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This chapter is dedicated to all the people that have left my life. I love you, and I miss you… so much.


.o0 Friday evening, living room 0o.

Rory was spending the weekend there helping out; Luke and Julian were leaving Saturday morning for New York to see their game.

"Are you ok?" Rory asked a little worried when Lorelai groaned from the other side of the couch.

"Yeah, I'm just having some weird side effects to the… just having some side effects"

"To what?" Rory frowned.

"The pill" Lorelai sighed.

"What pill? Oh, you mean the pill. That pill?"

"Yes, that pill. I made an appointment for Monday to see if they can change me to a different one because this is just not working for me"

"Aw… well, why don't you just stop taking it for a while?"

"Umm, no" Lorelai said with a sarcastic chuckle. "Not an option, sorry kid"

"But if the side effects are so bad, why not just stop taking it?"

"They're not that bad; it's just like… nausea and headaches and stuff" Lorelai waved it off.

"Ok then, your body your choice" Rory let it go.

"Exactly" Lorelai said and they both kept watching TV; Lorelai groaned again and Rory said nothing. "Do me a favor?"


"Don't tell Luke"


"He doesn't know I've been having a reaction to them and I don't want to worry him so… could you not tell him?"


"I'm going to the doctors on Monday, why worry him and ruin the baseball game tomorrow"

"Well… you have a point there" Rory conceded.

"Thanks, so…"

"I won't say anything" Rory agreed.

"Thanks" Lorelai smiled.

"Can I change the channel now?"

"I already said no" Lorelai said in fun voice hugging the remote closer to her body.

"Yes, but back when you said that you hadn't just asked me for a favor, now however, things have changed" Rory smirked and Lorelai's mouth dropped open.

"Are you serious?"


"You're mean" Lorelai pouted while handing over the remote at the same time a cry was heard from upstairs. "Ha, my sons know when I need saving, they get that from their father" Lorelai got up.

"Is it me or are they sleeping less and less?" Rory wondered.

"During the day, yes but they are sleeping more at nights, which is fabulous" Lorelai left and two minutes later she came back, left Ricky with Rory and ran back upstairs.

.o0 About half an hour later 0o.

"I'm home, and yes I brought tacos" Luke announced walking into the house.

"Hi Dad" Rory called from the living room, they hadn't left the living room at all after Lorelai brought the twins down.

"Hey kid, thanks again" Luke said sheepishly; that was mostly why he agreed to the tacos when Lorelai had called to ask for them, he felt in debt to Rory for some reason.

"Oh my God, stop thanking her already" Lorelai groaned. "Ooh are those tacos?" she caught a glance at the bag in his hand.

"Your welcome" Rory said shyly.

"Here" he placed the takeout bag on the coffee table and picked up one of the boys. "Hi Buddy, whatcha doin?" He lifted the boy over his head making him giggle. "Are you ever gonna stop drooling on me?" Luke wondered out loud bringing the boy to rest on his chest.

"Maybe when they're seven" Lorelai said with a mouth full of taco.

"Gross" Rory mumbled.

"These are so good" Lorelai cooed. "And they hit the spot just right" she said before stuffing more taco into her mouth.

"Take it easy, you're making me gag here" Luke said with a disgusted expression.

"Can't. Too good" Lorelai mumbled.

"Is there any left for me?" Rory wondered reaching for the bag.

"Think so" Lorelai said with a mouthful. "No baby, this is Mommy's taco" she was holding one of the twins and he made a grab for her taco, for a few days now the boys would reach out for whatever Luke or Lorelai were eating.

"Don't feed him that" Luke automatically said.

"I'm not" Lorelai said a little more harshly than she should have.

"Fine, I was just saying" Luke mumbled, Rory looked between the two of them with a weird expression and decided to jump in before Luke answered back turning this into something pointless.

"Hey, Dad?"

"Yeah?" Luke asked his eyes reluctantly turning to her instead of Lorelai.

"Umm… can you bring me back something tomorrow?" Rory didn't know what to ask; Luke saw right threw her, he knew she was just trying to distract them.

"Yeah, sure… what do you want?" he thought she had a point; why pick a fight out of thin air?

"Umm… I… I don't now, surprise me" Rory stuttered a little and Luke narrowed his eyes at her; she knew he knew what she was trying to do, so she just smiled.

"Sure thing kid" he smirked a little. "I'm gonna go change into something less grease smelling" he passed the boy back to Rory before going upstairs.

"So…" Rory started. "Does one of those side effects make you fuse shorter?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You practically barked at Luke a second ago" Rory pointed to where Luke had been standing a little while ago.

"I did not"

"Add memory loss to the list of side effects"

"Rory…" Lorelai warned.

"Short fuse" Rory just sing sang.

.o0 That night 0o.

Rory had called it a night some twenty minutes ago, Lorelai was putting Ricky down to sleep, Sean had been down for a few minutes now. Lorelai turned on their night light; she placed their baby monitor between both cribs and made sure it was on before leaving the nursery.

"Hey, getting ready for tomorrow?" she pointed to the TV where there were showing the headlines of that days' games, Luke was sitting on the bed.

"Sort of" Luke turned the TV off. "Are you ok?"

"What do you mean?" she turned to look at him from her dresser where she was getting her PJ's.

"Earlier, with the whole taco deal, are you ok?"

"Yeah…" she waved it off. "I was just being stupid. First Sean tries to steal my taco and then you actually think I was gonna let him" she teased. "I'd been wanting tacos for a while now, there was no way I was gonna fork it over"

"Good" he smirked and stood up from the bed. "Wouldn't want you to go taco-less" he smiled walking over to her.

"Aw, you're always so nice to me" she teased.

"I know, I have to stop that" he teased back and Lorelai smacked his chest before pulling him closer for a kiss.

.o0 Next morning 0o.

"Mom?" Rory knocked on the bathrooms' door. Luke was showering in their bathroom so Lorelai was considerate enough to use the other one. "Are you ok?" the toilet flushed, the water ran down the sink and then the door opened revealing a pale Lorelai with water dripping from her face.

"Sorry kid, did I wake you?" Lorelai walked out of the bathroom and over to her room.

"No, all the flushing did"

"Sorry, Luke was using ours and I kind of forgot you were here for the day"

"Well don't I feel loved" Rory teased and Lorelai grimaced.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it like that" Lorelai said quickly.

"I know, I was just teasing, are you sure you're ok?" Rory sat on their bed, Lorelai went over to her dresser to pick some clothes out.

"Yes, I already told you it's the pill; I just have to hang in there until Monday"

"Well, today is Saturday, so you're almost there" Rory offered lamely before she groaned a bit.

"What's wrong?"

"It's not even six yet" Rory whined before getting comfortable on the bed, on Lorelai's side of course.

"Yeah, sorry, I got used to waking up this early because of the boys. Though today, the day they are still asleep, I get woken up by Luke and the stupid nausea"

"MmmHmm" Rory sighed snuggling more into the bed.

"Go to sleep honey"

"Mmm" Lorelai smiled at Rory, before closing her eyes to try and dominate the strong nauseous feeling. A whimper caught her attention and she went to the nursery.

And hour later Lorelai woke Rory up because she knew she'd want to look good for when Julian got there. And with both Luke and Julian as travel agents they had plan on leaving over an hour and a half earlier than any normal person would.

"Feeling better?" Rory asked walking into her mother's room once she was all dressed and ready to face her boyfriend.

"Yeah… ish" Lorelai lifted her arm and placed her hand palm down on the air before moving it from side to side.

"Can I join you?" she motioned to the bed where Lorelai and the boys were.

"Hop on" Lorelai patted the bed. "Go with your sister baby"

"Hi there" Rory cooed lifting the baby above her head making him squeal in delight before bringing him down for a hug; just like Luke always did. "Did you sleep well? Does your brother snore?"

"No you don't, right baby?" Lorelai lifted the other boy and held him close to her. "Tell your sister you don't snore, your Daddy does"

"I don't know about your Daddy, but I do know that your Mommy snores" Rory told the boys.

"Hey! I resent that. Don't listen to her guys, she's just jealous"

"Jealous of what?" Rory asked giggling.

"Of… I... I'm not sure yet, I'll get back to you on that one" Lorelai said and Rory just laughed. A few seconds later the doorbell rang and Rory's eyes changed a little; how? It wasn't explainable, but they did. "Man, that guy of yours is way too punctual… it's annoying" Lorelai said after noticing the clock.

"Yeah, I've tried changing that but I've had no luck so far"

"Aw, I'm sorry kid" Lorelai said wholeheartedly. Both girls got up carrying the boys and went downstairs.

.o0 Minutes later, downstairs 0o.

"You guys be good, you're in charge ok? You guys are the men of the house now, you better keep your Mommy in line" Luke was having a 'conversation' with the twins in the living room. "Ok then" he chuckled when one of the boys popped a spit bubble and was startled by it.

"Having a man to man moment?" Lorelai walked into the living room, she had been looking in from the doorway.

"Don't tease"

"I'm not… you guys are so cute" she cooed.

"That's teasing" Luke grumbled and gave her a pointed look.

"Cry baby" Lorelai mumbled walking closer to them. "Good morning boys…" she cooed at them. "… how's that fist tasting there, Ricky?"

"Come on, son, don't do that" Luke pulled the fist away and held his wrist, Ricky started fussing.

"Stop it, you'll make him cry"

"I don't like them sucking on that" he argued.

"If you make him cry, he's going with you" she threatened and Luke considered it. "Let go, they're still too young to go to a ball game" she reminded and Luke reluctantly let go of Ricky's wrist, which immediately flew to his mouth. "Don't worry Hon…" she rubbed his back. "… we'll all go this summer, they'll be baseball freaks just like you"

"Gee thanks" he rolled his eyes, Lorelai smiled and reached up to give him a kiss.

"Have fun" she whispered against his lips and kissed him again.


"Be nice to Julian" again she whispered, Luke scoffed. "Luke, I mean it" she pulled back to stare at him. "Rory really likes him; I don't want you scaring him off"

"If Rory really likes him, then that gives me the right to talk to him" Luke defended.

"Talk?" she narrowed her eyes. "What kind of 'talk'?" Luke gave her a pointed look. "Do not interrogate him, do not scare him, be nice to him" she stressed.



"Fine" he sighed. "I'll be nice while I'm interrogating him" he smiled and Lorelai giggled shaking her head. "Hey…" his tone changed to a serious one, which concerned Lorelai a little bit. "Are you ok?"

"What do you mean?" she played dumb.

"This morning, you got sick; is everything ok?" Lorelai was taken aback, she was sure she'd been careful enough for him not to notice; damn Luke for always knowing when something's going on in that house.

"Yeah…" she waved it off. "It was last night's tacos, too many… or too fast; or too many too fast, who knows" she smiled.

"You sure?"

"Could you guys stop making out for a second?" Rory's voice was heard.

"She's just like you" Luke grumbled.

"And that's a bad thing?" Lorelai frowned.

"I'm not sure yet" he teased, which shocked Lorelai.

"If you guys don't leave soon you'll only be there and hour early instead of two" Rory teased walking into the living room.

"Funny" Luke deadpanned and Rory giggled.

"Where's your guy?" Lorelai asked.

"He's talking to Sam in the kitchen" Rory waved in the general direction of the kitchen.

"He better not be getting any ideas" Luke grumbled.

"Luke…" Lorelai warned and he sighed.

"What kind of ideas?" Rory frown.

"Never mind, kid. Pick up your brother" Lorelai instructed but Luke beat her to it, he wanted to hold his sons as long as he could seeing as how he wouldn't be seeing them all day.

.o0 A few minutes later 0o.

The girls and the twins were outside saying goodbye to Luke and Julian.

"Take care of my man, you hear me?" Lorelai told Julian.

"Yes Ma'am"

"Leave the boy alone, I know how to take care of myself"

"Still, keep and eye on him"

"We have to go" Luke changed the subject while opening the door to the pathfinder.

"Have fun" Lorelai smiled, Luke smirked, gave her a kiss, kissed Ricky's head, then Sean's before passing him over to Lorelai.

"Can you guys say 'bye-bye' to daddy?" Lorelai asked in a fun voice and the boys just cooed.

"Bye, guys" Luke smiled and got in the car.

"Could you guys stop making out for a second" Lorelai called teasingly.

"Sorry" Rory called giggling.

"Have fun" Julian told her before opening his door.

"You too, bring me back something…" Rory smiled. "…and no seeds" she warned while he got in.

"Don't worry about it" he promised; neither Lorelai nor Luke heard them.

"Julian, make sure Luke buys us something" Lorelai told him.

"Sure" Julian smiled.

"And you…" she pointed to Luke. "Play nice" she warned.

"What?" Julian turned to look at Rory.

"You're spending the whole day with him" Rory pointed out. "You never thought about that?" and from the frightened look in Julian's face she got her answer.

"You're in for a long day, which might be filled with a bunch of personal and uncomfortable questions" Lorelai added. "Don't worry; he'll wait at least 20 minutes before starting the interrogation"

"Now who's not being nice" Luke shot back with a smirk and Lorelai just smiled.

"Bye, Hon" Lorelai gave him on last kiss before they backed out of the drive way.

"So…" Rory started once the car was no longer visible.

"So… what?"

"Do you have any plans? Or are we hanging out in the house today?"

"Nope, I got some planes. Help me get their stuff ready" she motioned to the twins before walking into the house.

"What are we doing?"

"That's a secret…" Lorelai smirked.

.o0 The Car 0o.

"And we're on our way" Julian announced once they were out of Stars Hollow, just to break the ice.

"Yep, now I can interrogate you" Luke said in a serious voice.

"What?" Julian asked scared and Luke just chuckled.

"Relax, I was just joking"

"Ok" Julian nodded taking a deep breath. "You can ask you know, it's ok"

"Are you giving me a green light?"

"Sure, why not? I have nothing to hide" Julian shrugged though Luke couldn't see him.

"Kid, never give a Dad a green light" Luke advised.

"Why?" Julian's voice was different now, it sounded a little scared now.

"You'll see"

.o0 Lorelai, Rory, and the Twins, in the Car 0o.

"It finally bugged you enough that you don't want to wait until Monday?" Rory asked when she noticed they were on their way to the hospital.

"Nope. We're not here for me, we're here for the boys" Lorelai said distractedly while she searched for a parking spot.

"What's wrong?" Rory frowned; she twisted her body so she could look back at the twins.

"I can't take not knowing anymore"

"Not knowing what?" Rory didn't like where this conversation was heading.

"I'm gonna have their pediatrician make a scratch test"


"I need to know if they're allergic to something, not just seeds; it's driving me crazy, especially now that they reach for every food they see, I don't want any surprises"

"Good, it was scary enough when it happened to Luke and we already knew what it was; I can't imagine it happening to the boys and not knowing what caused it"


"Wait, why isn't Luke here?"

"Because my one and only daughter got him tickets to a baseball game"

"Oh my God, you guys had this already planned? I'm so sorry, I had no idea"

"Don't worry about it, Luke doesn't know" Lorelai waved it off.

"What do you mean he doesn't know?"

"I mean… he doesn't know. He thinks we're just hanging at the house"


"He already said he doesn't want them to have a scratch test"

"He said that?" Rory asked shocked, she imagined Luke out off everybody would be the first one to order a scratch test for the boys.

"Not exactly"


"He thinks it's too soon to expose the boys to a scratch test; he wants to wait a few more weeks"

"So he's not opposed to it he just wants to wait"

"Pretty much"

"And you don't

"Nope, don't see a point to it"

"Well, what if they are actually allergic to something and the anaphylaxis thing goes bad, or it hits harder because they're too young…"

"You sound just like Luke" Lorelai mumbled.

"Maybe he's right"

"I'm sorry but I'd rather they have an anaphylaxis attack at the hospital than at home now that they make a grab for anything Luke and I are eating"

"Well… when you put it that way"

"Ok then, let's go"

.o0 Luke and Julian, The Car 0o.

"Ok, this is just freaking me out" Julian blurted out after a few minutes of absolute silence; Luke smirked, his eyes still on the road. "Are you going to ask me something? Or are we going to ride in silence? Or..?"

"This is really getting to you huh?"

"A little, you said never to give a Dad a green light and so far you haven't said anything"

"I have nothing to say"

"Why don't we get 'the talk' out of the way now and that way we can enjoy the game?"

"What talk, there's no talk"

"Ok ok, I love Rory, so much"

"Why did you have to go and say that?" Luke groaned.

"Because I do, and you're her Dad, and I want to start on the right foot with you"

"Great…" Luke mumbled. "If you tell me something I don't want to hear, I'll leave you stranded here, I swear"

"Ok" Julian actually sounded scared.

.o0 Jess and Sam, in Luke's truck 0o.

"Nothing blue" Jess said while driving.

"Nothing pink" she shot back.

"Nothing green"

"What? Incase it's an alien?" she giggled.

"No, the color just bugs me, that's all"

"Fine, nothing green, pink, or blue; anything else?"

"Nope. Oh, no car seat since the Gilmore's already got us one"

"Oh yeah" Sam looked down at the list she had made from looking at the twins and what they used, and she crossed off car seat. "Can we stop and eat before we get to babies-R-us?"

"But we just… uhh, yeah" he stopped just in time.

"Thank you"

.o0 Lorelai, Rory, and the twins, the Hospital 0o.

"Hi boys, wow, you are so big" Dr. Mathews cooed walking into the room where Lorelai and the kids were; Sean blew a raspberry. "Aw, he's a ladies man"

"He's a flirt" Lorelai corrected. "They both are"

"Wonder where they get it from" Rory mumbled.

"I heard you"

"Ladies, ladies, let's get started here" the Dr. told them while preparing everything she needed. "Shirts off, please"

"Why, Dr. Matthews, I'm flattered but no" Lorelai kid and Rory couldn't help but laugh.

"Ah, yes, I had missed that humor"

"Don't tell her that, now she won't stop" Rory whined.

"Let's get this going, ladies take off the boy's shirts" this time she specified.

"Oh, the boys shirts" Lorelai echoed laughing; Rory just rolled her eyes while taking off one of the boys shirt.

"How does this work?" Rory asked, in her mind the only way to find out if someone was allergic or not, was to give them the item and see if it had any reaction. But if that was how it was done, then this might take forever.

"We'll place this on their backs…" the doctor showed them something that looked like a simple piece of paper but with several slits. "And then we'd take different items and scratch their backs depending on what the paper says" she finished but the look on Rory and Lorelai's faces said they hadn't understood anything. "Why don't we get started and I'll explain as we go?"

"I think that might be better" Lorelai nodded.

"Ok then, I'm going to need you to hold him tight against you" the doctor told Lorelai, who did as told. "Hold him still, ok?" Lorelai nodded and the doctor placed the sheet on the baby's back.

.o0 Luke and Julian, The Car 0o.

"… and that was our first date" Julian finished; Luke just groaned. "Don't worry though, that night we didn't even share a kiss, we were both far too nervous" again, Luke groaned. "Our first kiss was until the end of our second date, it was really nice. It wasn't until our sixth date that things got more physical"

"Stop" Luke stressed.

"I was very…"

"I swear I'll drop you off right here" the car slowed down.

"I was just being honest" Julian defended.

"I don't care; I don't want to know what you guys have or haven't done"



"Fine, no more details" he surrendered.


"So… are we going in silence the rest of the way?"



"What?" Luke asked a little annoyed.

"You're the exact opposite as Rory, or Lorelai"

"Makes sense, if we were all the same no one would ever get to talk"

"Huh, it does make sense" Julian nodded. "Just like me"

"Wha…?" that got Luke off guard.

"I'm quiet, and that gives Rory the chance to be her talkative self; just like you and Lorelai"

"Right" Luke nodded.

"Hey, then that makes me just like you"


"We're quiet, responsible, dependable, like baseball…"

"Rival teams" Luke mumbled.


"Why are you still comparing us?" Luke asked annoyed.

"I'm figuring out my chances" Julian said shyly; Luke still scared him a little.

"What chances?"

"My chances with Rory, girls always fall for guys who are like their fathers" Luke's head snapped to look at Julian who was just staring ahead of him; lost in thought.

.o0 Lorelai, Rory, and the twins, the Hospital 0o.

"It's ok, baby" Lorelai cooed trying to sooth Sean.

"He's probably itchy" the doctor told her. Ricky hadn't had a reaction to anything, but Sean started getting rashes after the doctor had scratched him with the needle that tested for nuts. It wasn't as bad as Luke's, far from it; it was only a rash that apparently was also itchy.

"Aw, are you itchy?" Lorelai kept cooing and this time she started rubbing his back, which seemed to help with his itching.

"Don't rub too hard, you might make it worse"

"Ok" Lorelai nodded but kept focused on soothing her baby.

"Let's go talk in my office and I'll explain the results better"

"Mom, let's go" Rory grabbed the baby bag and hiked it on her shoulder. Lorelai was still trying to process this, sure she knew there was a big possibility that one of the boys could be allergic to something, she just didn't want it to be true; but here she was soothing her little boy.

Lorelai and Rory followed the doctor to her office and once there they took a seat and waited a little so the doctor could go over the files. Why does she have to review the files? She did all the tests herself Lorelai thought. Sean was down to the occasional whimper; he was starting to fall asleep.

"Very well" the doctor broke the silence. The sudden noise snapped Sean awake again but it didn't last long, he started snoozing seconds later. "Ricky's results were perfect, he is not allergic to anything, in any way" she set his folder down. "Sean however… he had a slight reaction to nuts, we can test later and narrow it down, but his reaction was not sever meaning that as he gets older he might not have the reaction anymore but for now he'll get a rash every time he eats any nut related product" Lorelai sucked in a breath.

"Mom, he'll be ok" Rory assured.

"Even if the reaction stays with him, he'll still be able to eat nuts, he'll just get itchy; it won't be like with Luke"

"That's not so bad" Rory answer seeing as how Lorelai was too busy with Sean.

"Not at all" the doctor agreed. "You might want to tell her that" she nodded towards Lorelai.

"She's ok; it's just that seeing what an allergic reaction can do to somebody scared her, especially seeing it happen to Luke and now with Sean…"

"But it's not the same" the doctor clarified.

"I know, but still, in her mind…" Rory trailed off.

"I know, he's her baby"

"I might be focusing on Sean, but I can still hear you guys" Lorelai told them and Rory couldn't help but giggle.

"I don't think I'll have to explain everything to her" Rory told the doctor.

"Nah, I got it, it's not as bad as Luke's and it might go away as he gets older; it's ok" Lorelai recapped.

"If you're ok with it, why are you staring at Sean like that?" Rory frowned.

"Because I bet Luke Sean was the one that snored like him, so far I haven't been able to catch him doing it again" Lorelai said nonchalantly.

"Are you serious?" Rory asked with a slight giggle.

"I wounldn't worry so much about allergies, you should get your brothers tested for something completely different" the doctor whispered to Rory and wiggled her eyebrows at Lorelai.

"Hey that's not… oh my God, he did it" Lorelai suddenly said when Sean made a weird sound.

"That was not a snore, it was a gurgle" Rory told her. "And I really doubt Dad gurgles" she quirked her eyebrow.

"Of course he doesn't gurgle… but he does make that sound"

"I can't believe Dad gurgles" Rory said laughing.

.o0 Jess and Sam at a Baby Store 0o.

"Uh no" Jess stated after Sam had tossed something into their cart.



"It's not blue, or pink, or green"

"It's purple!"

"So?" Sam didn't see the problem.

"We're not having an annoying dinosaur"

"What?" he gave her a pointed look. "This isn't even close to the purple barney used"

"No purple" he stated again.

"What's that" she pointed to something Jess had put in the cart.

"What's wrong with that?" he frowned.

"I didn't know I was having a peep"

"Peeps are way more yellower than this" he picked up a light yellow onesie.

"That's not even a word"

"It is now" he put the onesie back in the cart.

"If you buy a peep suit, I'll buy the barney one" she warned and Jess sighed.

"At this rate we'll only buy white stuff" he said in defeat.

"I saw a cute white onesie with a tiny chest pocket"

"Why would a new born need a pocket for?"

"Because it looks cute" she said in a 'duh' voice.

"Of course" he nodded. "So… white stuff?"

"For now" she agreed and they put the colored stuff back.

.o0 Luke and Julian 0o.

"Don't forget to grab the tickets" Julian said once they got out of the car, they had spent the rest of the ride in silence.

"I don't have them, I told you to grab them from the kitchen counter" Luke told him seriously.

"What! When?" Julian panicked.

"When you were saying 'goodbye' to Rory"

"But… but…" he started panicking more checking all his pockets but already knowing he didn't have anything on him.

"Relax, I got them right here" Luke said and started laughing.

"That was uncalled for!" Julian jogged a little to catch up to Luke.

"Payback's a bitch"

"Payback for what?" Julian's voice got very high near the end.

"The whole stunt you pulled in the car, about Rory and you"

"Oh" he looked at the ground; teasing smile tugging at the side of his lips.

"Don't you ever talk to me about my daughter like that" Luke warned.

"Yes sir"

"Stop calling me sir"


"And stop the whole 'physical' thing"

"But…" Luke shot him a glare. "I'll try sir"


"For the sake of tonight's game, and my safe return home, we'll stop, sir. And I'll stop calling you sir" he added.

"Good, now let's go in"

.o0 Lorelai and Rory 0o.

"So where do you want to eat?" Rory asked checking her cell phone for any SOS messages from Julian.

"Have you ever been to Subway?" Lorelai asked catching Rory by surprise.

"Uh, yeah… why?" she frowned.

"Who'd you go with? Because I don't remember ever going, but I saw an add the other day on TV and it actually looked good"

"You want Subway?"


"You want subway?" Lorelai nodded. "You want Subway"

"There's only one more way of saying it Hon, can you guess?" Lorelai teased.

"Are you sick or something?"

"I'm just hungry kid, and you know how TV ads get to me"

"Oh yeah, we still have that pot set you bought a few years back"

"See, so… where's the Subway?" Lorelai asked and Rory couldn't help but laugh at how Lorelai word it.

A few minutes later the girls were sitting on opposite sides of a booth, each with a baby car seat by their side, the boys had woken up when they were taken out of the car. Lorelai had checked Sean's back and it was clear, almost as if nothing had happened; but Sean was still a little fussy, which was probably because they were woken up from their nap.

"This is actually not bad" Lorelai said taking another bit of her teriyaki sub.

"Well duh, you ordered a sweet sub, with cookies and a coke"

"Your point?"

"There are healthier options on the menu"

"I didn't come here for healthy food, I came here to test it out… it cleared the test" she said nodding.

"Luke is not going to believe this" Rory said shaking her head; Ricky was happily kicking his legs out next to her. Sean was next to Lorelai, he was smiling and his tongue kept going through his gums; like a little snake.

"Aw, are you going to start teething? Or does it just feel good?" Lorelai asked him, and Sean just cooed and kicked his legs too; Ricky heard Lorelai's voice and he kicked harder, his arms pumped also. "Did you ever master the art of eating one handedly?"


"Pick up your brother before he gets and anxiety attack" Lorelai said while reaching down to pick up Sean.

"Oh" Rory took a slurp of her drink before picking up Ricky. "Hey baby" he blew raspberries at her.

"No, this is Mommy's food" Lorelai said pulling the sub further away from Sean's hands. "Here…" she dipped the tip of her pinky on a droplet of teriyaki sauce and brought it to Sean's lips. Both girls giggled when Sean took a taste, made a funny face, and then took another taste.

"Dad's gonna kill you"

"No he won't because he's not going to find out"

"But… eh, he wouldn't believe you wanted to come to a Subway anyhow" Rory shrugged then did the same thing Lorelai had done with Sean but she did it with Ricky.

.o0 Luke and Julian, Yankee's Stadium 0o.

"We're the only ones with so much crap" Luke grumbled once they found their seats. They each had three bags of stuff; Luke didn't even want to think of the insane amount of money they had spent.

"Well, it's better to have this much crap than to face the wrath of the girls" a few guys sitting around them turn to give them odd looks.

"Ix-ney on the whole girls thing"

"Sorry" they took their seats and decided to wait. "Luke?" Julian asked after a few minutes of silence.


"I'll drive back"


"It's a ball game, and once you start loosing you might as well have a few beers, so I'll drive back. It's ok, it's my gift for having us kick your butt today" Julian said in a serious voice. Luke never thought he'd hear Julian talk like that.

"You know what… here" Luke dug in his pocket and took out his keys. "I'll have to celebrate once we win, so you might as well drive back" he shot back as good as he got. Julian just smiled and took the keys; they were starting to bond.

.o0 About an Hour later 0o.

"No, no, no! Don't swing at that are you blind?!" Luke yelled and Julian pretended to take a drink to hide his smirk.

So far the game had been a 'who blinks first' type of game. They were on top of the fourth, cero cero, with no hits.

"That was not a strike!" Luke yelled again; they were now in the middle of the fourth. He sat back down with a grunt and picked up his beer. "Damn umpire" he mumbled.

"Now we'll show you how it's done" Julian teased.

.o0 Back at the House 0o.

The girls had been back for about five seconds before Lorelai turned the TV on and looked for the baseball game, claiming that the guys were 'so hot' that the 'TV people' were bound to put them on the air multiple times.

"This is so boring" Rory whined, they boys were on their vibrating seat in front of Rory on the floor; Lorelai had changed them into a pair of onesies she had bought because they looked fun. On the stomach area they had a fuzzy material that caught a special little ball that had strips of Velcro on it; so Rory was tossing the ball at them and it would get stuck on their bellies making them laugh.

"Ugh" Lorelai groaned.

"You think it's boring too huh? Can we put a movie instead?"

"No, it's not that" she made a weird face. "I think the subway is coming back with a vengeance" Lorelai got up and went to the downstairs' bathroom.

"Are you guys feeling sick?" Rory asked the boys who just stared up at her. "Didn't think so. Now, let's look for daddy" she turned them around towards the TV.

"I can't believe you bought so many" Rory heard Sam say.

"Well, I just thought it would make our baby unique, plus we bought too much white stuff it was driving me crazy" they walked into the living room.

"So you're gonna patch all of your baby's cloths?"

"Not all of them, just the white ones"

"What kind of patches?" Rory asked from the floor.

"Iron on patches" Sam told her while taking a seat on the couch, putting the shopping bags next to her.

"I kinda figured, I meant what type" Rory turned to look up at her; Sam reached into on bag and pulled out a smaller bag and tossed it at Rory.

"Look for yourself" Rory started pulling stuff out of the bag.

"Supergirl…" Rory started.

"I wanted the generic superman, but he snuck that in when I wasn't looking" Sam explained, Jess rolled his eyes from where he was sitting; in front of the boys keeping an eye on them.


"We're putting that on the tushy" Sam said giggling.

"This one says 'psycho' on it" Rory pointed out.

"Oh yeah, that's for me" Sam extended her hand towards Rory who only laughed.

"Jack" Rory giggled.

"Huh?" Jess frowned.

"Jack, from the Nightmare before Christmas" she showed him the patch.

"Oh yeah, cool huh?"

"Sure" Rory shrugged. "Aw, a ducky" she cooed.

"There's a monkey in there too" Sam said brightly.

"A couple of cherries, Bart Simpson, a ying-yang, how many did you guys get? There's about another seven in here and their just band names"

"What can I say, our kid's cool" Jess told her.

"You couldn't decide on any colors huh?" Rory asked and Sam laughed.

"Pretty much, yeah"

"Thought so"

"Man, this is boring! How can Luke and Julian like this" Jess groaned.

"Maybe it's and acquired taste" Rory shrugged.

.o0 Luke and Julian, About Two Hours Later 0o.

"Come on men! We can get em!" Julian cheered. The game was still tied cero cero, and they were now starting the ninth.

"Ah sit down, we still got the bottom of the ninth" Luke told him. "Aaaand strike one" he added teasingly. "Strike two" he chuckled. "You're out" Luke couldn't help but laugh.

"That's just one out of three" Julian said turning to look at Luke.

"Make that two out of three; pop-up" Luke pointed out to the field.

"Damn it" Julian focused more intently on the game. The batter swung at the second pitch, the ball went far into left field, the outfielder ran and ran, he set foot on the fencing and stretched his arm out.

"Yes!" Luke shot up from his seat.

"No!" Julian yelled with emotion after the outfielder took away the homerun and switched it for the third out.

"This game is all ours now" Luke said smugly and took a seat again; Julian groaned and took his head between his hands.

About forty minutes later the game was still the same; the only difference now was that both Luke and Julian had lost the passion they had on the ninth inning. It wasn't until the bottom of the twelfth, when A-rod stepped up to bat and Luke heard that beautiful sound of a bat connecting perfectly with the ball, that he shot up from his seat and followed said ball.

"Go, go…" he motioned with his arms, as if controlling the ball and aiming it to the fair side of the foul pole.

"No, no, no!" Julian shot up also, and he too was motioning with his arms but in the opposite direction.

"Yeah!" Luke's arms flew to the sides in a 'safe' motion when the ball flew out as a homerun. Julian only groaned. The stadium roared.

.o0 At The House 0o.

"Mom?" Rory was in Lorelai's room trying to wake her up from her nap.


"The game's over" Rory whispered taking a seat on Luke's side of the bed.


"Luke's team won"

"Poor Julian, the ride back is gonna suck"

"He said he's driving"

"What? Why?" up until that moment Lorelai had laid immobile the whole time, it wasn't until then that she sat up and turned to look at Rory.

"He offered before the game started"

"And Luke agreed?"

"Julian said Luke wanted to celebrate their win"


"I don't know. The point is that Julian offered so Luke could have a few beers and enjoy the game"

"That was nice of him"

"Yeah" Rory nodded.

"So how long ago did the game end?"

"It just did" Lorelai looked at the clock.

"Man, baseball is long"

"They went into extra innings" Rory explained.

"What's that?"

"I don't know, but that's what Julian said, they'll be here later"

"Alright then, it's nappy time" Lorelai settled back down

"You're still tired?" Rory frowned.


"Are you still feeling 'icky'?" Lorelai's word not Rory's.

"Yeah, I'll never have a subway again"

"That I believe" Rory teased.

"Don't be mean to Mommy, nap with her" Lorelai patted the side of the bed.

"I'm not tired, and I'm the designated babysitter"

"Oh yeah, where are the boys?"

"In my room, Sam's with them right now; Jess is at the Diner"

"That boy needs a day off"

"He just went shopping with Sam today"

"I said a day off, not a day catering to his pregnant wife"

"Potato, tomato" Rory shrugged and Lorelai giggled.

"You're keeping Mommy awake on purpose huh?"

"I'm bored" Rory whined.

"Fine" Lorelai sighed and sat up again. "Get the boys and the misses in here, we'll do something"

"Yay!" Rory sprung from the bed and Lorelai rolled her eyes.

.o0 Later that Night 0o.

Jess and Sam were already up in the apartment, with the souvenirs Luke and Julian had brought back; nothing much just a keychain for Jess and a bracelet for Sam. Luke didn't like the idea of Julian ever spending a night in their house, even if it was in their guest room; but he liked the idea of him and Rory driving back so late much less, so Julian was spending the night in the guestroom under strict orders that he was not allowed to leave that room at all that night.

Luke and Lorelai were in their room, Luke was telling her about the experience and how grateful he was with Rory for getting them those tickets. To Lorelai he sounded more like a sugared up little boy who had just seen his first game at a stadium.

"You're just too cute" Lorelai said giggling, she was walking around putting all her new stuff together. Luke brought her back a cap, a jersey, a teddy bear wearing a jersey, and a necklace. To the boys he brought back jerseys and caps in two different sizes; so they could wear them for a while. Yes, it ended up costing Luke a bunch of money; more so because he bought himself a jersey too.

"Not cute"

"Damn, I thought you were drunk enough to miss that" she giggled again.

"Tss, I'm not even tipsy"

"But Julian drove back" Lorelai frowned.

"I had a couple beers, I wanted to set a good example" he shrugged.

"That boy doesn't need anymore good examples"

"He's not as good as you think" Luke mumbled. "Never take a road trip with that boy" Luke shuddered and Lorelai had to laugh; she took a seat on the bed.

"Hi" she cooed and scooted closer to him.

"I think we've covered that" he nodded and kissed her.

"You are tipsy" she giggled again and Luke took a deep breath through his nose.

"What did you do all day?" he changed the subject and Lorelai let him, though she got nervous.


"That fun huh?" he teased after a few seconds passed by and Lorelai didn't say anything.

"Don't get mad" she started and Luke sat up straighter in bed.

"That's not a good start, what did you do?" he turned very serious.

"No, first say you won't get mad"


"It was nothing bad"

"Right, and that's why you opened with 'don't get mad'"

"Ok, umm, Rory and I took the boys to Dr. Matthews today"

"What? Why? Did they get sick? You should've called me" Luke got up and went to the nursery; even though he knew for a fact that the boys were ok because he had spent time with them when he got back.

"No, they didn't get sick; the boys are ok, Luke" she assured and rubbed his back soothingly.

"I don't get it" he frowned.

"Why don't we talk over here" she pulled him back towards their room. "We don't want them waking up and staying up all night, now do we?"


"We took them to the hospital for a scratch test" she told him after taking a deep breath. Luke's jaw sagged for a second before it tightened and his features turned angry.

"You did what?" he asked angrily, not yelling though.


"No, not 'we' you, you took them to get a scratch test. Even after I told you I didn't want them to get one"

"Luke I"

"No. God, Lorelai, they're not your kids, they're ours. It's not like with Rory; it's not just what you want"


"You were just waiting for an opportunity to do this huh? Did you ask Rory to get me the tickets so I'd be out of your hair for you to do whatever you wanted to the boys?"

"Stop, Rory got you those tickets because she wanted to do something nice for her Dad, she had nothing to do with this. She actually tried to convince me not to do it after I told her you didn't want them to have one yet!"

"So you did remember I didn't want them getting one"

"Of course I remembered! But I thought knowing was better than not knowing!"

"Knowing what! That the boys could die because of something pointless and insignificant? That their lives are controlled by a stupid little nut"

"Is that how you feel?" Lorelai's tone of voice softened.

"Don't turn this around"


"No, this is about you going behind my back and doing something I told you not to"

"I know you're mad, but I had to" Lorelai's tone of voice stayed quiet. Luke didn't say anything but his face was still tightened. "Ricky's perfectly fine, he's not allergic to anything" she started.

"And Sean?"

"He'll get a rash whenever he eats any nut product" Luke closed his eyes. "But the doctor is pretty sure that he'll out grow it" he turned to look at her.

"Are you lying?"

"No, the boys are ok. Sean's rash only lasted about half an hour" Luke didn't say anything he just walked back to the nursery, he went over to Sean's crib and picked him up.

"Hey buddy" he whispered and took the sleeping boy back to the master bedroom. "Where was the rash?"

"His back" she said quietly. Luke gently placed Sean on the bed and started taking the baby's clothes off; once clad in only his diaper he picked him up again and inspected his back, there was nothing on it. Luke brought the baby to his chest and rubbed his little back soothingly. "Luke?" he only grunted in acknowledgement. "He's ok, they both are"


"They can go to ball games and have peanuts and sunflowers and it'll be ok, no trip to the emergency room or anything"


"If you keep hugging him like that you'll wake him up and then nobody will get any sleep"

"One more minute" he whispered.

"Ok" she lifted her hands in mock surrender and took a seat on the edge of the bed enjoying the view before her. Luke in his sweats and t-shirt holding their boy who only wore a diaper. "Pass me his clothes"

"I'll change him back" she told him while grabbing Sean's stuff.

"Thanks" Luke said placing Sean back on their bed.

"Sure no problem" she started re-dressing the boy.

"No, I meant, thanks for ignoring what I wanted; you were right, it's better to know"

"Luke, I get it, you were afraid of the outcome; so was I, believe me" he just smirked at her.

"They're ok, right?"

"They're perfect" she assured him.


"Now, put him back in his crib; I want to spend some time with you" he cocked and eyebrow. "Sleeping" she stressed. "We can do that tomorrow… when you're not tipsy"

"I'm not…" now she cocked and eyebrow at him. "I'm really not tipsy"

"Sure babe" she smiled.

"You're impossible" he took Sean to the nursery.

"Love you too Hon"

"Yeah, yeah" he walked back.

"Come back here and kiss me goodnight me so I can go to sleep" Lorelai ordered.

"Well, when you put it that way" Luke walked over and got into bed. "Goodnight" he gave her a quick kiss.

"Aw come on, you can do better than that. We didn't see each other all day and your team won" she teased and Luke captured her lips again, this time the kiss got more heated. "That's what I'm talking about" she mumbled between kisses before Luke parted her lips. "Luke… sleep"

"MmmHmm" he nodded but kept going.

"I mean it" she pushed him back a little, causing a groan to escape his lips. "Sorry Hon, I promise I'll make up for it tomorrow" he groaned again. "I'll do that thing you like so much" she cooed.

"That's something to consider" he mumbled.

"That's something to think about too, all day, tomorrow"


"Night, Hon" she said with a big smile and kissed him one more time before getting comfortable in bed. It took Luke a couple more minutes but he too got comfortable and fell asleep.

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