Anybody Home?

Disclaimer: I don't own Atlantis, Sci-Fi channel , MGM/UA and a whole bunch of other people do. Ha! You thought my disclaimer would be filled with glib sarcasm, didn't you?

A/N: I actually got this idea when I was thinking how cool it would be to slide around the halls of Atlantis in my socks. On with the story.

Gooood morning, Atlantis, thought Major John Sheppard. And what a bee-utiful morning it is.

Sheppard picked up his watch from the bedside table. 0453. Earlier than he usually got up He jammed his feet into his boots and began preparing for the day.

Not like its ever NOT a beautiful day here, of course, he continued. Except when its hurricaning.

John looked around the room, checking to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything. His eyes fell briefly on his copy of War and Peace. He considered reading a paragraph or two before heading off to the mess hall, then thought better of it. It was too early for big words, anyway.

Maybe I'll walk to the mess hall instead of taking the transporter. After all, it isn't too far, and I have plenty of time.

He began to stroll leisurely down the quiet hall, humming as he went. He didn't know why, but he felt like it was going to be a good day. Barring Wraith attacks, flooding, quarantine, and McKay's incessant nitpicking and complaining, of course.

The Major let his mind wander for a few minutes as he walked. It wasn't too long before his optimistic view of the day ahead had been replaced by a disquieting feeling. Something wasn't right.

It's so quiet, he realized suddenly. No footsteps, no talking, no whoosh as the transporter doors opened. Nothing

Have I even seen someone today? This thought struck John hard. He strained his memory, trying to remember if he had passed or spoken to anyone. Normally he would have encountered someone by now. Said 'hi' to Tayla in the hall, passed Ford on the way out of his room. Today, no one.

I'm just up earlier than usual, that's all. He glanced at his watch. It now read 0527. Not that early. By all accounts the military personnel should have been up now.

Don't panic. After all, Atlantis is a big city, Maybe everyone's in the mess hall already. Or maybe Dr. Weir called an emergency and told everyone to stay in their rooms. And I didn't hear it. Yeah…

Sheppard had broken out into a jog now. He looked through every open door (though there weren't many), hoping to catch a glimpse of someone. Anyone. He remembered reading The Shining by Stephen King as a teenager. It had frankly scared the crap out of him. He was reminded of how for weeks afterward he had had nightmares of running through the Overlook Hotel's vast and endless twisting hallways. He felt like he was in one of those nightmares right now. He wouldn't have been surprised if Jack Torrence had jumped out right then, brandishing a croquet mallet.

C'mon, Sheppard, Pull yourself together! He attempted to reason. He was in a full sprint now, desperate to find anybody. He would even be glad to hear McKay's constant whining.

He stopped dead in the middle of the hallway, turned around, and screamed at the top of his lungs, "WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYBODY!"