Disclaimer: I don't own any Final Fantasy characters. I just like to play with them.
Gunman's Prayer

Over the desert, across the great plains,

Whether by dusty road, or quick moving train.

To the tips of the mountains, and the islands in the sea,

Wherever I am, only a few things I ask of Thee:

Keep my gun in my hand, and my woman at my side,

The twang in my voice, and the swagger in my stride.

My hat on my head,

My long hair nice n' red.

(Cause I think all the ladies would agree,

Gray is a color, that really doesn't become me.)

I'd like to keep the bullets in my coat,

And please don't misquote:

I prefer the magazines round my hips,

And from my Dear Seffie, a kiss on the lips.

Keep, please, upon my feet, my dark leather boots,

When it comes to those gaudy sneakers, I really couldn't give a hoot.

When I've got the enemy in the crosshairs,

Unknowing and unawares,

Let my shot fly straight, and true,

As my training, has taught it to.

May my honored enemy painlessly fall,

For quick, I hope, is his curtain call.

But most of all, give me the strength,

To protect those I love: I'll go any length.

For all those I hold dear,

And please, hear me loud and clear:

I want to keep the safe, and out of harms way,

So that we may return together, at the end of the day.

For what would I do without them, my friends, my Love,

Those I think the world of?

It's them I want to keep safe, and out of harm,

For them I picked up my fire-arm.

And now I end the same as I began:

Please let me be always, the Expert Gunman.

A/N: Just something I cooked up in dance class. (WHY did I sign up for that?) It's not one of my bests, but I think it's fun enough. R/R, please!