By: Jeff McKissock

(This story is Fan fiction and nothing else. I do not own any of the characters and places)

Chapter I: Hordak's Return

Five years had past on the Planet Eternia, and not a peep had been heard from Hordak or any of his evil minions, but that was about to change. Adam and Teela were happily married as soon as the news of peace was declared. No one on Eternia or Etheria was sure what happened, one moment Hordak was at the doors of Grayskull and the next he orders a full retreat of his men from both planets. Everyone assumed that Hordak just gave up and decided to follow something more lucrative, no one cared what happened to Hordak, they're just glad he's gone.

Light years away in space, a gigantic ship was approaching Eternia and Etheria; it was the Horde Alpha, Hordak's horrible flagship. Inside, The Ruthless Leader was busy meditating on his dark plans. "The fools!" he thought, as he looked out to the planets. "They actually thought peace had come to them, now I will bring them their doom!" he said to himself "Finally no more He-Man; no more She-Ra; and best of all…no more Skeletor!"

He really didn't care that much about He-Man and She-Ra, but Skeletor was different. He-Man had turned Adora to the side of good and thus she betrayed the Horde, She-Ra was just another rebel thorn in his side, but Skeletor had the gall to actually betray Hordak himself, and now after years of waiting, Hordak would have his revenge on his old student.

A Horde Trooper entered Hordak's chamber, "Lord Hordak…" the soldier addressed the Ruthless Leader,

"Yes…" Hordak replied.

"The laser is ready, how many beams should we fire?" the soldier asked.

The Laser of the Horde Alpha is one of the most advanced known to Horde science, using an Etherian Water Diamond; it has the ability to fire multiple beams, each of as deadly as any single fire laser weapon.

Hordak thought for a moment and ordered "Two. One at Eternia and one at Etheria."

The trooper bowed and went to carry out Hordak's wishes.

Meanwhile at Snake Mountain, Skeletor, who had been busy these past years plotting his return, sensed the arrival of his old mentor. "Hordak will never get me!" he declared as he opened a portal and jumped through it. He wasn't sure where he would land, but he did know one thing: Hordak would never get him.

Evil-Lyn was watching the events from another part of Snake Mountain. "Trap-Jaw are the Warriors gathered," She asked as she looked at him,

Trap-Jaw looked around, and checked to see who was all there "Webstor, Whiplash, and Clawful are missing" he replied "Should we wait for them"

"No, let the imbeciles be blasted to bits by Hordak" she sneered as she opened a portal and she and the Warriors present left Eternia.