She woke up feeling a bit iffy, she knew something felt odd but she didn't know what and right now she didn't have time to check it out. So she got up and took a bath, after she had done all her routine only one thing was left to do, go to Luke's.

After a few minutes she was there, she looked thru the window at the door and saw him, al she could se was his back and well 'lower back'.

"Hey!" she yelled, and scared him so, he jumped a little bit.

"Gees, do you always have to do that?" he asked as she sat in a stool.

"just sometimes" she grinded, as he put a mug in front of her, when he was a bout

to pour in the coffee she put on hand between the mug and the pot.

"Lorelai, don't do that I could've burned your hand" she rolled her eyes.

"¿You don't want coffee?" Luke was shocked

"Just not in the mood right now"

"¿Are you ok?"

"uh yeah" she said as she stood to leave the diner. Luke walked around the counter and grabbed her right arm with his left hand to stop her.

"Hey what's wrong?" he asked. Now facing each other.

"Nothing, I just don't want coffee right now, and you acted as if it was a big crime, as if I had just took a shot a the Pope and that's weird cuz' I always thought you wanted me to stop drinking coffee"

"Yeah well it just took me by surprise"

"Yeah well I'm gonna go now"

"Lorelai!" he said still holding her right arm.

"Luke" she whispered as she started to fall backwards.

"Whoa there, Lorelai?" he was now holding her. She didn't answer.

"Luke honey what's wrong?" asked Ms. Patty. Luke didn't hear her, he was to busy caring Lorelai up stairs, one arm in her back an the other one under her knees. He went to his apartment and laid her and his bed, he got onto his knees and just stared at her, I knew something was wrong when she didn't want coffee he thought to him self.

After a few minutes she woke up, Luke was still in the same position.

"Hey are you ok?" he asked

"Hmm I think so, what happened?" she said while putting a hand in her forehead.

"I don't know you tell me"

"Well last I remember is, you grilling me bout no drinking coffee, which is still odd if you ask me, and then everything started to spin and then it all got black"

"Ok I know you not drinking coffee has its side effects, but I never thought it would be…"

"Aw crap" she whispered as she cut him of.

"What?" he was confused.

"It's all so clear now"

"What is?" he was getting more and more confused.

"The iffy filling and now this" she sat on the bed.

"What iffy feeling?" he sat on the side of the bed.

"The one from this morning." She thought for a second and before Luke said anything "I'm so stupid of course it happened again, stupid iffy feeling."

"'Again' this has happened before?. When?"

"Quite a while back"

"Wow, could you narrow that?" he looked concerned

"Bout 20 years"

"HA!" he stood up " And you remember something that happened to you 20 years ago" it hit him "oh wait, you don't mean?"

"Yup" she said, looking at him and then looking down.

"B…b…b…but how? I mean I know how, I just, are you umm are you like sure sure bout it?" he started pacing around.

"No, its just a really big and possible option"

"Yeah b…b…but y…you're not sure?"

"No, Mr. Stutter" she stood up also.

"Hey! well I'm shocked, I could be a father" he started yelling a towards the end it was almost a whisper.

"I'm shocked to you know!"

"Yeah well you've been thru this before, I haven't!"

"You know what, why don't I just go…" she walked towards the door. "And you just stay here and stutter all you want!"

"No wait!" he grabbed her arm just like he had done so just a few minutes ago.

"Stay, we can talk." He grabbed both her hands in his "I'm sorry, this… I … it was unexpected, you know? I mean one moment I'm flipping burgers and the next I might be someone's father."

"I know what you mean, I just… I feel the same way" tears started to form on the edge of her eyes.

"Hey hey" he pulled her into a hug. "don't cry, everything is gonna be ok"

"But what if its true and we are having a baby?" she said looking up to him.

"Then I'm just gonna have to be the best dad in the world, I mean I have no other option" he gave her a everything-will-be-ok-I-promise smirk.

"You do know you don't have to, right?"

"I want it, with all my heart" he gave her a soft kiss.

"Ok then first thing is first. We need to make an appointment to make this official"

"Sure thing, but with who?"

"Duh a doctor" she gave him a silly look

"I know that Lorelai, but do you want one here in Stars Hollow?" he said looking into her eyes.

"No, not really. Let's make it in Hartford" when she turned her face she glanced onto the clock in the kitchen "A crap!"

"What, What's wrong?"

"I'm late!" she said as she broke free from his arms.

"Ok then that makes this whole pregnancy more official"

"What? Oh, no! Luke" she thought for a while "Well actually yes that's true." She snapped back into reality "No, wait I meant the inn" he saw him smiling "What are you so happy about?"

"The way you babble… and the fact that I might be a father" she felt the truth in his eyes and saw them filled with love.

"Aw you big softy" she kissed him and the she was out of his apartment.

After that they went on with there day as normal as possible, al though Luke couldn't kept he thought away from his mind I'm gonna be a father, WOW this is big, I'm gonna be someone's daddy, I can't wait!… wow was that me? Yes it was, and it's true, I can't wait.

"Luke!" Kirk yelled. Bringing Luke back from his picture perfect family.

"What!" he barked back, a little pissed of at him for popping his day dream.

"Do you sell cappuccino?"

"What?" he asked in disbelieve. "You know I don't do that crap!"

"Ok, sorry, go back to whatever it was that was making you smile"

"I was not smiling"

"Un huh"

"Nuh huh"

"I bet it had something to do with Lorelai, and I bet it was dirty"

"Kirk! Leave, Now!" Luke barked

"That just means I was right"

"Kirk!" he gave him a threatened look, and Kirk was out of there faster than coffee in a Gilmore's house.