Dawn fought against the ropes holding her to the tower, screaming in dismay.

Buffy lay unconscious, sprawled across the catwalk, her victor standing astride her.

"Just gonna have to forgive me for that later, kiddo," Faith announced, stepping over Buffy's prone body.

"But... you're in prison..."

Faith tossed her hair. "Busted out. Not that hard, really. Just needed... whaddya call it? Proper motivation."

A tear slipped down Dawn's cheek. "Why? Why are you doing this? I thought you were trying to be good..."

"Aw, come on," Faith chuckled. "Don't tell me you never noticed, smart kid like you? Check a mirror sometime, man. They made you outta the Slayer, right? Guess the monk-boys didn't get the little memo 'bout there bein' two of us."

"They made me out of both of you," Dawn whispered.

"Explains a lot, huh? Way I figure it, B. was about to take a header off that diving board. Same blood, right? Typical heroic self-sacrificing B. shit."

"What... what happens now?"

"One Slayer the world'll miss," Faith shrugged. "One nobody will. Sure as hell know who I'd pick."

"Faith..." Dawn tried.

But Faith was already running, leaping, disappearing into the blazing white light.