Leo awoke a couple hours later freezing. His teeth were chattering and his body was shaking. "Don—nie…Don—nie." Leo called as his teeth shook. Leo tried to stand but he couldn't get his body to stop shaking long enough to stay standing and Leo fell back to the bed.

Leo tried to control his body to calm himself and gain control, but before he tried again to gain control his whole body was on gigantic sized cramp. Leo cried out in pain and started to shake uncontrollably. The only thing in Leo's mind was pain; no part of him was safe. He felt on fire, and then he felt like he was an ice cube. Tears of pain streamed down his face, he couldn't take it he screamed long and loud and passed out before the rushing of footsteps was heard outside his room.

"I never want to hear a sound like that again." Mikey told his brother as he sat hugging a pillow on the couch.

Donnie came out of the lab looking very worried. "I didn't know what was wrong at first, but I took off the bandage around his plastron…the cut was badly infected…there was black all around the cut. I tried looking up on the Internet what could cause this and the closest thing I found was a bite from a black widow spider."

"But Leo was never bitten. What else could it be Donnie?" Raph asked

"I told Leo that I should of checked his wound. There was a substance I found on the cut. I couldn't identify it. Master Splinter is with Leo now trying whatever Master Splinter does to us. He woke up when I was undoing the wrapping of his cut. He looked straight at me and didn't even recognize me. He asked for help he said, "please help me get my brother he knows what to do", and then he lost consciousness."

Splinter walked slowly out of Leonardo's room and towards his chair. "He has been poisoned my sons. The poison is throughout his body. I do not believe I can save him."

"WHAT! No, Donnie you can right I mean if Splinter can't you can." Raph exclaimed.

"I can't even though the symptoms resemble that of a black widow bite it is not a hundred percent match. The poison could be hundreds of things put together. There is no way I could come up with a Vaccine without knowing all the poisons."

"SHREDDER! He did this to Leo we need to get to him need to get him to talk, but how?" Raph started pacing back and forth trying to calm his anger and think only the Shredder knows the poison but how to get it out of him? Raph thought about torture and smiled evilly. To have the Shredder at his mercy to know that at any moment he could kill the Shredder, but would that help Leo?

"What are we going to do?" Mikey's scared voice came through Raph's wicked thoughts.

"How long does Leo have Donnie?" Raph asked.

"I don't know. I have him on Morphine to keep the pain down, Master Splinter said the poison is throughout his system, I don't know how fast it works I can't even guess." Donnie had silent tears running down his face.

"This is worse then last time Leo got hurt. This is more cruel, how can Shredder be this Evil this Vile?" Mikey said angrily as he wiped the tears from his face.

"I don't know, but we have to do something what if this stuff kills him?" Raph asked the question no one wanted to ask.

"It most likely will." Donnie's soft reply came. Raph looked at Donnie quickly and stopped pacing.

"Well that settles it. We have to get the antidote to this and fast, but how?"

"How are we going to find the Shredder let alone get the antidote?"

"Well Don, that's where your genius plans come into it. We need to somehow get an antidote for Leo without getting ourselves captured or killed. I'm going topside to see if Casey heard anything about Shredder's where a bouts. Make sure Leo don't have any pain ok?"

"My son, you will be careful and you will not go alone if you find the Shredder. I do not need another one of my sons hurt. Is this understood?"

"Yes Sensei. I'll be back soon. Start thinking of a plan."

Raph then ran out the lair door to get some information on the Shredder.

The others left in the lair were in deep thought until a crash was heard in Leo's room. Mikey and Don quickly ran to Leo's room. There standing by his bed was a very sick Leo.

"Leo! You need to stay in bed, come on get back in bed your sick." Donnie walked slowly towards his brother.

"NO! I am in control of the pain. I know what's going on. I heard you guys. We need a plan right? I…there is no pain…no pain." Leo staggered a little and almost fell to the floor if Mikey didn't run to him and catch him. "I can…handle this…Don just give me something…I'll be fine."

"No, Leo we need you to lie down and rest. You walking around is not going to help. Mikey get him to bed."

"NO. This is my life I refuse to be in bed and DIE!"

"You are not going to Die Leo. Not on my watch, but you need to rest. I will think of a plan ok?"

"You'll get me right when we face the Shredder? It's my right to be a part of this." Leo said through his pain.

"I'll get you, but now you need to rest and as you said control the pain." Donnie injected Leo with pain medication and Leo was quickly out like a light.

"He does not have much time my sons." Came Splinter's quiet voice from the doorway.

"I know Sensei. I just don't know what we are going to do."

Raph was running from rooftop to rooftop never stopping. He continued to run until he felt someone following him. Great, just what I need now. I don't have time for them. Raph thought. Raph picked up speed. The person shadowing him did not lose a beat. Raph decided enough was enough. He stopped and took out his sais. "Let's dance."

"Why would I wish to do that?" Came a very famine voice.

"HUH! Karyi?"

"Raphael, it has been a while, yes?" Raph didn't put his weapons away but tightened them instead.

"What are you doing following me?"

"I…needed to speak with Leonardo. Please give him a message to meet with me."

"I would love to, but you KNOW I can't do that. Now you listen to me lady you are going to get me that antidote and if you don't I will kill you." Raph then struck out. Karyi quickly moved out of the way of Raph's sai and took out her Katana.

"I do not wish to fight with you. I did not know what my Master had planned he did not tell me. What antidote do you speak of?"

Raph circled Karyi and slashed out again, but this time Karyi's katana caught the blade and sparks flew off of the weapons. "Like you don't know. I always told Leo we should of not gotten involved with you. Now you and your "Master" are killing him."

"Please Raphael I no not what you speak. I have made a promise to your brother. I have tried to keep that promise on many occasions. I do not break promises if I can help I will try."

That stopped Raph in his tracks. She was willing to help? But should he trust her? Leo did, but look what that got him.

"Please do you see any other opportunity to help your brother? I know not what the Shredder did. But, I will help you."

"I don't know? How can you help if you don't know what's up?"

"Please tell me what has transpired." Raph turned his back on her, which was odd, she thought, but he told his tale as he looked down at the passing cars.

"Leo's been poisoned. Donnie says it's like a Black Widow Spider bite, but not really. He can't make an antidote to the poison without knowing all the stuff that is in the poison. If you can get that information to me I can get it to Donnie and we can help Leo. I don't trust you Karyi, but I don't have any other options. If you do this I…I'd owe you one."

"I will see what I can find out. I will be in touch."

"How will you…" Raph trailed off when he realized she was gone. "Great, I just probably made a deal with the devil."

"He's getting worse, not better. The pain is so much that I can't even give him anymore morphine he has too much in him as it is." Donnie was telling Mikey.

"But, Donnie he's in so much pain. We have to help him. God Donnie I can't stand him crying out like that."

"I know Mikey I hate seeing Leo like this too. He's usually so in control, but there's nothing I can do. Nothing. If I give him more morphine he might not wake up ever again. At least this way we know we still have him with us."

"Splinter can't help him can he?" Mikey's voice cracked as he asked.

"He's doing all he can, maybe Raph came up with something." Donnie told his brother hopefully.

Raph walked into the lair his head down thinking as he walked towards the couch. "Raph?" Raph looked up and found his brothers both teary eyed and looked back fearfully.

"He isn't is he?"

"No Raph, Leo's still with us. He's just…he's not doing so hot." Raph sank into the couch with his hands over his eyes.

"Man Donnie, I hope I did the right thing."

"What happened?" Don and Mikey went to sit next to Raph.

"I made a deal with Karyi."


"But you don't trust her. How, why?" Mikey stuttered.

"What was I supposed to do? We are out of options. If she could find out what was in that stuff we have a chance. Right?"

"Yeah, a good chance an antidote would be better, but that would help." Donnie said dumfounded.

"She said she didn't know what happened to Leo, she sounded sincere, I just didn't know what else to do. So I trusted her. If she betrays me she's dead." Raph said quietly.

Both younger brothers looked towards Raph with fear on their faces. They knew Raph was serious. When it came to his brother's safety Raph was deadly, no one better mess with Raph. The silence was broken by a scream of pain. Raph looked at his brothers and ran into Leo's room.

There on the bed was Leo his body shaken, convulsing with a look of severe pain on his face. Sweat poured down his body as he continued to cry out. Splinter was kneeling by Leo the look on his face one that Raph never wanted to see on it again. Splinter's face was one of agony for his son. "There is nothing I can do for him Raphael. I can not take his pain, there is nothing…"

"It's gonna be ok Sensei." Raph said as he stood near his father. "You should go and rest. We'll take over here for awhile." Raph helped Splinter up and turned him towards the door.

"Don't leave me…Please don't leave me…Father help me please…" Desperate pleas of pain came from Leonardo breaking a father's heart. Splinter started to turn towards his son, but Raph kept a hard hand on his father still steering him towards the door.

"We will take care of him Sensei. You need to rest. Mikey take Master Splinter to his room. Donnie help me here." Raph took control of the situation with such calmness it shocked his Brainy brother.


Mikey left with a glance at Leo and took his Sensei to his room. Donnie and Raph went into action. Raph held Leo's convulsing body down and waited for the seizers to stop. "Donnie can't you give him anything?"

"No…I was just telling Mike there is nothing I can give him. He has more drugs in him then he should if I give him more it might kill him."

"No…leave me alone…I killed you…please I just want to die…don't…leave me…" Leo's hallucinations began and made him lash out catching Raph in the face with a punch.

"Hey! Donnie help me hold him down. You would think he couldn't be this strong but my Gosh he's strong even when he's sick."

"You're gonna have a nice bruise. I think he's quieting now. Let's let him go."


"What if Karyi can't find out what's in the poison Don? Maybe you should start trying to make a cure."

"I wouldn't even know where to start, I should of tried before, my gosh why didn't I? Get Mikey to stay with him for a bit Raph. I need you to get me some things from the surface."

"Yeah sure." Donnie left for his lab and Raph stayed by Leo's side. "I hope I did the right thing Leo. I hope trusting Karyi was right…for your sake."

"I…trust her Raph…I trust you…" Leo smiled slightly at his brother.

"Hey bro, I thought you were asleep." Raph smiled down at his older brother.

"Nah…I…I was awake…I…I might not…not make it huh?"

"Don't say that. We gonna get you better!"

Leo smiled and laughed slightly. "You…never…could…lie…very well." Leo cried out as a wave of pain shot through his body.

"Easy Leo, stop talking and rest. I promise you we will get you better, besides who would keep me on my toes if you weren't around?" Raph smiled down at his leader.

"I…think we need to face facts…Raph…I don't want to be in pain…I want to die with my honor in tacked…I don't want to die without honor."

"Leo, you aren't going to die I won't let you. Do you hear me…do you?"

But, Leo passed out never hearing his brother's promise. Raph looked down at Leo and sighed. Raph refused to cry. Crying solved nothing and it meant he gave up. He needed to find Karyi and now. He got up and turned towards the door to find Mikey staring at Leo with tears running down his face.

"Will Leo die?"

"No Mikey, No. I won't let him. You stay with him. Make sure you stay with him. Tell him to fight, tell him we need him. Don't let him give up do you understand me?"

"Yeah, but where are you going?"

"To find Karyi. I'll be back with the cure, I swear it."

Raph went out towards Don's lab. "What do you need from the surface? I'm going to find Karyi and see what she has for me. Get me your list now!"

Donnie looked up from his calculations only long enough to hand Raph a piece of paper. Raph looked it over and nodded. "I'll be back soon."

Raph ran to April's. "How's he doing Raph?"

"Not good April. Donnie asked me to get this stuff for him could you get it for me?"

"Of course, I'll bring it to Donnie myself. I should have been there to see Leo before I'm just. I don't like seeing Leo or any of you hurt."

"I know Ape, me either. Thanks April. I have to go. Be careful going down there. Call Mikey if you need anything ok?"

"I will. Raph you be careful. Take Casey with you."

"Nah, I have to do this on my own. I promised Leo. See ya soon April.

Raph left and ran towards Shredder's old fortress. "I hope you're there Karyi."


Don ran from his lab into Leo's room as he heard Mike's scared voice. What he saw there took 5 years off his life. Donnie' baby brother was being held by Leonardo and Leo's katana was near Mikey's throat. Donnie carefully walked towards Leonardo. "Leo, it's Don. Leo you have to put down the Katana. Leo listen to me, put down your sword."

"You're not Don, if you don't tell me what you have done with my brother's I will kill Hun. He's your right hand, right Shredder. I swear I'll kill him." Leo started to shake uncontrollably, but his arm stayed tight around Mikey.

Don didn't know what to do. Leo's hallucinations were becoming too real for him. Donnie had to think fast.

"YOU ARE RIGHT TURTLE! I DO NOT WISH TO LOSE HUN, BUT HE WILL PAY FOR HIS FAILER!" Donnie imitated Shredders voice. Mikey's eyes widened in shock but he soon smiled and played along.

"Master forgive me Master."


Leo shook his head trying to fight the dizziness and pain. "Where are my brothers? If you hurt even one of them I will kill you Shredder. Now show me where they are!"

Donnie looked from Mikey to Leo and nodded his head. "THIS WAY TURTLE!"

"You first!"

Donnie shook his head in frustration. Even delusional Leo still kept his head. Leo pulled his katana away from Mikey and told him to move. Mikey walked away slowly and then turned around really fast startling Leo and Mikey got the Katana out of Leo's hands. "DONNIE!"

"NO…NO I FAILED THEM…you can kill me Shredder but I beg with my life let my brother's go…"

Mikey and Don looked down at the crying Leo kneeling on the floor. Mikey and Don then kneeled next to Leo.

"Leo, it's Mikey. Come on bro we're fine. Listen to me Leo we are fine!"

"Yeah, bro you didn't fail. Listen to us please Leo."

Leo looked up from the ground and noticed he was in his room on the floor with Mike and Don at his side.

"Guys?" Leo then pitched forward.

"Grab him!" Yelled Donnie.

Mikey grabbed him before he hit the floor and cradled his brother to him. "Oh man Donnie what are we going to do?"

"Let's get him back into bed. I'm working on some stuff, but I don't know if it will help or make him worse. As soon as Raph gets back with those Items I need I can start mixing some stuff and trying it on Leo."

Mikey and Don got Leo into his bed and covered him up, Don then went back to work while Mikey put Leo's Katana's far out of reach and went back to sit with his ill brother. "Hurry up Raph…"

"Guys? Its April I got the stuff for you. Donnie?"

Mikey looked up at the sound of April's voice but didn't go to her. He was staying with Leo. Someone needed to be with him…just in case.

Donnie came running out of his lab and hugged April. "Thanks April. Mikey's in with Leo, I have to get started with this stuff. Talk to you later."

Don ran back to his lab and April stood in the living area preparing herself to see Leo. She walked towards Leo's room and stopped by the open door. There on his bed moaning and twisting like he was in such pain was Leo. Mike sat next to him on a chair holding his hand.


"Hey April." Came his quiet reply not his typical happy self.

"How is he?"

"Not good. He just had a major hallucination. I nearly got my head chopped off." Mikey laughed hollowly at that part.

"Is there anything I can do?"

"Nah, I'm gonna stay with him. Thanks for bringing the stuff though. Do you want to sit?"

"How about I make us some dinner?"

"I'm not really hungry April, but maybe Splinter and Don is. Thanks though."

The whole time talking to April Mike never looked at her or moved his hand out of his brothers. April marveled at how much the brothers meant to each other and thanked God she had them as her family. April left to go into the kitchen to make some tea and start dinner for her family. It was the least she could do.

Raph stood in the Shredder's old Fortress and found himself hating the Shredder with such a hatred he nearly screamed.

"I am glad you came here."

Raph turned around real fast and without thought threw his sai at the intruder. Karyi barley got out of the way as the sai went sailing in the wall. "Should I take a defensive stand?"

"Sorry, shouldn't sneak up on me like that." Raph went to the wall and pulled out his sai. "Things aren't looking good for my brother. I have Donnie working on some stuff to see if it helps him, but it might not unless Donnie knows what is exactly in that poison."

"I have brought you a sample of the poison. This will help Donatello determine what is in it, then you can help Leonardo, yes?"

"How did you get it?"

"That does not concern you. I will keep my promise to your brother. Now will you keep yours?"

"I told you I would owe you. I owe you one, but I have to get this to Don now."

"I understand. I will come for you when I need you. Tell…tell Leonardo I am trying." Karyi bowed to Raphael and left.

Raph didn't waste anytime and went to get this to Donnie and fast.

Back at the lair Raph was pacing back and forth waiting for Donnie's analysis of the substance. "Well? Donnie you have to hurry Mikey says Leo's not breathing very well and the pain is getting worse."

"I got it! Raph I need these supplies and hurry."

Raph took the list and ran out of the lair. "Hang on Leo we got it you are going to be fine."

The first of 3 injections was given to Leo. Nothing happened for over an hour. Everyone was getting kinda nervous maybe Karyi did lie to them. But then, little by little Leo showed signs of recovery. His breathing turned regular and his body stopped twitching. The second injection came 1 hour later.

Raph couldn't take the waiting and went into the dojo to work out his frustrations. Everyone else stayed in the room hoping for the best. Leo slowly began to stir and opened his eyes. The look was a bit dazed but he seemed clearer more focused. "Hey…you all look like someone died?" Leo Rasped out.

Mikey let out a loud "ALRIGHT!" that sent Raph running into the room. "LEO!" Raph ran to his brother's side. Leo smiled at him and then closed his eyes.

"The antidote is working. This last injection should have the poison almost all purged from his system."

The last injection was made and Donnie told everyone that Leo would be out for at least 8 hours. He suggested everyone get some rest and he would wake them when Leo awoke. Raph was the only one that fought it, he told Don to rest and he would watch over Leo. Donnie told Raph no matter what as SOON as Leo woke up to get him. Raph agreed and sat down next to his "Fearless Leader."

Leo woke up the next afternoon. He wasn't 100 percent better, but he was on his way. The cut still needed the stitches and time to heal, but Don told Leo that he should be happy that he was alive. There was a welcome back party that Mikey threw and Leo enjoyed it immensely. Soon Leo became tired and everyone knew he needed to rest.

Before Leo went to sleep he asked to talk with Raph alone. Everyone left Leo and Raph alone and Raph sat down on the chair that was by Leo's bedside for the last past 2 days. Leo started talking right away.

"I know what you did for me. I don't know how to repay you Raph. Wait before you say anything. I know how much you don't trust her. I know you took a big chance and you most likely owe her one. Well I am telling you this…now I owe you one. I really thought I was gonna die bro. Thanks!

"Leo you don't owe me anything we're brothers and we do what we do because…well hell I love you ok? There I said it. Don't tell the guys though, they'll never let me live it down."

"Sure we will Raphy. Heck we love you too." Came Mikey's now cheerful voice from behind him.

"Oh Shell!" Raph groaned.

"We are brothers and no matter what we will always be there for each other." Don said to his family.

"Yeah, besides we need our leader to keep us all in line." Mikey joked.

"Keeping you in line is next to impossible Mikey." Joked Leo.

"Very funny Boss Man." Mikey pouted.

"But True!" Raph agreed with Leo.

"Too True!" Donnie agreed too.

"Hey what is this pick on Mikey night?"

"Nope every night is pick on Mikey night." Raph said as he grabbed Mikey and started wrestling with him. Donnie had to get in on this and jumped on top of Raph. Leo looked at his brothers from the bed shook his head and did something he hadn't done in days. He laughed…