A/N: not betaread, just a little ficlet I wrote yesterday in one of my lectures. Hope you enjoy.
The Sweetest Thing
Brown, but not muddy. A deep brown.
Sweet. A craving for, a lust for.
Can't take his eyes off, following the movement.
Getting closer, coming over to him.
Right there next to him.
But out of reach, so to say, not his.
Forbidden. Eyes twitching nervously, an unfortunate anticipation for something he can't have.

"Rodney, are you okay?" she asked concerned, as she settled into her place sat by his side.
Mouth dry, words forced out and fighting his brain for what to say.
He settled on the short line of "Fine, absolutely fine."

There was a hesistation, silence, and a glint of understanding in her eyes as she looked to him.
And then she did something unexpected.
He nearly choked as she almost purred his name before continuing in a low voice.
"...I think I know what you want."
And then the surrealness escalated: Elizabeth Weir winked at him!

Then she was eyes on her food, talking under her breath - hushed and secretive.
"Did you want some of my chocolate?"
It was the last bar of chocolate in the whole galaxy quite possibly.
And she reached out placing a few lumps in his open hand, fingers wrapping round his own and closing his hand tight around them.
"Our little secret." she said giving him a small delightful smile like she sometimes did.
Just between them.

Heaven he thought as he scoffed a piece, popping it in his mouth when no one was watching, except for her. She gave him another smile as she glanced up.
He was in heaven; twice over.