The Genma Wars Episode I: Sailor Moon

BY Dragonfang33

Synapese: Part I of a Trilogy that will include Kim Possible, Kingdom Hearts, Onimushia, and Ronin Warriors, and Sailor Moon. Synapse: Many centuries have passed since the Great War, now the Genma have returned, bent on revenge, and blood.

Key Words

Genma: Demons (Onimusha)

Onimusha: A powerful, god like warrior (Onimusha)

Oni-Gauntlet: A powerful guantlet that has the ability to absorb Genma Souls (Onimusha)


The Dark Millennium

In the beginning, long before the Moon Kingdom ever existed, and the Silver Millennium was a distant dream, there existed an Emperor with a heart as black as a moonless night, Talpa. Most don't remember how he came to power, and even fewer know of his early life, all that is known is that during his thousand year rule, darkness was the law, from Never-Land in the north to Earth and the Moon in the south.

But hope hadn't died, as the Dark Emperor would have wanted. A powerful Clan of Samurai, united by their mystical powers, rose from the ashes of the Pre-Dark Millennium worlds, to challenge the might of the Dynasty. Armed both with mystical armor and powerful Oni-Gauntlets the Oni Clan stormed the palace of Emperor Talpa, and in the final duel with the Dark Emperor sealed him away in the Phantom Realm. But in the process where wiped out themselves.

Countless centuries have passed since that day so long ago, and once again the Genma hordes of Emperor Talpa and Oda Nobunaga threaten the Galaxy.

Stay Tuned for Chapter I: Saigo Akechi