Summer to Love, Summer to Kill

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Chapter 1- Meet the Guys!

Boring was the one word on Sango's mind as she let her gaze travel out of the bus and into the newly growing field. Nothing but plants entered her vision and she sighed at the plain sight. Kagome, the girl sitting in the seat ahead of Sango, mimicked her motions and turned in the bus' sticky seat to face her close friend. Honey met brown in a heated gaze, though the sun's rays that boar down on them were hotter.

"Explain to me again why we got forced to go on this stupid bus to some ridiculous camp that most fifteen year olds would never be found near?" Kagome's voice rose with anger and fatigue as she pulled her damp red shirt away from her body.

"Our moms don't see that we aren't five, that's why." Sango replied. She remembered the screaming match that her and her mom had before. In the end, both Sango and Kagome were suckered into going to the camp.

"The only reason that they want us to go to this camp is because they don't want us to bother them during the summer. I know my mom too well."

"Well they succeeded in getting rid of us. We wouldn't be too annoying though!" Kagome rolled her eyes and looked to her left, the almost packed bus louder than her whole school.

"Well do you even know what there is to do at this camp? My mom said something about hiking and horseback riding." Sango shrugged slightly.

"Do we even know the name of the camp?" Sango asked. Kagome looked over at Sango, her black hair cascading over her bare shoulder. She wore a blood red spaghetti strapped shirt, going perfectly with her khaki shorts. Hey eyes were a chocolate brown, shining with no emotion. Though stunning in color and beauty, her eyes held no awareness that feelings existed. To Kagome, they were a thing of the past.

Sango's on the other hand were full of life. Here honey colored eyes sparkled, her dark brunette locks much darker than her eyes. Smiles seemed necessary for Sango, though there were times where a tone of sadness tinted her features. Kagome was stuck on the emotionless facial appearance that she had been stuck with when encountering her boyfriend's betrayal.

The week before her departure to the camp, she and Sango had walked into his house to see him with another girl, their lips locked in a steamy kiss. Though Naraku, her ex-boyfriend denied that the kiss was 'friendly', Kagome had broken up with him. She also kept her distance from him, avoiding him everyway possible. School had just ended, which made it all so much easier.

Soon after the break-up, Kagome had sworn off of guys until she was done with school, high school and college. Sango tried to explain to Kagome that Naraku was not the guy that Kagome had made him out to be, though Kagome's mind was set. What Kagome didn't want to admit was that the bruises that she had gotten from 'softball' were now no longer coming; though she had had practice three times after she broke it off with her ex. Sango said nothing about it.

"San? You Oka? You spaced out." Kagome asked, snapping Sango out of her trance.

"Um…I was just thinking, that's all. Nothing too big." Sango replied before looking out of her window. A sign caught her gaze as she glimpsed over at it. She pointed it out to Kagome, who just shrugged. "Maybe that sign will at least tell us what the name of the camp is."

"Or maybe it's just a road sign." Though Kagome didn't believe the sign to be more than a highway notice, she looked out her dirty bus window to read what the sign had written on it. "Camp Coyote, three miles. Well, I guess we know that it's got a name now. I wonder why anyone would name a camp after some animal anyways."

"Because the Native Americans that once ruled over the area of the camp believed that one of the god's names was Coyote like the animal in the woods of the camp. He was a very sly and tricky god, and the Native Americans looked to him for ways to succeed when war broke out." Kagome's eyes traveled away from the window and up to see a pair of violet eyes. The boy that owned the handsome set of spectacles was around her age, and was now slightly leaning on the side of her seat. "Is this seat taken?"

"No it's not." Sango replied for Kagome, who was too busy gawking at the stranger to react. His lips perked slightly to form a smirk and he plopped down on the seat, his eyes still locked on hers. Her voice seemed to hide in the back of her throat, and she was unable to say anything as she broke the stare to look over the boy. Black hair, which went down his back, lay at the top of his head. She looked back at his violet eyes for only a moment, trying not to lose herself in his mischievous gaze again. Her eyes reached his mouth, which still held the cocky smile from before. His attire consisted of a forest green shirt and jean shorts, his sneakers black.

"I'm Inuyasha." He said simply, stirring Kagome from her overview of him. His eyes caught hers again, and the sentence that she had started from before was floating somewhere in the back of her head. Sango could only try to contain her laughter as she nudged her friend's arm.

"Hey, come back to earth. This is where you're supposed to say your name is Kagome." Once Kagome heard this, any world that her mind had visited was gone, and she realized that she was staring. Wild fire covered her face as she blinked slightly before looking at Sango and then Inuyasha again.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Kagome."

"Yea, I kind of figured that out while you were drooling." Sango laughed at the darkening of Kagome's blush, but stopped when Kagome glared at Inuyasha, crossing her arms and looking out her window again. Sango could only send Inuyasha an apologetic look before she felt a light tapping on her shoulder.

She looked up to see a boy with blue eyes and black hair, who was now pulling his hand from her shoulder that he was tapping before.

"Sorry for interrupting you Miss, but is this seat taken?"

"Oh no, it's not. And you didn't interrupt anything." Sango replied, pushing over so that he could sit down. As she was doing this, she stole a glance over at Kagome, who was still being stubborn and refusing to look at Inuyasha. She didn't say anything as she let her gaze fall back onto the teen next to her, who was talking to Inuyasha while fumbling with a CD player. They seemed to know each other, though Sango didn't ask. When he was done talking with Inuyasha, he glanced over at Sango and spoke up.

"I guess I should tell you who I am. My name is Miroku." He looked over at her, making her smile shyly and push her hair behind her ear.

"Sango." She replied, feeling the bus slow down and finally halt at another bus stop to pick up more kids for the camp.

"So how long have you been on this tin can?" Miroku asked. Sango shrugged and watched the younger children run over to the windows of the bus stop, waving to their parents before the road engulfed them from view. Sango guessed most of them had never been away from their parents, though some of the older kids seemed excited to go.

One of the older teens, who seemed to be about her age, had entered the bus on the last stop without a look of sadness. Sango watched him as he walked up and sat in front of them. His brown hair was in a pony tail, going well with the blue eyes Sango had seen when he was looking for a seat. She jumped slightly when she found the gaze again, but it was now looking back her as he introduced himself.

"Hello, my name's Kouga." He said, sending cold chills spiraling down her back. She took a deep breath, keeping her composure before she smiled weakly.

"My name's Sango."

"What a beautiful name." Sango blushed slightly at the compliment, though she felt uneasy and looked away from him. Her eyes stopped on Miroku, who was now messing around with his CD player again. Jealousy blazed in his eyes, though there was no explanation as to why. Sango was oblivious to his envy as she looked back over at Kouga.

"Thank you." A slow knot of disgust filled Sango's stomach, though she pushed it down. Now her gaze shifted back to her best friend, who was still looking out the window.

"Kagome are you Oka?" Sango asked, pulling on a piece of Kagome's hair. This caused Kagome to yelp loudly, causing all three boys to look over at her.

"What was that for!" She asked, pulling her hair out of Sango's grasp.

"I didn't know if you were listening to me or not, so I tried to get your attention."

"Well you also got ours." Inuyasha said, leaning his arm on the seat.

"It wasn't my fault she yelps loudly." Sango replied, watching as Kagome glared at her, ready to attack.

"Your right, she does yelp loudly." Inuyasha said with not the slightest bit of care in his voice. Kagome's fierce glare now turned to him.

"Well it hurts when someone pulls on your hair!" She replied, causing Inuyasha to snort.

"Only if you're a baby."

"I'm not a baby!"

"Well you yelped."

"Because it hurt, but Sango had a strong grip and she had a lot of my hair in her hand."

"Or because you're a baby!" Kagome's eyes flickered with a burning fire as she let her arms cross like before. Her lower lip straightened and there was no smile on her face as she kept her glare on him. Without realizing what he was doing, an embarrassing sentence entered into his thoughts. She's cute when she's mad. Kagome's eyes held slight confusion as she saw his face go from tan to a pinkish color in a matter of seconds.

"Why are you so pink all of a sudden" She asked, her anger slowly simmering down in her body.

"It's nothing." Inuyasha snapped, looking away from her. "We're at the camp now anyways." As the bus slowed down, various kids began to stand up, grabbing their bags and rushing out of the bus as fast as they could. A wave of excitement was now washing over the kids as they looked around, admiring their new home.

"Well Sango, I hope that we get to talk to each other again." Kouga said, grabbing his bag and heading into the stream of people, cheerful to get off the bus that some had been stuck on for over an hour. Sango said nothing to Kouga, secretly wishing that she wouldn't cross paths with him again. She turned to meet an intense blue stare. Her knees now felt weak as she strained to keep her eyes from dropping to the floor under her. She stared up at Miroku; his smile had a slight sense of dangerous mystery in it.

"Who knows, maybe I'll see you around here. That would make this camp more exciting." Sango nodded and slowly backed out of the seat, letting Miroku pass her. As he walked by, Sango felt something graze her backend, which made her eyes widen before they narrowed into small slits. Without thinking, Sango grabbed her bag and smacked him in the back of the head with it.

"PERVERT!" Sango said, watching him stumble forwards before he looked back at her, grinning.

"Hope to see you again!" He said before making his way off the bus. Sango's anger died slightly as she watched him join another boy, who seemed to knock him on the back of the head with his fist. She smiled slightly, letting a small fit of giggles pass her lips.

"Sango, you know how you said that your mom forced you to go to this camp?" Kagome asked, snapping Sango back to reality. She nodded as she followed the path that so many others had taken to get off the bus, her close friend following her.

"Yea I remember." Sango replied, jumping off the last step and walking over to the big map that was now her only way of remembering her new residence. She slowly looked at the sheet that assigned each camper to a cabin, looking for her name. Once she found hers, she proceeded to find Kagome's.

"Well do you regret coming now?" Kagome asked, looking over Sango's shoulder.

"I already found your name for you, so you don't have to look. Luckily, my mom did something right and she got us into the same cabin, but I have no clue who this 'Kikyo' girl is." Sango said, changing the subject to avoid the question that Kagome had asked. Kagome noticed, but decided to drop the subject till a later time.

"Well what cabin are we in?" She asked, making Sango smile.

"Your lucky number, 13." Sango laughed at the pleased look that now fell onto her friend's face. She looked back up at the map before she continued. "Well let's see…the swimming pool is right in back of this sign, the cabins are all over the place, but we should be able to remember ours since we are right next to the forest." Kagome looked up at the map, slowly looking at their cabin. She finally sighed and grabbed her bag, hauling it up onto her shoulder as she started walking towards their cabin. "Hey, wait for me you blonde!"

"We are right near cabin 12-" Kagome said, ignoring the rude comment her friend gave her. "-whoever is in that cabin. It said in that stupid brochure that their schedules for the camp are the lodge as ours, so we'll meet them sometime."

"Well who's in that cabin?" Sango asked. Slowly, both girls walked up to the door of their cabin, staring at it for a moment.

"We'll find out later. Let's just go in and get rid of our stuff."

"Fine, I'm tired of carrying my bags." Kagome opened the door and walked into the cabin. The lodge wasn't small, having room for a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom. Kagome dropped her bag onto one of the beds, which creaked under the extra weight. The sheets were blue, the bed itself big enough for two people. Luckily, each girl had their own bed.

"This isn't so bad." Kagome said as Sango dropped her stuff onto another bed, which was the bed in-between the blue and pink bed. Her sheets were purple.

"Maybe for you country girls." A high voice echoed through the cabin, threatening to shatter the windows.

"We're not cou-" Kagome's voice stopped as she faced the door where the voice came from. "No, it can't be."

"Kagome, it's so good to see you again." Sarcasm filled the new girl's voice as she walked over to the pink bed. Ebony hair flowed down passed her shoulders as blue orbs stared at Kagome. Her lips were tainted with a smirk that she shot at Kagome before she dropped her stuff onto her bed. "I haven't seen you since we were at Naraku's house. Oh, that seems so long ago. I wonder how he's doing, don't you?"

"Knock it off Kikyo!" Sango's voice was all anyone needed to realize she was pissed, and it was a warning for Kikyo's own good. Sango had every right to be angry; her best friend's face was now drained of color, probably thinking about the day she had last seen the despised girl.

"Well Sango, I see you're doing well. But this doesn't concern you, so stay out of it."

"When you toy with my friend, yes it does concern me. Now why don't you go paint your nails or whatever girls like you do?" Kikyo only snorted as she left the room and walked into the kitchen. Kagome now stumbled back slightly, sitting on her bed before her knees gave out. Her gaze now rested on the floor, as if shielding them from the truth.

"Why her San?" Kagome's voice came out as a soft whisper, which Sango barley caught.

"It's Oka Kags, come on. We have all summer, why would you let her ruin this?" Sango smiled at Kagome, who now lifted her eyes up to meet Sango's.

"But I don't want to spend the whole summer with her."

"We don't exactly have a choice." Kagome sighed as she stood up, letting her midnight hair fall down her back.

"I guess you're right. It's not like we can lock her out of the cabin." Kagome paused, slightly smiling at the thought.

"No we can't." Sango knew what was going through her friend's head, and she stomped the idea down quickly. Kagome pouted slightly.

"Well there goes my fun."

"Come on, I bet we can make this the best summer! Who cares if we aren't exactly happy with our cabin mate, we still have each other. And plus, now we can bug her all night."

"And I thought my idea was mean." Sango shrugged in her defense, brining a slight smile to Kagome's lips. "Let's just have some fun at this place."

"And we can start off by going to meet the neighbors." Sango said, walking out of the cabin and into the fresh air. The sun was now much higher than when they had first come to camp, and also much hotter. She waited for her friend to come out of the cabin, and together, they walked over to cabin 12. They knocked on the door, glancing over at each other quickly before the door opened. Both set of eyes widened when the owner of the cabin emerged.

Well I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter! What is up with all of these guys? Who will be the girl's roommates? What kind of connections does Sango's mother have!

Chapter 2- Shessy's a What!