Authors Note: PLEASE READ!

Due to a lot of errors in which I contradicted myself in my own story, I have read all twenty five chapters and have made slight changes to all that will make the story completely plausible.

If you have been reading the story and happen to catch something in recent chapters that is a bit off, I would ask you to read through previous chapters, for it may have changed due to my progressive idea's regarding the outcome of this story.

For the most part it's stayed the same, and unless certain instances are really bothering you,I don't suggest reading previous chapters over.

I have two new chapters up, Chapter 24 and 25, that I re-posted after fixing them.

Hehe, I cannot tell you how boring it is reading through my own story, but I'm pleased that I did it. I hope you enjoy the outcome.

I love you all! Thanx.

-Atrophy Conception

Lengthened Summary of Pumpkin Town:

At one point in time, Pumpkin Town was the sort of place that one might consider extraordinary. That was before. Before the owner, an eccentric and mysterious man died in his attic on Halloween night, and the rest of his family followed, one by one, until all had perished or vanished without a trace, before it was purchased by an overly docile man with a psychotic edge and a desire to destroy all it once had been, and before the people, over time, lost the will to hold on to what they once encompassed.

Now the town of Kingston, it has fallen victim to a wretched sense of normalcy, where, even if they're not willing to admit it, most of the people have lost their old spirit…or so it seems.

Gregory Garret is new in town and already he's decided he dislikes it very much. This of course, can only be expected after he's lost his parents and has been forced to leave his old home by his aunt, who has decided a change of scenery will be good for him. This is a thing Gregory himself seriously doubts; especially after he finds himself in the company of two of the worst bullies he's ever had the misfortune of meeting…and then finds that their just the beginning.

Indeed, Kingston has a lot more to offer the first meets the eye, and Gregory finds himself having to entangle something that goes far beyond the ordinary conflicts of his seemingly luckless life.

It's the thirteenth anniversary of Hector Skellingtons death. Anything can happen.