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Fallen Angel

Chapter 21

Remi's P.O.V...

Remi opened her eyes slowly, still not ready to get up. It was daytime, but no light penetrated the haven of the overhanging cliff. A cool wind blew over her and her still sleeping companion. She shivered. 'I really need to find my clothes... Now, where...?' She got up and winced. 'Damn, I'm sore...' she thought to herself. Remi groaned and searched along the ground. She found them in a heap a few feet away.

Remi slipped on the dress she had been wearing the night before and glanced back at her companion. She smiled. 'Mother Night and may the Darkness be merciful, he looks so damn innocent when he's sleeping.' But she knew he was far from innocent, especially after last night. She shivered again, and this time it had nothing to do with being cold. 'What happens now, I wonder?' Remi shook her head. 'I need to go for a walk...' And with one more lingering glance at the sleeping vampire, she left the shelter of the cliff.

She wandered aimlessly, not sure what to do. It was still too soon to return to the castle, much as she really didn't want to, plus Desh couldn't come out during the day so, she was at a loss of what to do. Remi continued to walk across the valley, looking for something to help her pass the time.

Busy night, princess?

"AH!" Remi jumped at the dragon's mind-voice. "Dark Moon, don't do that! You scared the daylights out of me!"

So sorry. Remi thought that her friend didn't sound the least bit apologetic. She scowled at the dragon. Answer my question, princess. Did you have fun?

"And why do you want to know?" Remi fought to keep the blush from creeping up her cheeks. Dark Moon chuckled, in a sense anyway.

Just curious. So, you are mated now?

"Um... What do you mean by that exactly? You mean in the dragon sense? Or something else?" She lost the fight against the blush.

In the "dragon sense" as you call it.

"I don't know..." Remi sat down next to the great silvery creature and closed her eyes. "I don't know what last night meant to him... I mean, did it happen only because I'm Lilith's so-called reincarnation? Or was it something different? Was it—"

Do you love him? Dark Moon cut her off.

Remi blinked. "I...I think I do, but I don't know if h—"

Then ask him! You won't know if you don't try!

"B-but what if..."

No excuses! I have never known you to be a coward, so don't start now!

Remi made no reply. She just hung her head and rubbed her temples. 'I guess she's right... I won't know till I ask... I hate it, I absolutely hate it when she's right,' she mentally sighed.

She was nudged sharply by the dragon's head. Remi turned and looked Dark Moon full in the face, right into the dragon's translucent eyes. I think a flight would clear your head more than ambling around on this Darkness-forsaken land. Remi chuckled and stood, spreading her raven's wings wide, feeling the wind caress every feather. Dark Moon watched her as she took off and made for the highest reaches of the peaks surrounding the valley.

Dark Moon's P.O.V...

As soon as the princess had taken off, the dragon called Dark Moon followed suit, but with a different destination. She glided lazily over the shaded ground the princess and the vampire had spent the night in. 'Perhaps I should have a word with him before the princess comes back...' She hovered considering what was best. It was against her very draconic nature to interfere, but for Reminsha...

All the dragons loved her like she was one of their own. None of them could help but feel an attachment to the spirited girl. She fascinated them. Reminsha had never been afraid or awed by them like the other Draconians. Never had she treated them like servants or beasts of burden or gods as some were prone to do. And for this, they all wanted her to be happy. Dark Moon in particular, after all, she had been appointed by the Dragon's Council as the princess's guardian.

'Guardian...' The silver female saw in her mind's eye the raw fear and confusion on Reminsha's face during their recent conversation. Remembered how she had also seen love.

Dark Moon spiraled downward, calling loudly so as to wake up the sleeping man. Vampire! I'll have a word with you! She heard with satisfaction a grunt of surprise and then later slight pain as he hit his head on the overhang. She inched closer, blocking out the sunlight so that she could see him and he her. She observed as he glared at her and that he was in a partial state of undress. Of course, dragons, including herself, didn't understand the need of clothing but...

"What?" the vampire growled. His gaze wandered though, searching.

She's flying. Dark Moon answered before he could ask. His garnet eyes snapped back to her. I told her to go. She needed time to think.

He frowned. "Why?" He rubbed a hand over his eyes. Reminsha had told her once that this was how people "cleared the sleep from their eyes." Dark Moon thought it was a useless gesture.

Why do you think? She doesn't have the answers she needs. She sighed in exasperation. 'Land dwellers can be so slow sometimes.'

"What are you talking about? It's too early for your damn riddles."

Dark Moon attempted a trick that the princess had taught her to control anger. 'One...don't rip his throat out...two... calm...three... Oh, this isn't working!' She flapped her wings in irritation. Fine. I'll get to the point. Do you love her?

He stared at her, stunned she supposed. "W-what?"

You know, love. When two creatures care about each other and--

"I know that! Of course I love her! I don't just sleep with women as a hobby, you know! I'm not Rett!" He was massaging his temples, just like the princess had been doing.

Her curiosity got the better of her. Who is "Rett"?

"A friend..." The man sighed and looked up at her. "She really doesn't think that I don't care about her? I could have sworn I'd told her..."

Just remember to tell her when she comes back, Dark Moon huffed.

"I will."

Good. Dark Moon backed up and prepared to take to the air, pausing just for a moment. Oh and one more thing. If you hurt her in any way, may it be emotionally or physically, know that I will hunt you down and roast you alive, she said sweetly, baring her impressive fangs. With that she left to join the princess and the rest of her dragon kin, allowing the vampire to contemplate what to do next.

Desh's P.O.V...

'It figures, just figures, that she would have huge, powerful creatures just waiting to tear apart anyone who hurts her,' Desh thought tiredly. But even without the dragon's encouragement he wouldn't hurt her. He didn't want to. Desh sighed and settled down to wait, cursing the sun.

Time passed. Slowly. Eventually, he fell asleep again, but it was a light sleep and the slightest sound woke him. Each time he growled in irritation and resisted the urge to try and blow up the sun. Again, sleep came.

The next time Deshwitat woke up, he found Remi kneeling beside him, staring. She blinked and pulled back as he sat up, but didn't say anything.

"I had an interesting conversation with your dragon friend," Desh told her.

He watched as she flushed, a surprised look upon her face. "W-what! What about?" Desh thought she knew exactly what about, but decided to elaborate. He didn't want her to misunderstand anything. Not about this.

"About you. About us. By the way, Dark Moon has very large teeth. Did you know that?" He couldn't help but grin. He continued, "She seemed under the impression that I didn't care about you. That or you didn't think I cared for you." He took a step forward, putting himself right in front of her, forcing her to look up at him while she talked.

"I just... I didn't know, ok? I..."

"What do you mean?" He kept his voice quiet. "Why would you think that I didn't care?" She mumbled something. It was so soft that, even with his vampire hearing, he couldn't make out what she had said. "What?"

"Caring isn't..." She trailed off.

Desh closed his eyes and counted to ten. "You," he said, "are incredibly naive." He reached out and snaked his arm around her waist, pulling her to him. "That is what this is about?" She nodded. He squeezed her tightly. "Idiot..." he whispered into her hair. He pulled away enough to see her face. "You want to hear me say it? Fine." He kissed her and whispered against her lips, "I love you."

"Oh." She wrapped her arms around his neck. "Well in that case..." She kissed him back, lightly. Remi pulled back and looked up at him, then outside. "I guess we should be going. Just hold still so I can do the shadow charm."

She reached out to perform the spell, but he grabbed her wrist, pulling her into him again. He leaned down and whispered in her ear. "I can think of something I'd rather be doing." Desh felt her shiver, he smiled.

"As much as I would love to," she said, a little breathy, "we really should get back before they figure out where we are." She gave him a mischievous smirk. "But maybe later."

"I cant' wait."

A half hour later...

Remi hated waiting. Absolutely loathed it. She rustled her wings impatiently. She made another circuit of the floor. Her aunt had told her to wait for her uncle to calm down, so that they could be civil to one another. 'Fat chance,' she thought sarcastically. Another circuit.

Quite unexpectedly, arms wrapped around her from behind. "Desh, let go," she ordered.

"You're driving me insane. I'm not letting go until you promise to stop pacing. Relax. How bad could it be?" He sounded calm and reasonable. She hated it when he sounded calm and reasonable. It made her want to give in and agree. 'Damn him...'

Out loud she said, "Any time someone says, 'How bad could it be,' it always, always turns out horribly. Now please let go."

"No. Now relax."

She tried to just pull away, but he tightened his grip. "I don't want to relax," she snarled.

"Well maybe I can help," he whispered in her ear. She shivered. 'Every time. Every time he does that I just have to shiver. Now why is that?' He turned her around and gave her a slow, lazy kiss. 'Oh yeah...That's why...' she thought hazily.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" her uncle's voice boomed from behind her.

Her aunt's voice soon followed. "LEAVE THEM ALONE!"

"Um..." Remi said. Desh just stared at the arguing couple. Both winced when her aunt slapped her husband. "Aunt Hakasha?"

"Yes dear?" the queen replied through gritted teeth.

"Does this mean we can leave? We sort of need to get back to the human world." She knew it was a bit abrupt, but she wasn't in the mood for a pleasant conversation.

"Of course, just as long as you both come and visit."

Uncle Tavo was making some odd gurgling noises, but seeing the look that Aunt Kasha gave, Remi reasoned that she probably would do the same. She ran over and hugged them both, saying good-bye.

Remi went back to Desh and grabbed his hand, pulling over to the closest mirror. She laid her hand flat across the surface and shoved her power into it, shaping the portal and focusing on where she wanted to go. "Ready?" she asked Desh. He nodded.

As they fell into the swirling tunnel, she heard her uncle yell, "TAKE CARE OF HER!"

In the Human World...

Eiji watched Millenear dodge another of Asher's strikes. She was getting better. Serry was standing beside him, coaching the priestess from the sidelines. 'I'm bored...' he thought to himself. The ninja let his gaze wander around the room, when he noticed something odd. There seemed to be a tunnel or something forming in the ceiling. "Um...guys?" he called to the others. They ignored him. Rett and Beryun were now having a match. He repeated it again louder, "Guys!" They ignored them again.

He would have tried again if Remi and Deshwitat hadn't fallen out of the swirling cloud and landed on top of Rett. Serry didn't seem all that surprised.

"We're back!" Remi sang out.

"Still working on your landings?" Serry asked. Remi shrugged.

"Would you two get off!" Rett yelled from the ground. Eiji laughed.

"Welcome back," he told them.


They were outside. Remi had wanted to get away from Dom and his inquiry, so she had dragged him out here. Desh watched her from his perch in a tree branch. She still hadn't pulled her wings back. "Anyone ever tell you that you look very angelic?"

She looked up at him. "That is probably the most random thing anyone has ever asked me Desh."

"I'm serious," he said as he jumped down to stand beside her.

"I'm no angel, Desh. The only person who ever believed that was my mom." She sounded sad.

"Really? No one else? I would think the whole having wings thing would raise questions like that."

"They have, and I'm gonna tell you what I told them."

"And what's that?"

"If I am, God's very hard up for finding angels, and that the only kind of angel I'd ever be is a fallen one." 'The funny thing is,' he thought, 'she's right, about the fallen thing, anyway.' It didn't matter though. After all, he did love her and he hugged her to say as much.

"It's later," he stated.

She looked at him, confused. "What are you talking about?"

"Back in the valley, you said 'later.' Well, it's later." By now, he was grinning widely.

"Wha—Oh!" She let out a small gasp as he kissed her neck.


'I'm getting sick of people doing that,' Desh thought darkly. He turned and found Rett standing behind them. His long time friend was staring, forlorn, at Remi saying, "You would go out with a vampire, but not with me? What's he got that I don't?"

Remi just looked at Rett, then back to him. Then back to Rett...and back to him. "I don't kiss and tell, Rett." She had a look of pure feminine satisfaction on her face. "Desh?"


"Ready to go?"

"Whenever." As soon as he said it, he felt the winds wrap around him and lift them both into the air. He didn't know where they were going, but where ever it was, it was fine with him. Desh wasn't sure what would happen when they found Kal, but he could deal with it. Why? Because he had his angel with him. A fallen one, granted, but she was his fallen angel. 'Besides,' he thought as they sailed over New York City, 'vampires don't mix with pure angels. But fallen ones...' He looked over at Remi. 'Fallen ones suit us just fine.'


Dragons mate for life.