Be weary of the following passage. It has a R rateing for a reason.

"Ehhh, another mind numbing day of patrolling." He thought to himself

The armed dark knight paced the fields of Ronfaure Forest.

"I was told there should be a caravan of people coming in from Selbina. I wonder where they could be."

He started walking back to the gates of Northern Sandoria. Along his way an orc was walking to him. He looked at it and stopped in his tracks. The dark knights eyes widened in horror at it. Within its grasp the creature held a humans arm. A face spattered in blood it was chewing in the arm.

"What the fuck…" He said

He drew his scythe and swung, it connected with its flesh tearing. It dug into its bones; a serrated edge sawed the bones and chewed through its organs. Blood spurted out in gushes.

"No, it attacked someone."

He ran to the orcs out post just outside of Sandoria. He ran in hoping to see some one still alive. But he wasn't so fortunate. There was the caravan. The people the chocobos and what ever they had with them. But the people were not people anymore. Pieces were strewn all over the area. There was a pike with a female Elvaan stuck on the end, blood collecting in a pool at the base. Her lifeless eyes stared into his. Her spine could be seen protruding through the skin. The metal pole punctured fight through it and exited through one of her lungs. From her torn clothes and bruised skin he could tell she was not dead when they put her up there.

He walked in with his bleeding scythe.

All around him there were bodies. He did all he could to not fall over and vomit. The bile was in the back of his throat. There were screams. Some one was still alive. He ran forward passed trees then into a large open area closed off by a fence. He dropped his scythe. There was a body being dug into by two orcs. Their hands were in a humes chest picking through its insides. Off in the back there were the women of the group. A mithra was being dragged off to a hut. It kicked and bit at the orc. It roared at the mithra and grabbed its jaw. With a quick snap it broke. She screamed in complete agony as her lower jaw snapped and dropped.

He picked up his weapon and began to walk.

Another female was picked up and dragged off.

He ran. In a blind furry he did not control his movements. The blood of the orcs soon covered the blood that covered the ground from the travelers. The dark knight was dripping in blood. He ran to the huts to witness acts of unfathomable evil. He swung his scythe down catching the orc in the skull, it stuck in. Leaving it he ran to the next to see the same things of not worse. He grabbed the orcs and threw them out of their huts. Throwing them to the ground he beat them until they stopped moving. Pulling the orcs bodies into the center of the outpost he went back to the living travelers. Only three female Elvaans were left untouched. They were tied to a post. Untying them he went back to the ones still in the huts. They were crying in total misery. Until he went back to the orc who had his scythe still in its head. Forcing it out the mithra was crying in pain and sadness. He knelt down next to her. Her gurgled cries could not be made out through her broken jaw. She looked at him and pleaded for him to end her suffering. Standing up he held his scythe to her neck. She closed her eyes and nodded. A swift thrust, her body jolted and she lied motionless.

He walked back out with the remaining women. Taking the bodies he pulled together all the sticks he could and started a fire. It burned, all the flesh and bones created a putrid stench. He turned and walked back to Sandoria.

"What in the name that is all sane happened?"

Going back to his post he brought the survivors to the gate guards. He walked back to his house in a daze.

"In all my life I never saw such a horrible deed."

"Your telling me this all happened?" Zanu said

"Yes." Andrew spoke sullenly. "I can't get the images out of my mind."

As he finished speaking he drank another ale.

"You should be careful. You drink to many of those and you'll be in some pain tomorrow." Zanu said

"I have images… I want them out of my head." Andrew spoke

He drank another and got up. Wielding his scythe he walked out of the bar.

"Where are you going?" Zanu asked

"Away from here. I need to stop thinking." Andrew said

The Hume Dark Knight left. Zanu a tall Elvaan thought and left after him. Outside he staggered down the street looking at dark houses. The thoughts flashed through his mind. He grabbed his head in pain.

"Why wont they go away?"

Off down an alley way there was a female Elvaan walking home. She walked out and past Andrew. She looked at him.

"Hey honey. You look like you need some company tonight."

He looks at her with a grim face.

"Do yourself a favor and go home." He said

"Fine I'm sure there are other people who would find my company more useful." She said and walked away.

Andrew thought to himself. "Why did I turn that down? Hell I know I haven't gotten laid in years. The last time was the mithra in Jeuno."

He turns to see her walk into another alley. Zanu was running to him trying to get his attention. But something else did. He heard a feint cry from a woman. He pulled out his scythe and motioned to Zanu. Creeping up he heard voices.

"Heh, bitch you like selling yourself? How bout you give me one on the house."

"No, leave me…" She tried to say more but it was muffled followed by screams.

He ran.

A quick slice and blood covered the wall. Andrew lowered his weapon and walked away. Out of the alley stepped dragging his scythe.

"Why is this happening?"

His mind collapsed on its self.

"I know evil things happen but this is just madness." Andrew said to himself

"Maybe it is you who is going mad?"

"Who said that?" Andrew yelled

"Just a watchful eye."

"Where are you? Come out show yourself."

A small voice them came calling out to him.

"And… ndr… ke… upp… WAKE UP!" Zanu yelled

Andrew jostled wake.

"What?" He asked

"Where did you go last night?" Zanu asked

Andrew groggily walked to the bathroom and washed his face.

"I don't know. I really don't know." Andrew said

He tried to remember what happened the previous night but couldn't remember.

"What the hell did happen last night?" He asked himself

"I don't know about you man. Ever since you started up with this new knight job you haven't been the same."

"He was right. That Galka said the road of a Dark Knight was that of misery and despair. But I never thought this would happen." Andrew thought to himself

"So shall we go get breakfast?" Zanu asked

"How about we get out of this town. I could use some time away." Andrew said

"That sounds like a plan." Zanu spoke

"Why run?"

Andrew whipped around at Zanu.

"Did you say something?"

"No, why?" He asked

"No never mind."

After they acquired breakfast the two left Sandoria. Over the hills they went to the fishing town of Jeuno. Arriving Zanu whistled to himself.

"Ya know last time I was here there weren't this many chicks around. Think any of those mithra are in heat?" Zanu joked at Andrew

"Yeah you have fun with them. I'm going to look for the next departure to Kazham." Andrew answered

"Oh now your talking. The hotter the area the less the girls will be wearing. You haven't changed that much after all."

"Stop thinking with your dick for five minutes man." Andrew yelled at Zanu

Andrew left for the port while Zanu was left to flirt with the crowd. He was right though. There were a lot of women out today. More than he had seen in one place before.

"I haven't seen this much tail since I was in Windurst." He said to himself

Walking by he saw the information for the flights.

"One in the next half hour. Better find that horn dog before he gets too distracted."

"Hey Andrew!" A voice came from behind him

Looking around he saw Zanu standing with two mithra women. They were dressed in white mage robes.

"I found two lovely ladies who were looking for someone to show them around Kazham."

Andrew just walked off to the docks and waited for the ship to arrive.

"Stop fooling yourself. You know you wanted those girls as much as any other man."

"Maybe because you do something you shouldn't do. Or is it because you might like it?"

He stood up and called out.

"Who is there?"

"Just that watchful eye."

"Where are you? Why do you keep following me?"

"So quick to anger and forceful with so many questions. You have too much blood on your hands. You're trying to clean it off by being an outstanding citizen and helping others and being a gentleman. But I think you like keeping yourself dirty. The smell of blood makes you excited doesn't it?"

"What the fuck are you?" Andrew was screaming

Everyone around him looked at him and backed away. Zanu came down with the two mages.

"Hey man you alright? I could hear you yelling from lower Jeuno." Zanu said

Andrew sighed and sat back down. Zanu whispered something in the ear of one of the mithra. She walked up to him and put her hands on his neck.

"You are too tense. You should loosen up." She said

She started to rub his neck gently.

"You don't have to do that."

"Your friend says that you're a Dark Knight. He also said that you saved a bunch of people yesterday."

He leaned back and looked at her face. He saw a beautiful mithra. He eyes were a vibrant color of green. She blinked at her and smiled.

"Maybe I should loosen up." He said

The airship arrived and they all got on. In separate rooms they stayed while on the ride.

"Two hours until we arrive. What to do until then?" He asked

Andrew looked over to the mithra sitting next to him. She glanced back with an amorous look on her face.

"Maybe we can think of something with out your heavy armor on." She said back

Andrew got up and stepped to the other side of the cabin.

"How about I go find some food or drink. I haven't had anything all day. You need anything while I'm out?"

She looked at him disappointed. He walked outside and closed the door. He leaned against the wall and sighed.

"Just what am I doing?" He asked himself

Andrew walked to the deck and looked out to the scene.

"I could drop this scythe right now and end it all." He said to himself

"But you're not strong enough to do that are you?"

"Why won't you shut up?" Andrew asks

"I can't leave you alone. You're hiding your true self from the world. Show them what you really are!"

A sound was resonating through his head. It grew louder. The sound was so strong it downed out everything else. He dropped to his knees. Holding his ears he was screaming. Trying to make anything that would mask the sound in his head. He couldn't hear his voice or the rest of people around him.

"I'll tell you what will make the noise go away."

"What! What is it?" Andrew was screaming.

"Save them."

Andrew opened his eyes to see monsters chasing all of the people on the airship. He picked up his scythe and went to work killing all the demons. Slashed went everywhere, blood soon covered the ships deck. Killing the demons he rested his weapon on the ground. The bodies of demons lie everywhere. But the sound was still there.

"Why is it still ringing? Why won't the pain go away?" Andrew asked

"Because there are still monsters left."

He picked up his scythe and ran to the cabins below. Andrew rushed through the rooms slaughtering all of the demons. Where ever there were passengers there were demons attacking them. He ran to the cockpit. Running in he saw two demons at the helm. He raised his scythe to strike but was pulled back.

Zanu pulled him out of the room and knocked him down.

"Andrew, what the fuck are you doing?"

Andrew looked up at him. His eyes did not look right. They weren't normal. A pitch-black ball replaced his eyes.

"What the hell is going on?" Zanu asked

He took Andrew's weapon from him and backed away. He was on the ground in pain. He started screaming again. Looking up he saw a demon holding his scythe.

"You bastard!" Andrew yelled

He kicked the demons legs out from under him. Taking his weapon back he held it over its neck ready to lob its head off. A crash and he was on his back. The ship had just landed. He got back up and ran off. Out of the ship he ran wielding his scythe. He saw demons everywhere. He raised his scythe and was hit in the head. Turning around there was another demon. He was standing with his hands up throwing punches at him. With a quick strike Andrew sliced his weapon across its chest and ran off.

Zanu fell over with a deep bleeding gash in his chest.

"What the fuck Andrew? What are you doing?"

Running to the city Andrew killed all of the demons there. Once he finished in rushed to the jungle and ran south.

Zanu was bleeding on the floor. Then came a light cold touch to his body. The wound was sealing up and he was fine again.

"Are you alright?" a sweet female voice quietly spoke

Zanu looked up. "I'm fine now."

Hopping up he looked at the destruction all around him. The airship was empty of all life. All the passengers were killed in horrible fashions. The people of Kazham were all dead. The blood of all the citizens seeped down and into the water.

"What made Andrew do all of this?" Zanu said

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