Chapter 31: As The Sun Rises

The gang had celebrated Rya's victory that night to the full extent. When the party was over, Yami and Rya had slept in each other's arms, not wanting to let go of the other.

Yami tossed and turned a little, opening his eyes to realize that Rya was no longer there. "Rya?" he called out, wiping his eyes. He looked at the clock to see that it was 5:30 in the morning, and the sun had yet to rise. "Rya, where are you?" he called out again as he got out of the bed and started looking around the room, with Rya nowhere to be found. Yami was getting confused and a little worried, when he felt a cool breeze. He turned to see the balcony doors open, when he was sure he had closed them. Yami walked out onto the balcony, just in time to see an interesting sight. Rya was just done climbing down the balcony. "Rya!" he said. Rya looked up with a smile and simply giggled. She ran off into the night, as Yami couldn't help but laugh also. "Where are you going?"

"Come and find out!" Rya laughed as she continued running. Yami quickly grabbed some shoes, a small box and headed down the balcony to follow her. After a while, Yami had lost sight of her, wondering where she could've gone. When he saw where he was, he could see the beach not too far away.

So that's where she's headed, he smirked and ran towards the beach. His feet had reached the sand as he looked on the beach to find Rya. Maybe she wasn't coming here, he thought as he noticed that she wasn't there. However a voice seemed to start ringing in his head. Great, now I'm hearing things from lack of sleep, he thought. After a while, Yami realized that the voice was singing. It was beautiful. Yami looked up to see a young woman on the ledge where he had fallen the day he met Rya. She was the one singing, and the song sounded very familiar. Yami quickly ran to the ledge to see if it truly was Rya. As he got closer, he could hear the words much more clearly.

You're gonna fly,

With every dream you chase.

You're gonna cry,

But know that that's okay.

Sometimes life's not fair,

But if you hang in there.

You're gonna see,

That sometimes bad is good.

We just have to believe,

Things work out like they should.

Life has no guarantees,

But always loved by me,

You're gonna be.

Yami finally reached the top, gasping at the breathtaking sight before him. Rya was standing beneath the fading moonlight. Her voice was drifting on the wind into the water, where a few stars still shined. But it was her that truly surprised him. He didn't notice when he first saw her running away, she was wearing a beautiful white dress. It was strapless, with sparkles all over it, glistening with every move she would make. It flowed around her, like what a princess would wear. She slowly turned, still singing as she walked towards him.

Rya took his hands into hers and pulled him out there with her. She placed both his hands on her waist, and wrapped her own around his neck. Without speaking, they both danced, her eyes sparkling brighter than her dress. It seemed like forever that they danced, before Rya stopped.

"I want to give you something," she said as she reached into a hidden pocket of her dress and pulled out her little surprise. Yami was surprised to see two chains, both with a charm on them. As he took one, it read "Always Loved By Me" in beautiful letters. The other charm read "You're Gonna Be". "Do you like it?" she asked.

"Rya I...don't know what to say," Yami smiled as he placed one around his neck. He took the other one out of Rya's hand and put it around hers. "You know, there's something I bet would go wonderful with that necklace." he whispered as he pulled something out of his own pocket. As soon as he opened it, it was Rya's turn to be speechless.

"Yami! How did you–" Rya gasped.

"Let's just say, Mokuba can't keep a secret. Especially from Kaiba," he chuckled as he pulled out Rya's pendant. "Mokuba said how you gave it up to get this for me. But I didn't want to you give it up that way."

Rya was now crying tears of happiness, as she pressed the pendant to her heart. "I can't thank you enough Yami. But in all honesty, I don't feel I need it anymore." she said. Yami was a bit confused as Rya knelt beside him, placing the pendant on the ground. With a rock, she pounded it into a fine dust, and placed it in her hands. "You complete me enough to leave everything from the ocean, like my past, in the ocean, where it belongs." she smiled. Yami smiled in return, as she turned to face the sea, a cool breeze blowing from behind them. Rya released the dust, and watched it fly away on the wind, just as the sun started to rise. The dust glistened beautifully as it traveled into the sky.

Rya turned to face Yami as he wrapped his arms around her waist and smiled. "You're my treasure from the ocean, Rya. I love you."

"I love you too Yami. Thank you for finding me," she said. Their lips met sweetly, with the sun rising behind them. Both making a promise on this very sunrise, that they would never part, ever.


A/N: Well, there it is everyone! The end of "My Treasure From The Ocean". It's sad that I have to end it, but I must. This is the second story I've completed on this site, and it's still weird, lol. To all my reviewers and readers, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time to check out my story. It truly means a lot to me. With that my friends, I bid you farewell, until we meet again. :)