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On with the story:

Cordelia sat in the lobby of the Hyperion Hotel, flipping through the latest issue of 'People' and talking with her coworker Wesley. "What is wrong with your kind?" she asked.

"Excuse me?"

"Men, what is wrong with you?"

Wesley rolled his eyes, "so I take it the date with whatever his name was, didn't go well?"

"You can say that again. That is the last time I ever date an investment banker! He! You know? The kind of nerdy, brainy, bookish, straightlaced you."

Wesley gasped, "hey, if I remember, there was a time when you thought I was 'hot' as you would say."

"Yes, but I was in highschool the. Everyone's done stuff in highschool they're not proud of. But, anyway, that's not the point. The point is, I can't find anyone...exciting."

Angel, Cordelia's vampire best friend, came down the stairs, over hearing Cordelia's statement. "Isn't there enough excitement in your life?" he then asked.

Cordelia scoffed, "please. I don't mean monster-of-the-day exciting, I mean, knows how to have a fun time out exciting. The two couldn't be more different. I want someone like..." Cordelia stopped before finishing her sentence, and stared at the magazine page, "...him," she finished, pointing to a picture of a well above average looking man. Wesley and Angel looked at the picture.

"Him? What's so great about him?" both men questioned.

Cordelia continued to point. "You can see him right? He's gorgeous. Plus, I bet he knows how to have a fun time."

"Yes, and those strippers on his lap, probably would agree," Wesley commented.

"Oh please, you know the magazine worked hard to get him in a compromising picture like that. I'm sure he's probably a great guy, I mean how can he not be, he makes good movies and look at his name."

"Vince? What's so telling about that?"

Cordelia sighed, "no, idiots. His last name. Look, its CHASE! Just like mine. Do you know what that means?"

"You two have the same last name," Angel answered.

"EXACTLY! We have the same last name! That's gotta be a sign that we're right for each other."

Both men stayed silent, afraid to speak. "So, speaking of stars, how's your acting going Cordy?" Angel asked, trying to change the topic, without being overly obvious.

"Okay, my agent left me a message actually, saying she got me auditions. I think one is for a movie titled, 'Crossing the Line,' I don't think it's a very big part, but its in an actual movie. So I really hope I get it."

Angel and Wesley smiled. "Well, so do we," Wesley said.

"Yup. And if you do, we'll be there opening night," Angel added.

"And all the nights after that. Do you know anything about the movie?"

"No, all she gave me was the title, and the hint that it wasn't a big role, on my answering machine message. I'm sure I'll get more info when I meet with her," she answered, still looking at the picture of Vincent Chase, Hollywood's 'it' man, and her dream leading man.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in LA:

Actor Vince Chase, stumbled down the stairs of his LA mansion, holding his head with his right hand. "That was some night last night, huh Vince," Turtle, one of his best friend's said to him.

"You can say that agin. I'm still kinda trashed," he responded, as he looked around for aspirin.

"No shit. Yo, where the fucks your brother?"

"How the hell should I know? I just got out of bed."

"Well, he better turn up soon. I'm hungry," Turtle stated, upset that Vince's brother Johnny, the one with the cooking skills in the house, was nowhere to be seen.

"Why don't you try getting something for yourself?" Eric, Vince's other best friend/manager said, waling in the door, coming from the guest house he lives in, behind the house. He was holding some papers in his hand.

"Why don't you try shutting the fuck up?" Turtle responded. Eric gave him the finger.

"Hey, Vince, the deal's done," Eric then said to Vince.


"What's the movie again?" Turtle asked.

"It's called 'Crossing the Line', Vince is playing a married FBI agent who goes undercover to take down some drug lords, willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and in the process slowly gets seduced by the drug life, and forming friendships with the very people he's trying to arrest."

"And I cheat on my wife," Vince added.

"Cool," Turtle laughed. "So, who are the girls?"

"Um, they're looking at Kate Bosworth, for the wife, and they don't have the mistress yet, which isn't that big of a part. Ari sent over some head shots and info, though of some of the actresses auditioning." Eric explained.

"I don't need to go to that audition, right?" Vince asked.

Eric chuckled a bit, "of course you have to go. I told you already, you get say on who's picked and you have to read lines with some of the top picks."

"Damn. Let me see the pictures of the girls," Vince requested, holding out his hand.

"I wanna see too," Turtle said. They began to look through the pictures. "Some of these girl are hot!"

"Especially her," Vince said, picking up one of the pictures. Eric and Turtle looked at the picture.

"Yeah, she is. But what kinda name is Cordelia, though?" Turtle questioned.

"Who care's about her name. Look at her. Shit. I'd have an affair with her any day. Oh I hope she know's how to act," Vince stated.

"Vince, has the Ali Larter fiasco taught you nothing about how dating a co-star is a bad idea?" Eric asked.

"Hey, its not my fault she took the relationship for a hell of a lot more then it was," he replied, trying to sound as innocent as possible. "Besides I don't care. This girl is hot."

"Dude, you two have the same last name," Turtle pointed out.

"See, another sign that I'm meant to be in her."

"You should say that to her when you meet." Eric sarcastically said to his best friend.

"Maybe I will," he replied with the same amount of sarcasm. "I definitely want her though."

Turtle laughed, "yeah, well then my moneys on you getting her."

Back at the Hotel:

"AAAAHHHH!" Angel and Wesley heard Cordelia scream inside the office on the first floor. They ran in and saw she was yelling at her cell phone.

"What?" the both asked her.

"You won't believe it! You won't believe it! You won't believe it!"

"Why don't you tell us what it is so we can see whether or not we'll believe it," Wesley suggested.

Cordelia breathed deep to calm herself down. "Okay I just got off the phone with my agent. The movie I told you guys about, is starring Vince! This is SO great! He's going to be at my audition, so even if I don't get the part, I can still meet him! And you know, all I need is thirty seconds to introduce him to my Cordy charm. You remember, Wesley."

"I thought you said that was a mistake?"

"Yeah, on my part, not yours. Of course you feel for me. I was the hot young chick, and still am. You were the stuffy older Wesley in the library. But you did kinda look like Pierce Brosden back then. But that's not the issue here. The issue is I'm going to be meeting the man of my dreams."

" haven't met him yet. Maybe you shouldn't build him up so high before you do." Angel suggested.

"Oh, please. I can tell he's going to want me. And besides, its not like I'm expecting to have his baby or marry him or anything...yet. I haven't built him up that high. I just want to date him. And I will too. You'll see." She vowed.


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