Chapter VII: Assurances of Safety

"What did you get, Adam?" Teela asked him.

"Oh nothing special," he said with a faint blush on his face. What he received was a note from his parents and the Sorceress saying they made it safely off the planet before Hordak destroyed it.

The note read:


We wish we could be with you and Teela as you start a new life together.

We wrote to tell you that we made to a portal before Eternia was destroyed.

Take care of your family.


Your parents and the Sorceress

After reading it Adam, looked around the room to see how happy everyone was.

"Even though, Hordak destroyed our home, he didn't destroy our spirits," he thought to himself.

Adora, noticing that Adam was off in his own world walked up to him and asked "Is everything okay, Adam?"

Adam snapped back to the present and replied, "Yes, everything is fine I was just thinking about my parents"

"Well, what are we waiting for? Next Christmas? Let's toast!" Adora remarked as she opened the wine and poured into four glasses.

"What shall we toast to?" Teela asked as Adora handed her a glass of wine.

Adam paused and said "How about to old friends, new relationships, new family - and last but not least - Skeletor!"

"SKELETOR!" everyone gasped.

"Why not? Just because he doesn't care for happiness, that's no reason that we shouldn't be nice and exclude him from our celebrations. After all - it's Christmas."

Everyone agreed. "Wait," Adora said, "I think we should include Zodak in our toast, after all he had his mystic hand involved in bringing us together."

Once again everyone agreed and toasted to the day and enjoyed a glass of wine. After they toasted they sang Christmas songs and enjoyed each other's company.

Light years away, aboard Horde Alpha, two guards were escorting Skeletor to a room.

After what seemed to be an eternity, they reached their destination, Hordak's judgment chamber.

The troopers opened the door and forced Skeletor into the room.

Hordak sat upon a throne on a platform.

"Greeting, Keldor, I've waited a long time for this" he explained.

Skeletor sneered at Hordak and cried out "Well, you'll wait even longer, you'll never destroy me, you old bat"

Hordak smiled and retorted, "You're right Keldor, I'll never be able to destroy you, that's why I've decided to freeze you, guards prepare Skeletor for his trip" he ordered

The guards escorted Skeletor out of the room.

"I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE YOU FOR THIS, YOU HAVE NOT LAST OF ME, I AM SKELETOR" were the Lord of Destruction's last words.

After that, no one heard anything out of Skeletor or Hordak for quite awhile.

The End