This story has a R rateing for a reason. Exlipit violence and language.

Zanu was looking around for any survivors left in Kazham. No one was left alive. Each person was brutally murdered. Slashes covered everyone's bodies. And for as many open bodies there were the amount of blood was surprisingly low.

"What the hell was Andrew thinking when he did this?" Zanu said

The mithra that was with him was the only one left alive. She was crying into her hands. Zanu walked to her and kneeled down to her. Trying to comfort her she spoke in sobs and anger.

"That son of a bitch… he kill… killed… my best friend. I'll fucking skin him alive." She said

Zanu was thinking about what had happened to him. Andrew hadn't been acting normally. And when he saw his eyes. Those evil black eyes, he was afraid of what Andrew had become.

"We should go find him now. He can't get very far in this place." Zanu said

The two got up and headed to the chocobo stables.

"Good thing he didn't decide to kill the chocobo's too." Zanu said

The two got a chocobo and took off. Through the jungle they traveled. It wasn't very hard to find a way to follow Andrew. A trail of blood and destruction paved a path in the earth.

Andrew had been running.

"Heh heh heh… those demons thought they could stop me. They killed so many people and my friend. I won't let a single one live." He said in a cracking voice.

The sound had been dimming. Ever since he killed all the monsters in Kazham the sound subsided. He left for the south. He could hear them calling to him. Taunting him from afar. Some smaller demons were trying to deter him from a larger prize. They paid dearly for the mistake of getting in his way.

"Yes. They are calling to you. Don't stop, keep going. They have so many people hostage. You want to be the hero don't you?" A voice kept egging him on

Andrew took his scythe and started swinging in front of him cutting a way for him to travel faster. Over a few hills and more demons he came to a clearing. There was a waterfall coming down.

"Behind all the water lies a city of demons. Go there and slay them all before the desecrate more innocent lives." It talked again

"Yes, I must save all the people in the world. The demons are overwhelming the people of this land." Andrew said

He rushed in running through halls. He found a dank cave. Running he wasn't tired at all. With each demon he killed he seemed to regain strength and grew stronger from it. At last he arrived at a gate. Running in there were demons loitering around mocking him. Some had the gull to ask him if he needed help. He was the first to go.

Zanu and the mithra rode fast through the jungle. The found the end of the path that Andrew created.

"This can't possibly be any good." Zanu said

"Why?" The mithra asked

"He is going towards Norg, if he isn't there already."

The two moved quickly to the cave entrance to Norg. Another trail was strewn on the walls. The two stopped when they came to the entrance. A skinned being was hanging from the top of the pathway. Written in blood was a message warding everyone away.


"This isn't sane any more. This isn't Andrew anymore." Zanu spoke

He stepped forward into a puddle. Looking down there was a steady stream of black liquid flowing down the tunnel from Norg.

Quickly he runs in. There wasn't a single place to look that was pleasant to look at.

"My god… ANDREW GET OUT HERE!" he yelled

"What is that calling me?" Andrew thought.

He was holding down a demon with his hands.

"Odd, I don't ever remember myself being this strong. Oh well… this makes it much better to destroy the demons of this world." He said

He got up and the demon was able to escape from his grasp. He let it run. It wasn't like it would get very far. He just walked to it as it screamed running away. It ran to the entrance but the ringing came again.

"Blasted demons. I thought after seeing the sign I put out it would keep them all away."

He walked down to see the one demon running to two more figures standing by the entrance. He threw his scythe.

"Please! Some one help me! He fucking crazy!" She yelled

But it was all she was ever going to say. Approaching Zanu and the mithra she stopped. A long black curved blade was protruding through her chest. She wasn't bleeding. Her body looked white and tired.

"What is happening t her?" The mithra spoke

The girl fell over with a large black scythe in her back. A black liquid seeped out of her body and flowed downhill. There was Andrew looking down at them from a balcony.

Two demons. Mocking him. One was yelling at him. There was one with a tail that ran in front of the other and well cursing at him. Pointing its hand at him threatening him.

"Foolish demons what do they plan on accomplishing while I'm here?" He slowly walked down the steps. "What do you two plan to do here? Kill me and stop the death of your demon brethren?"

"What the fuck are you talking about? You just killed dozens of innocent people. You sick bastard!" She yelled at Andrew

"Simple demons. Think you can shroud yourselves in human skin. Hiding in the shadow of these people. I shall judge you all and bring down the pain you have caused to so many people." Andrew said

She lost it. Wielding only a hammer she ran at him. Swinging in high she came down on him with her weapon. A hand went in and out. There was Andrew with a hand in a demon wielding a hammer.

"What do you think your doing?" He asked it

Lowering his arm he pushed the demon off of it. Lying in the ground he placed a hand on the exit wound. Reaching in he found a bone.

"Here is what I need." He spoke

He grabbed hold of the demons spine and pulled. Ripping skin he pried the spine out of the demons back. It was screaming in agony. But he would not kill it just yet.

"Fell the pain you have caused to so many people." He said

The mithra was in unbearable pain. He tore the flesh and muscle from her back to get at her bones. She couldn't even think. It was just pure pain, until a snap and she thought no more.

Andrew ripped the spine out from its brain stem.

"There. That should be more than enough to build a trophy for my work."

He looked up and his vision was blurry. Blinking he could see Zanu before him.

"Hey there. Welcome. I just finished up taking care of all the demons here."

Zanu looked at him and threw a punch. Landing directly on his face he was sent flying backwards.

"Just what the hell do you think your doing?" Zanu was yelling at him

"I am cleaning the world of all these demons."

"What demons? You have been killing people!"

Andrew got to his feat and looked around. He dropped the mithran spine as he saw the destruction around him.

He saw the woman with his scythe in her back to the skinned people heaped all on the floor.

"No. no… there were demons everywhere attacking the people here. I was protecting them." Andrew said

Dropping to his knees a wave of shock passed over him.

"I killed so many demons… no… I killed so many people. What have I been doing?" He said

"Yes what are you doing?" A voice called to him

"I have been killing so many people."

"Those weren't people. They were demons in disguise."

"No. No they weren't. You have been deceiving me."

"Don't talk back to me. I control you now. You have no choice but to answer to me."

Andrew was screaming at himself. So loud it echoed through the caverns and to the hills outside.

"Wake up boy!" A large Gala spoke while shaking him. "Stop the dreams. Don't give in to it."

Andrew woke up in a house in Baste.

"What the hell is happening?"

"I was afraid this would happen. Some people cannot handle the darkness that comes with this weapon. You will have to stay here until it goes away."

Andrew got up and sat down at a table next to the bed.

"It was so real. I could see them around me. I could feel the blood covering me." Andrew said

"It will pass. Don't give in or it will consume you."

Andrew closed his eyes for a few seconds.

They opened.

Two black orbs were his eyes.

"You know what to do."

He smiled.

"Yes. Yes… I…. do…"

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