Another Lover

Chapter One: The Mission

"Man, it's cold out here." Tails said. He was at a bus station finally going home, to Knothole. 'It has been so long since I've been here. I wonder if the others would be happy to see me." Tails thought. As he got onto the bus, he wondered what was the reason he left his home. He remembered the day he left so clearly. He couldn't tell anyone and he had made his mind that he could never come back. The war had actually gotten to him and he couldn't take in anymore. But in two years, he was finally coming back. As the bus kept going, he looked out of the window. He saw a playground full of children playing. He remembered that it was the same playground that he used to play in when he was young.

The bus stopped and he walked off of it. Tails sighed, "Here I go." he said and walked into the forest. He arrived in front of the Knothole entrance and he was stopped by a sword. "Report your name." a guard demanded "Miles Tails Prower." the young fox said. The guard put down his sword in disbelief. "Tails… you're back." the guard whispered. "C'mon, I'll take you to the Queen." the guard said. He opened the secret entrance and they walked inside. They continued on until they made it to the Queen's hut.

"Your Majesty, someone is here to see you." the guard said. Sally walked to the door and looked at the guest. "Guard, you may leave to your duties." Sally said. "Yes, your Majesty." The guard replied and left. It was few moments of silence as the two stared at each other. "It's funny what time can do to a person. Come on, I'll have a party thrown right away." Sally said and grabbed Tails and took him to the ballroom. Everyone had found out about Tails' return and gave cheers to him. "Wow, you're actually back." Amy said. "Where did you go?" villagers asked. "Around." Tails said.

A month after Tails' return, he felt accepted again. For two years he felt emptiness, but he came back and he felt better. Tails left out of his hut to go see his pal Sonic. But the only thing he didn't like about coming back was that everyone had a mate. Well, almost everybody, except Amy. But the thought always crossed his mind about going with her. He never believed in inter-species. Unlucky for him, it was about to become mating season. He was old enough to find a special girl to mate with, but there was the problem that everyone was older than him, not to mention he was the only fox in Knothole.

He walked towards the Royal Hut and asked if Sonic was there. "Yes, hold on." a servant said and left to go get him. Tails chuckled to himself. He had always wondered how his friend would act if he was treated like a king. When Sonic went to the door, he had a red robe with jewels in it. "Hey little bud, what's up?" Sonic asked. "Nothing much, I just wanted to ask about going on missions again. I miss going against Robuttnik." Tails said. "I don't know. While you were gone, things have changed, a lot." Sonic said.

"Right, I understand." Tails muttered, putting his head down. But, as he expected, Sonic quickly changed his mind. "But as a Freedom Fighter you can do one mission." Sonic said, trying not to be guilty. 'Just as gullible as you used to be.' Tails thought, snickering to himself. Tails put on a straight face and looked at his pal. "So when can I go on this mission?" Tails asked.

Few hours later…

"Me and my big mouth." Tails said. Tails had been briefed on what he was supposed to do and was dropped off. Sonic was right, things have changed. Usually, a mission would be to go and distract Robotnick's squads of robots, while another group would go and take them out. But the war had become even more complicated to even understand. Not even Sonic could win this war overnight. Tails' mission was supposed to be simple. Sneak into one of Robotnick's compounds and turn off all the main power switches and the emergency power. He flew over the compound and landed onto the roof. He kicked one of the shutters and slid down into the control panel room. He tiptoed to the controls and was about to cut the power off, when he heard an evil laugh behind him. Tails turned around and saw the demented doctor himself. "Hello Tails, I've been expecting you." Robotnik said. Tails growled, "How did you know?" he asked. "Dear friend, I am a genius, what do you expect?" Robotnik asked.

"Now Tails, you have two choices, give me the coordinates of Knothole, or be roboticized." Robotnik said. "I'm not going to tell you. You're too stupid to check Mobius yourself, then you don't need the coordinates." Tails said. "Have it your way, fox." Robotnik said and flipped a switch. Tails raised an eyebrow before a huge claw swiped down from the ceiling and hit the ground with extreme force. Dust came from the floor when the claw hit and blurred Robotnik's vision. When the dust cleared, he didn't see Tails between the fingers of the claw. "Where is he?" he asked. "C'mon, fat face, I'm faster than you think." Tails said, leaning against a wall. "I'll show you." Robotnik yelled and fired at Tails. He quickly dodged and moved to the control panel. He almost made it when he was shot in the back. Tails was knocked out cold and he fell to the floor. "You're lucky I don't want to kill you." Robotnik said.

He dragged the fox's body into a cell and threw him in. He had a mischievous smile on his face. "I have something special planned for you. You wait and see." Robotnik said. He left the prison room for the young fox to have a dreamless sleep.

To Be Continued