Disclaimer: Hellsing belongs to Kouta Hirano.

Authors' Notes: Co-written fic with Verdandi24. First chapter is by Verdandi24, second one by Thess. Several couples subtext warning and Dracula references.


Chapter One

- The Transfer

Walter knew that Integra was upset the moment she strode in. "Alucard has something you should take care of," was all that she said as she passed the elderly retainer. She stormed up to her study and slammed the door shut behind her. Walter was still looking when the deep rumble of Alucard's voice interrupted him.

"Walter." The vampire was carrying a bundle, bridal style. Blonde hair peeked out from the top, and Walter wondered why Alucard wanted him to look after a human. They had professionals in the mansion for this sort of thing, but normally humans were not brought to the Hellsing compound. Alucard ignored the butlers questioning stare and strode down to the lab, where he laid the blanket-covered figure down. "See to it that she is taken care of." Alucard vanished.

Walter drew the blanket away from the face of the figure and was confronted with a lovely young girl. Moving the blanket further away, he saw the burnt hole in the left breast of her police uniform, and the healed flesh that was underneath. Walter turned her head to the side and saw the twin puncture wounds on the side of her neck.

Alucard, what have you done?

There was no questioning the vampire's motives, but Walter felt doubts of the intention nibbling at the back of his mind. The retainer moved to the storage unit for blood packets. Turning a human into a ghoul was one thing. Turning a human into a vampire left the fledgling weak and disoriented. The wound on her neck would not heal properly if she wasn't given blood. Unsure of himself, he moved back to where the girl lay. Lifting her head up gently, he nipped the tab off of the bag and placed it into her mouth, squeezing it so that the red fluid would enter her mouth.

As expected, she drank from the bag, pure instinct. He watched her slender throat work as she drank greedily. When the bag was empty, he tossed it to one side so that he could examine her further. The twin puncture wounds on her neck had healed, leaving behind two small scars. The pale flesh under the hole in her uniform had healed, but he blushed and moved the shirt a little so that she wasn't so exposed.

He moved a lamp over the girl, who sighed softly and stirred. Her eyes fluttered for a moment, then opened fully. She turned her face away from the light as if it hurt her, and Walter was not surprised. What surprised him was that her eyes were the same shade of Integra's. She blinked a few times, seemingly confused by her new surroundings. Her tongue flicked out, her eyes wondering at the taste that resided in her mouth. Slowly she raised her head up, her eyes taking in the unfamiliar surroundings. Her gaze settled on Walter.

"Good evening, Miss. How do you feel?"

The girl laid her head back down, turning away from the light. "Horrible. Where am I?" Her voice was little more than a whisper. She shot up suddenly, almost cracking her head on the lamp, but Walter moved it quickly out of the way. "My team…I have to call back to headquarters." She flung her legs out to stand, and collapsed on the floor. Walter quickly came to her assistance, helping her back onto the bed. She leaned heavily on his arm.

"You need some rest, Miss…" his eyes flicked over to her name badge. "Victoria." She didn't offer any resistance as she lay back down, covering her hand over her eyes.

"We were sent to investigate a killer…" She brought her hand away. "I was shot." She looked down at the hole in her uniform. "I was shot…and there was this man…" Her eyes widened. "I'm not crazy…he asked me if…" Walter had to push her back down. She looked up wildly at him. "He asked me what I would do…but…"

The phone in the lab rang. "Just rest here for a while." Officer Victoria still looked alarmed, but stayed where she was.

Picking it up, he listened to Integra as she ordered him to find the files dealing with the policewoman. Acknowledging her, he hung up and made his way to the computer and logged on, using his skills to find the files on Officer Victoria. His eyes flickered over the files as he printed them out. A history of violent behaviour in her past, her parents murdered, as a result, she was sent to an orphanage. She became a police officer when she was nineteen.

"What happened to my men?" She choked out behind him. Before he could answer, Alucard appeared.

"I'll take her to her new quarters, if she has been taken care of." Walter turned to the table where Seras lay. Her eyes were brimming with tears, but she wasn't letting them spill over, yet.

"My men…I have to report back to headquarters."

Alucard answered the question that she had been trying to ask Walter. "Your men are all dead. I'll take you to your room now." Lifting her up, he strode out of the lab. Walter heard a cry of anguish follow the two.

Looking down at the report, he slowly made his way to Integra's office. He would make sure that he looked after Seras. Someone that innocent would need a shoulder to cry on. He gritted his teeth as he walked up the stairs. He still heard the same question he asked himself when he had first seen her.

Alucard, what have you done?