It was all Robins fault. The masked defender, the leader of the Titans, had gotten himself captured. What a genius. So, there we were, no leader, and no rules. I locked myself in my room to get away from Starfire's tears, Beast Boy insanity, and Cyborg's obsession with his 'babies'. And the worst part was, it was going to be like this until we could get a lead on where Robin was.

What fun.

I sat in my room and meditated, hoping to block out the loud yells and screams coming from the Main Room. Beast Boy and Cyborg were so competitive…but after a few moments I realized the yells were louder then usual.

Like I said, this was such a joy. I phased from my room and into the Main room, my eyebrow arching in expectation of a scene of gaming defeat. What I actually saw was a battle being waged between my friends and Brother Blood's little minions. What fun.

After a few seconds I realized that the team wasn't actually fighting…what was wrong?

I suddenly understood. Robin wasn't here…when were we supposed to attack? I heard the other three randomly yelling "Titans, GO!" but it didn't seem to have the same effect. I joined them and tried my hand at it, but I had about as much success as the others. So that day the Titans got the worst beating of their lives…and it was all Robin's fault.

What fun.

A/N: I got the idea for this fic watching the show with some of my friends, and I haven't been able to get rid of it. Its short and odd, I know, but I've always wondered what would happen if Robin wasn't around to order them to attack. Review, and I will give you cookies!