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It's not a PotO meets YGO cast thing. It's sort of the YGO cast takes the roles of certain PotO characters in the story. Such as this chapter, you can tell that Ryou is obviously in the position that Christine is in. Madame Giry's descendant is just a random character I put in there for fun, in case I ran out of filler ideas, and perhaps a descendant of Charles De Chagny might come too…XD

The PotO part is based on the musical, so you have to be really familiar with the songs to get some of the chapters. There will be eventual lime and lemon, but heck, this is more …mystery and romance than anything else, so bear with me here! (beams) Some parts are also based on Susan Kay's version of "Phantom", simply because I hate Gaston Lereaux's version. He makes Erik too insane for my liking, whereas Susan Kay actually goes into his POV and explains to us his life. (beams and huggles Erik-kun)

Okay, pairings?

Ryou x Bakura, Ryou x Yami no Malik (Marik) , Bakura x Malik and Thief Bakura x Malik. (exhales) Woo…

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Chapter One: Guardian Angel

Ryou POV

I used to be a fonder of tales, as was my father. He used to sit by my bed after my mother's and sister's deaths, easing me into sleep with his eager voice, illustrating his tales as an archeologist. I was fascinated by the stories he used to weave, with his voice, his hands, and his happy, caring eyes that flashed with excitement whenever I asked for more. He told me tales from the southern jungles of Africa, the upbeat tense legends from China, the gory, depressing tragic myths of Greek, to the boiling heat of Egypt, and, to our very own country: Europe.

His favourite tales had always been the same two: the legendary Opera Ghost that I later, in my early teen years, began to love more than ever, and the mystical rumors of the Millennium Items from the sands of Egypt. The Millennium Items fascinated me as much as the Opera Ghost in France. Mother, being a lovely Japanese citizen, had taught me how the Items became to be known in her hometown also, and that they were called "Sennen Items".

Indeed, I loved these tales. Loved them to every detail and researched them through my obsession. I loved them that much.

And now, I, Ryou Bakura, will tell you my own.

After my sister had died, Father began to excavate more on his journeys, leaving me quite alone. I was in my mid teens at the time, so I didn't think much of it, until it was quite too late. I remember sitting in the darkness of my room in boarding school, humming to myself as I recalled Father's wondrous tales. The Opera Ghost, the Angel of Music, the Nameless Pharaoh, the Dreaded Thief King.

I had never been much of a strong boy, in physical sense. Nor was Father, come to think of it. Our entire family was built almost the same way; thin, slender and pale. My Father told me otherwise. He told me I was strong, that I simply had too soft of a heart to see it. I suppose he may have been right; but my soft heart didn't help me when bullies constantly picked on me.

Yugi, a close, childhood friend of mine, moved in with me to boarding school when I was fifteen. Though the same age I was, he was much shorter, and had much larger eyes, and a way softer heart. This, obviously, made him a far easier target for bullies than I was, so in order to survive, both of us stuck together and never left one another's sides.

I had often wished for an Angel to come and guide me, as Father frequently narrated. I wished for an angel, any angel, light or dark, to come and protect me when in need. I was telling Yugi this one day as we were walking home, when I was about to turn seventeen. It was the weekend, and we had been allowed out in the autumn weather on visitation hours. Of course, Father wasn't there to visit from boarding school, so we had gone to see Yugi's grandfather instead. Yugi's mother had been a close friend of my mother's, and before Yugi was five, his family had moved to Britain along with me.

Yugi had persuaded me to sing for him along the way home, and I did so. He smiled pleasantly as I sang a song my father had heard in Italy, allowing my voice to trail into the dusk.

"Since you like to sing, pretty boy," snickered a voice, "better start singing for help."

Both Yugi and I whirled around instantly. A sickening feeling swept my insides towards my throat, as I gulped. Naturally…bullies.

"What…what do you want?" I asked, my voice quavering as five more shadows revealed themselves to us. We had no idea who they were; the usual bullies that tormented us were school bullies, the stereotypical ones that beat kids up for lunch money. Ironical that they were still doing it even though I was approaching seventeen.

Slowly, Yugi and I backed away from them, my friend's eyes wide and a little wary.

"What do you want from us?" Yugi asked, his violet eyes flashing. "Leave us alone!"

The tallest shadow shrugged, approaching us. The sun had finally set, leaving only darkness in its wake. I swallowed again. I didn't like the dark very much. Especially when five shadows could be seen in the dimness, obviously meaning deadly business.

"If you want our money," I said, swallowing again as I reached for my wallet, "we only have a little bit-"

"We don't want your money, punks," sneered the tallest one. Strange. That voice was familiar. "Although, it is an added bonus."

Five sparks of fire lit up in front of us, all simultaneously reaching towards their faces. There were a few breaths as each of them inhaled deeply, and as they lighted their cigarettes, the matches illuminated their features. The head of the shadows leered at me in the flash of instance. I gasped, backing up and grasping Yugi firmly. Yugi's eyes widened in fear at first, before he realized the face and gritted his teeth angrily.


The deadly blond snickered, approaching us with his half-lidded eyes. I gave him an angry look.

"What do you want from us?" I asked, also gritting my teeth. The drifting smoke from their cigarettes floated into the night, and I could distinctly smell the strange, but rather nasty odor within them. I shuddered, wishing with all my heart that Yugi and I could just teleport in an instant.

"You're friends of Jonouchi, aren't you?" Hirutami asked, grinning wickedly, though his eyes were drooping and glazed, obviously from the drug-enhanced cigarette in his mouth. I winced, taking another step back before I bumped into someone. I whirled around, fear jostling within me as I realized that Hirutami's gang had surrounded us. Not good!

"Yes…" Yugi glared. "Leave us alone, Hirutami!"

I did not like it when I saw Hirutami's fists clench. Though casual, it was an obvious sign. And when Hirutami created violence, it wasn't good. His gang was sent to the far side youth institution for a reason. Granted, he was going to be eighteen in a few months, and I had been relieved to know that he would be sent to a proper prison for his crimes.

How had he escaped now!

Someone grabbed my arm roughly and twisted it behind my back. I cried out, my knees bucking as I heard Yugi yell my name out in worry. In another instant, someone had muffled their hands over his mouth, stifling his voice. I struggled like mad against their grip, but it was no use. I watched in fear as Hirutami approached us, absently blowing smoke from the corner of his mouth.

"Any friends of Jonouchi's," he said, smirking, "is an enemy of mine. I can't believe he's hanging out with wimps like you."

I frowned fearfully, a bead of sweat dropping from my forehead as I saw him rear back, his fist ready-

-I closed my eyes last minute and choked back a cry of pain. More fists implanted themselves in my stomach, but I determinedly held back my cries. At times like these, I wished so desperately for a guardian angel, like those my father used to speak about.


The beatings stopped, and I was dropped onto the ground. I moaned, seething as I felt my entire torso badly bruised. Weakly, I turned my head around, and saw Yugi lying on the ground. Someone grabbed both of our collars and threw us towards the side. I whimpered as my body was thrown carelessly into an alley wall, before I heard a concerned voice.

"Oy, sorry about that," said the voice apologetically. I looked up and gasped.


"Stay here," Honda said, smiling. "I'm going to go help Jonouchi." With that, he shot his friend a dubious grin and ran into battle, whooping at the top of his lungs. Weakly I pulled myself toward Yugi, and examined him closely.

"You okay?" I asked worriedly.

"I'm fine," Yugi assured, wincing as he felt his bruises. "You?"

I sighed, hanging my head. "This hasn't been my best day…"

Yugi nodded understandingly. Ironically, I was picked on more often than Yugi, though I wasn't sure why. Probably because of how I looked. Many bullies picked on me more out of vengeance than anything else. I blushed at this thought. I didn't WANT those girls to be chasing me, did they think I didn't have anything else better to do!

I wailed silently in my mind, closing my eyes. Yugi nudged me in the shoulder, gesturing me to watch.

"Look," he whispered. "Jonouchi's got Hirutami!"

Blinking my eyes open wide, I quickly reverted my gaze to the frantic battle. Indeed, Jonouchi had gotten Hirutami, and quite badly too. I smiled inwardly to myself, proud at my friend and thankful to both of them for saving us. Hirutami would have to think twice about trying to get Jonouchi back into his gang again.

"Get lost, Hirutami!" yelled Jonouchi triumphantly as he rammed his fist against the other blond's mouth. "I'm not your second in command anymore! NOW GET LOST!" Grinning broadly, Jonouchi slammed his foot into his former leader's stomach, toppling him off the sidewalk and into a lamppost. Ouch.

Growling and nursing his bruised and bleeding face, Hirutami quickly scrambled up, stared at his unconscious members before pelting off into the darkness. Grinning broadly and letting out a triumphant whoop, Jonouchi punched the air with his fist, before exchanging a high five with a rather exhausted, but pleased looking Honda. Both of them looked towards us, and helped us up.

"You okay?" Jonouchi asked me, noticing that I was wincing. I nodded, smiling up at both of them.

"Thanks," I said. At times I felt very imposing upon both of them; if only I were stronger, like them, I wouldn't need them to waste their time protecting me. Sighing, I shook it off. My head was bombarding with a heavy headache, and I was feeling downer than usual.

"Come on, let's get back," Yugi piped up. "Thanks, Honda, Jonouchi."

"No problem," Honda grinned, stuffing his hands in his pockets. He looked up at the dead black sky. "You know we're late now, you know? They've probably closed the gates."

"What?" My eyes widened. "Oh no….!" I wailed. "They're going to kill us…we won't get back in…"

"Calm down, Ryou-kun," Jonouchi laughed, patting my back. He gave me a sly smirk. "Honda and I know the way in from anywhere, don't we, Honda?"

"Of course," Honda smirked, folding his arms over his chest smugly. "Don't worry yourself, Ryou-kun. We can even climb up the walls to your dormitory!" I paled.


All three of them laughed. "Come on, Ryou-kun," laughed Honda. "We're only joking!"

"It's possible though," Jonouchi said thoughtfully. "We could. There's a fire escape right there…you could sneak in and no one would know that you were out late!"

"Jonouchi…" I moaned, nursing my head. "Maybe not now…" I said weakly.

Laughing, both of them wrapped their arms around my shoulders in a brotherly manner; Jonouchi's other arm around Yugi's. The four of us walked in snickering silence until we had reached our dormitory. The lights were off except for a few, casting a rather deadened, melancholy look upon the gates. I shuddered. A sense of foreboding shivered through my senses, and I wasn't quite sure why. At any rate, the rare rays of the light swept across the lawn dimly, casting eerily shadows. The gates themselves looked like cold, cruel bars of imprisonment. I shuddered again.

"Cold, Ryou?" Jonouchi asked, raising an eyebrow. I shook my head.

"No, Jonouchi…" I said softly.

A shadow awaited us by the gates and as we approached, the cold metal bars opened. Both Honda and Jonouchi gave the shadow wide, innocent grins as I sheepishly stepped behind them.

"Bonjour, Madame Giry," greeted Jonouchi in his terrible French. Madame Giry was our French and choir teacher, and was supposedly of a quite wondrous ancestry. When I was younger, I couldn't help but link her to the story of the infamous Opera Ghost and Angel of Music, but I had learned in my later years that there were numerous numbers of 'Giry's all over France.

Madame Giry, young, happy, with glittering green eyes and golden bangs and hair that reached to her waist, was normally bouncy and happy, and lenient. If you were caught outside bounds at any time, Madame Giry was your hope for the most merciful punishment. Not that detentions were considered punishments, anyways.

However, Margaretta Giry, normally optimistic and excited, looked rather pale and sick as we approached her. I knitted my eyebrows in concern. "Madame Giry?"
Hands shaking, she gestured for us to go inside. In one of her hands was a letter.

"Is something wrong, Madame Giry?" I asked again.

All four of us noticed, once we got inside, just how shaken and depressed she looked. She was holding a letter and a package, both of them shaking in her grasp.

"Umn…let me guess," Jonouchi said, attempting to cheer her up with a joke, "it's the letter from…from…" he gave me a look.

"…the O.G," I whispered, but gave him a sad look. "Not now, Jonouchi."

Jonouchi's face faltered, and he began to look more seriously towards Madame Giry. "Ms. Giry? Is something wrong?"

Our dorm supervisor bowed her head, looking sadly upon the ground. She reached the package towards me, and I could immediately feel something was wrong. Something very wrong.

"Madame Giry?" I tried again, voice breaking slightly. "What's wrong? Please tell me."

"Open…open the letter," she sighed sadly. "Here, Monsieur Bakura. Open the letter." She handed it to me, and I noticed the plain, simple text script. Hastily I opened the letter, and read it. When I had finished, I couldn't react properly. I was in shock. This couldn't have happened! First my mother, then Amane, now…

"Ryou?" Yugi asked, concerned. He tugged at my sleeves. "Ryou? Are you okay? You're so pale…"

Swallowing, I read the letter again, hoping with all my heart that it was a dream. A terrible dream that I would awaken from, and possibly run back to my father's arms, begging him in tears to tell me another story. Another story to chase away the big bad monsters in my dream.

No. I wasn't wrong. And that made it all the worse to bear.

My father was dead.

Hours had passed, and I was sitting alone in my dormitory room, running my fingers lightly over the package that was sent by the government. I was still in utter dumb shock, still couldn't believe that my father was now dead, and that I was an orphan. Thank goodness for the boarding school…

…but my father…

Tears began to roll down my cheeks. My father! He…he had always been my comfort. When mother died and Amane died too, Father had kept by my bedside, singing to me, telling me stories from his adventures. How could I finally come to realize that he could no longer do it again?

I closed my eyes, squeezing tears down my cheeks. No! This couldn't be! It just couldn't! Why hadn't Father been more careful! Why hadn't he! I had never believed in the curses of the ancient Egyptian tombs - were they real? Was that why he died? A tomb had collapsed on his entire team of archeologist…had it been cursed?

Swallowing for breath, I fingered the package. On it, was my father's familiar scrawl, all messy and desert-worn from his travels. He used to scrawl all over the brown paper; jokes and reminisces and messy doodles from his discoveries. This was no different.

Hello, my son! Egypt is finally so promising. We have finally discovered what could be the tomb to the ancient Nameless Pharaoh! Just like I told you when you were younger! Do you remember? You used to love that story so much, my son. And now look…I promised you, didn't I? Oh, if only you were here, if only you had stayed with me here… I remembered how you loved Egypt when you came to visit. How many years ago was it now? Five? Six? I can't remember. But, oh God, how I know you would love to be here with me, looking at the hieroglyphics, the pictures, everything!

You must think me mad, Ryou! But no, look! I do not lie! Here I send you a gift from the Nameless Pharaoh's tomb! Originally, there were seven of the Millennium Items, but quite a lot of them were stolen as we were traveling to the port of Alexandria. But no matter! You have a piece of your favorite myth now, to call reality! However, I do suppose meeting that Ishtal boy a few years ago was quite real also…but no matter!

Open the package and see my present for you, my son! I know you had always been fascinated with the Ring. And don't think I've forgotten about your other friends! I'm sure your mother would've wanted Yugi to have the other treasure I enclosed. I think he would be most pleased to have it too…that is, if he can solve it first. I know he had always been quite the game-master!

I love you, son. Take care, eat well, get good grades. I'm very proud of your work so far this year, Ryou. You make a father feel very proud to have such a strong, softhearted son like you. And remember, when things look glum, your guardian angel will come to you and sing you to sleep. Especially if I'm not there.

Take care, little Ryou.

-All my love, you father.

I sniffled. My father really was gone now. Any there was no one to comfort me and sing to me to ease my pain. At least I would always have this piece of treasure to remember him by…

Carefully, wiping away my tears, I ran my nail down the side of the wrappings, ripping it neatly. I did not want to tear apart the last letter of love my father had sent to me. It would hurt too much to bear.

The wrappings fell away, and I opened the box. Momentarily I stopped crying, too captured in awe by what I saw.

Settling among soft tissues, were two golden objects, each bound with a length of old rope. Breathlessly, I fingered the pendants; one was a bulky, half-finished triangular prism, its remains scattered next to it, awaiting to be completed. The other had been my childhood favourite…smooth and round, with five, gleaming spikes hanging off the circle, and an Eye of Ra in the middle…

…I didn't even know they were real!

The Millennium Ring and the Millennium Puzzle!

Weakly, fingers trembling, I reached for the Ring. It felt cool and smooth against my grasp, and I lowered it over my head. The pendant lay upon my chest, glittering peacefully in the dimness of my room.

"Oh father…thank you…"

Tears began to shed themselves again, as I hugged the Item to myself. My father…he always knew what to get me to make me happy. Oh, why had he gone? In the darkness, I could almost hear his loud, excited voice, rambling on his tales, his soft, musical voice that my mother had taught him, and his talented fingers dancing across a violin. I couldn't believe that it was all gone now.

"Father," I choked out, tears streaming my face. "Why? Why! Why did you have to go, why! I miss you so much, I didn't see you for so long, I miss you already! Why did you have to go!"

I sobbed, hugging my knees to my chest as I wrapped my arms tighter around the Item, my only remaining reminder of my father.

"Dad," I cried. "Daddy…why did you have to go? You were right, the Items were real…but how come my angel isn't? Father! Why did you go? I'm so alone! I'm so alone!"

I sobbed uncontrollably into his knees, my cracked cries echoing in the night. My entire frame shuddered, quivered at the force of my sobs.

I didn't know how long I sat there, bawling my heart out. All I knew was eventually, in the darkest hour of the night…I heard a voice.

At first it was soft and gradual, quiet and hesitant. I weakly looked up, a little fearful at the sound, but at my hesitance, the voice grew louder. I blinked, my crying momentarily ceasing as I stared at my surroundings. Strangely enough, the voice sounded as though it were echoing in the very room…as though a spirit had appeared in the middle of the dwelling, singing softly.

It was a low voice. A calming low voice, that gradually grew louder, its notes soft and relaxing, coaxing me stop crying. I blinked again. Where was that voice coming from?

It didn't matter. All I knew was that it was as calming and as easing as my father's voice was when I was younger. It continued to sing, non-stop, even as I felt coaxed to lie down on my bed.

Was it…was it …my guardian angel?

My father had been right about the Ring and the Puzzle…was he also right about my guardian angel?

Quietly, the angel continued to sing to me. I felt my sobs cease, my eyelids drooping as I struggled to stay awake, to wait for it to finish so I could ask it its name…but it continued to sing, its echoing tremor of relaxation pleading for me to sleep, to stop crying.

Eventually I fell asleep. I could almost even feel the angel's fingertips brushing away my tears when I did. I fell into slumber, the Ring upon the pillow beside my face, as the angel continued to sing.

Then…all was silent.

Umn, yeah, Hirutami is also techinically a YGO character. He's in the very early manga and Jonouchi and Honda used to be in his gang before they went all good. Yugi and Jonouchi had ...two encounters with them, both of htem in attempts to make Jonouchi their gang member agian. So yeah. (beams) READ AND REVIEW, PLLLEEEAAASSEEE!