Hey guys I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Thanks to everyone who reviewed me past stories! Yes this is yet another 'Lost' fic from me, this one combines lost and Lord of the Rings, kinda. I must admit this story is VERY weird, I write this when I'm bored. I doubt I will ever finish it, but I might if I get a lot of reviews (hint hint)

Anyway, lets get this first chap. Started! Warning it will be short, I think….. yeah……

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Charlie sat with his back against a large tree, staring into more trees. It was mid-day, and even with the protective tree canopy it was hotter than Hell, Texas. He was alone, Claire had gone off to have some "girl time" with Kate and Shannon; and Jack and co. had gone off to play some golf. A game which he had tired of since he had played like million rounds yesterday.

"Ugh! I'm so bloody bored!" Charlie whined banging the back of his head against the tree. Besides hurting his head, this also caused the tree to shake, which it was quite alarming, since it was a very large tree.

"I might not be a doctor," a familiar voice said from behind. Charlie turned around to see the face of Saiyd ( I hope I spelled his name right, if not please inform me, thank you), "but I do not think that is very good for your head, or the tree," he added.

Charlie leaned back against the tree, "Sorry man I just can't help it…..," he said. Suddenly his eyes widened and he ran up next to Saiyd, as fast as a half-crazed man eating weasel (1). Saiyd almost fell down from the sudden burst of energy Charlie had just released. He watched in horror as Charlie was jumping up and down in front of him with a smile on his face, like a happy school girl that just got her first boyfriend.

As he was about to run away, Charlie burst out, "HEYDOYOUTHINKWECANDOSOMTHINGTOGETHER!"

Saiyd, not having the slightest idea of what he just heard, was backing away slowly. "Ummmm….. I think I hear my……mother calling me!" he explained as he ran off as fast as he could into the woods.

"Oh, ok," sighed Charlie, "hey wait……."

Meanwhile Saiyd is still running violently through the woods, when he ran straight into an unseen tree.

Anyway back at the caves, Charlie was laying on his back trying to think of something to do. "I guess I'll just go take a nap….," he slowly got up and walked into his little cave, pretending to open and close a door as he walked through the entrance. He laid down on the cold wet ground and closed his eyes.

Suddenly he heard a loud crash and a scream that sounded somewhat like a large constipated monkey. "Bloody teenagers," he screamed getting up to find the source of the noise, "Oh no! I'm becoming my dad!" After banging his head against the cave wall a number of times, he resumed his quest to figure out what happened. "Ah that's better, now I'll go see what that noise was," he said whipping the blood out of his eye.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed the first chap, yes I know it stinks but maybe it will get better, maybe……..

A/N: (1) got it from a Weird Al song

I'm sooooooo happy just a few more minutes till lost!

I was reading a magazine, and it said Jack and Sawyer had a pre-crash connection, here is what I think………

I think Sawyer used to be a girl, and Jack did surgery on him and sawyer became a guy, so sawyer is falling in love with Kate and so she doesn't find out that he used to be a girl, he has to kill the only one who knows, Jack.

Forgive me, to all that are offended (particularly Sawyer fans)

I love sawyer too! So don't be mad I was just having fun!


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