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Fallen Angel

Chapter 1: Shocking Anger

"REMI!" A blonde woman in her early twenties called up to the balcony.


"Its time to go!" She called impatiently.

A young woman, almost 18, came running out, panting heavily. "Oh... huff... ok ..." She was Asian with brownish hair and deep blue eyes. The woman giggled.

"You slept in again, didn't you?" The blond asked in mock dissapproval.

"Shut up Millenear! pant

A tall man, also blond, and well muscled, jogged over. "What's all the noise? Beryun and Master Tae are getting irritated."

"So they sent you to quiet us down, Rett?" said Millenear.

"I'd like to see him try. I'll be as loud as I damn well please!"

Millenear looked at Remi, shocked. "Remi, are you ok?"

"Yeah, kid. That little outburst was a bit unlike you. Maybe you need a little physical examination!" Rett got his maniac gleam in his eyes. "In fact, Millenear, you don't look well yourself! So ... strip down and let me take a look!" He began to drool slightly and lunged for the women.

Remi and Millenear shrieked and jump out of the way, causing Rett to land hard face first on the stone courtyard. "You perv!" Remi yelled. The angry teenager stocked over to him and kicked him hard in the ribs. Millenear ran over to restrain the girl before she, or Rett, got hurt.

Rett groaned and sat up, only to find that Master Tae and Rett's partner, Beryun, had entered and were staring at the scene before them. Tae had a knowing smile on her face, as if she knew what had just happened, which she probably did, and Beryun, well... she just kept her face stotic as usual. He sighed and winced as a sharp pain ran through his side. "Damnit," he muttered.

"What is it?" asked a concerned Millenear. She had finally released the still fuming Remi from her grasp.

"I think the kid broke one of my ribs." He moved a little bit. "Ahh. Make that more than one!" Everyone looked at the girl. Remi just shrugged and said, "He deserves it! C'mon Millenear! We should get going."

Millenear cast a worried glance at both her and Rett but followed the brunette out of Yung Sung Temple and into the City of Hong Kong.

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