine knew Josie had quite a dilemma on her hands with Lucas and Vaughn. Affairs of the heart, far too complicated.

"They gave me the ultimatum, I either choose one of them or, I get neither."

"Oh Josie!" She sounded concerned but quickly changed her tune "Who're you gonna choose?" It was out of pure curiosity.

"That's just it, I don't know." She stared from the alphabet acronyms Athletic, Brave Charming… for Vaughn and Authentic, Best-friend, Caring… for Lucas to her desk. She sighed. They both had their good points and their downsides, like Vaughn's good looks and Lucas' sensitivity coupled with Vaughn's lack of loyalty and Lucas' jealous temper. It was a bit of a yin-yang really.

"Is there a time frame on this decision?"

"Until the end of the week." Josie said viciously. They couldn't do this to her! It was mean! It was cruel! It was unusual… for Vaughn and Lucas to team up and make a decision. Normally they were bitter rivals when it came to Josie. She sighed and stashed the list.

"Come on, we're gonna be late." She was talking about science club but she said it with half a heart. She wasn't stupid and enjoyed science club for the learning, but science club to her was a way of socialising. Currently she didn't want to socialise with Lucas or Vaughn. She wanted to lock herself in a room with them and punch the living daylights out of both of them.

"Evening girls," Professor Z said turning his attention temporarily away from the board where he was writing about proportion, chemical balance and equation balancing. 'To be perfectly balanced the equation has to have an equal number of molecules on the left as it does on the right' Pretty basic year seven stuff.

"Well… Ms punctuality Baxter late again." Marshall said in a slightly amused voice. Josie knew Corrine had a crush on Marshall. Josie also knew Corrine had to learn to take everything he said with a pinch of salt. Marshall was a joker, and Corrine was sensible. The pair probably wouldn't kick off because Corrine kept jumping down Marshall's throat if he made little comments. Which was a shame because when they got along they were brilliant together.

"I was talking to Josie." Corrine said stubbornly, taking her seat at the table. Josie went to take hers but fell backwards. She smacked her head very hard on the desk. She was unconscious before she hit the ground.


Josie was standing in what looked to be a very large room. It didn't have walls so it seemed to go on forever. It was divided into two halves one pitch black and one bright white. She was standing with one foot on either side of the dividing line. Josie thought she was alone until she felt a hand grip her left wrist. Another grabbed her right. Josie felt she was in the middle of a tug o war game. Squinting to see who was pulling her against the backgrounds she was shocked to see orange hair and brown eyes. The Josie dressed in white flopped backwards helplessly and Josie fell completely into the dark half surrounded by maniac laughter.

"Sorry." Whispered the girl in white sympathetically.


Vaughn clicked his fingers infront of her eyes as her vision drifted in and out of focus.

"Come on, up you get." Marshall said reaching out his hand to pull her up. She hit it away viciously.

"Get lost!" She snapped pulling herself dizzily to her feet.

"He was only trying to help." Corrine mumbled in his defence. Josie sneered and sat down on the chair. She fingered the bump on her head cautiously. It hurt a lot.

"Are you okay?" Asked Lucas in concern.

"Oh bog off poindexter I'm fine!" She snapped angrily. Lucas recoiled in shock. Okay so Josie had a short temper… but she'd never seriously insulted him before. Maybe it was because Vaughn pressured her into making a sudden decision… yup that's right, it was all Vaughn.

Vaughn shot Josie a curious glance.

"Quit staring at me!" She said angrily. Z had been in the middle of restarting his talk on equation.

"Is there a problem Josie?"

"Yeah! Meat brain over there's gawping!" She said angrily jabbing her thumb directly towards Vaughn. He looked puzzled. Lucas looked angry.

"Hey I thought we agreed to leave her alone!" Lucas said, the boys had made an agreement not to try anything with Josie.

"Both of you!" Said Corrine. "Behave!"

"Spoil all the fun why don't you brainiac, anyway… Fireworks are out s'getting boring. So Bye." She waved and walked out.

"Well… that was… unusual." Marshall said. Corrine was fuming.

"Brainiac! Brainiac?"

"It's not unusual for one to react to a bump on the head with a little too much aggression." Said Professor Z. Typical Z, he was always coming up with the logical explanation.

"A little aggression, the girls on fire!" Said Vaughn. "I swear I wasn't…. 'gawping'"

"I'd… I'd better go check on her, since she's fallen out with most of you." Marshall sighed and stood up. He didn't like having to sort Josie out when she was in a mood, he'd only attempted once before and hadn't been able to get a word in edgeways for all her rantings. Culture, Josie's one sided argument…

"Marshall… good luck. I'll be up in five." Corrine said. Marshall wandered off.

He knocked on her door. After there was no answer he walked in. Luckily there was no embarrassment, she wasn't getting dressed or anything. She was sat on her bed. She hastily put a notebook of some sort under her pillow.

"You okay?" He asked swinging the door closed behind him.

"I'm fine." She said. "It's just… I've got a lot going on emotionally lately." She said in a sickeningly sweet voice.

"Penny for your thoughts?" He asked sitting on the bed beside her.

"I have three guys on my mind…." She paused to let the words sink in to Marshall's mind.

"Three? Woah, hold up… Lucas Vaughn and who?" He ticked each one off on his fingers, stopping at the magic number 3.
"Oh Marshall… you're so naïve." She said shaking her head. Marshall saw a silky tear slide down her cheek. "Why can't you see?" It was then it clicked for Marshall, he stood up suddenly and backed away.

"No I… Josie you don't…" Josie stood up and took two steps forward. Marshall took two steps backwards and ended up with his back pressed against the wall. He gulped.

"Josie stop this…. It's…" He gulped again.

"I can't help it." Marshall stuttered the word 'I' a few times. He was so totally trapped. "If I…" She drew her hand up his chest and slowly to his face. "Want you." She whispered in his ear. He took a deep intake of breath as he found Josie's lips pressed firmly against his, massaging them roughly.

Human reaction is a strange thing. Suddenly confronted with Josie for some reason, although it wasn't what he wanted, he didn't pull away. He didn't respond… but he didn't pull away either. Corrine didn't know which was worse.

"Marshall! Josie!" Josie pulled away a wicked smirk on her face, she then cried.

"Marshall! What are you doing?"

"M…Me!" He protested still in shock from Josie's sudden advances. Corrine was breathing heavily and she looked like she was going to cry.

"You KNOW I don't think of you like that!" Josie cried. Marshall had to admit, she was a bloody brilliant actress. "I'm not going to stand and be ridiculed!" Josie walked out slamming the door and went back to the science room with a smile on her face.

"I…" Marshall started hopelessly.

"I don't want to hear it…You know I… We…" Corrine sat on her bed unable to believe the guy she liked had tried it on with her best friend.

"It wasn't like that!" He said raking his hands through his hair. He expelled a huge breath of air. "I know you won't want to believe me but… hey look at me." He took her chin with two fingers. "I did absolutely nothing to provoke her… I said no but…"

"Josie wouldn't…."

"And I would?" He asked in shock. Corrine hated to do it but she used the old eye trick. Nobody can look you square in the eye and lie without you realising it. His eyes were sincere. Josie had come onto Marshall, knowing full well she liked him.

"Why?" She asked.

"I don't know! I'm hardly irresistible am I?" he asked. Corrine stood up suddenly. "Don't go doing something stupid… Corrine where are you goi…" She walked out furiously. He groaned and ran after her. WOMEN!

"Hey Corrine how'd it…" Started Lucas. For the third time Professor Z was interrupted. Corrine suddenly flung herself at Josie. Marshall held her back.

"You little bitc…!" She screamed fighting against Marshall.

"Calm…. Calm down." He said struggling to hold her back she was doing all in her power to pull past him.

"What did she do?" Asked a confused Vaughn.

"She… tried it on with… Marshall." Corrine breathed. Josie had a sick smile on her face. This brought on a kick back in rage from Corrine.

"Let me at… her." Marshall had to lift her clean off the ground and force her into a chair.

"Is this… true?" asked Lucas unable to consider the option that his crush tried it on with his best friend.

"No!" Josie said furiously.

"You lying little…" Marshall looked ready to throw punches too but was putting all his efforts into keeping Corrine from drawing blood.

"I swear it… He's the lying one! He just wants to look macho infront of his precious little girlfriend…" Z looked slightly amused by the whole thing as if reminiscing back to when he was a teenager.

Josie burst into tears much to everyone's alarm. Marshall looked frantically at Corrine. She held up one hand.

"I believe you." She stated firmly. "As for her…" Josie sobbed into her hands.

"Like I don't have enough on my plate, what with…" She sniffed. "Lucas and Vaughn giving me the ultimate decision and…" She sniffed again. "I don't like you like that Marshall." Lucas wrapped his arm around her shoulder and let her cry into his shirt. Marshall stood up.

"Fine, but I thought friends come before girls." He helped Corrine up and as they walk out, Corrine caught sight of Josie's reflection in the window glass. She was smiling over Lucas' shoulder. Corrine scowled.

"She's such a…" Started Corrine. Marshall cut her off before she could say anything above the rating of PG-13 aka, the authoress doesn't want to get into big trouble

"Shush, shush, I know." He said softly.

"Why's she DOING this? She knows I like you, she's doing it to get…"
"Woah, rewind… you what?"

"I uh…. Oh it doesn't matter now." She sighed and turned her head away. "Is she a good kisser?" She asked vehemently.

"How should I know!" He said furiously. "I've got nothing to compare it to." Corrine sighed and walked off.

"Now where're you going. I'm sick of chasing after you!" He said. It was one of those things he only meant as a joke, but Corrine took too seriously.

"Me too."

A/n: End of chapter one… what do you all think of evil Josie? well…. Yang I tried to capture the essence of Corrine and Marshall's relationship, I'm a strong shipper but they DO fight a lot.

Next chapter: Yin puts in her good word. But can she win Lucas over?