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Notes: This is a (much) better version of the poem you may or may not have read in the first chapter. The first version was mostly done out of boredom and the rhyming helped keep me awake in a rather boring class. (Ah, the life of the student…) But as my kindly reviewer Chryseis06 said, it would be better done without the forced rhyming. Great minds must think alike cause I had already started on a non-rhyming version. (I bow down before thee, Oh Reviewer.) :cough: Here it is, hope ya'll like it better.

Gunman's Prayer

Oh Hyne,

As I lay hidden,

Waiting for the enemy to come,

I pray as always.

And ask, for just these few small things:

Keep my hat on my head,

And my woman by my side.

Extra bullets in my pockets,

And magazine's round my hips.

Keep my favorite black leather boots,

Nice an' strong,

And my handsome red hair,

Shiny and long.

When that enemy,

Is sighted in the crosshairs,

Help me pull the trigger,

Without hesitation.

And guide my bullet,

As the arrow of Paris,

That it may fly straight, and true.

If you please,

As a bit of a favor,

Let the enemy fall fast,

And without hurt.

But more than anything,

Give me the strength,

To protect those I love:

Those I think the World of.

It's them I fight to keep safe,

For them I take up my gun.

So help me to fight,

Those who rise up against them.

Be it monster or man,

Or a bit of both.

So that those friends,

Who I call my Family,

Can come back to me,

At the fall of the day.

And now I end,

Same as I began,

Oh Hyne,

And hope that you grant,

My Gunman's Prayer.

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