It was late fall -or maybe early winter would be more appropriate considering the amount of snow outside- and Riza Hawkeye loved it. The snowy landscape was beautiful this time of year, it was hard to deny that, but it had nothing to do with her the internal bliss she always felt during this time of year. That warm happy feeling was only there due to one reason and one reason alone.

It was Flu season.

All the hacking and coughing that could be heard this time of year always brought a smile to her face. Not because she liked to see others suffer or anything like that, but because it was enough to scare the overly flirtatious and amazingly lazy colonel out of his dating habits for fear of illness. As he once said, "one night of fun in bed during flu season isn't worth risking a week in bed being sick and miserable."

And with all those lovely ladies currently pushed aside, Roy mustang had very little else to do and boredom, sooner or later, would drive him to finish up some much needed paper work. Which met that she would be be able to leave the office on time for once.

Very little could ruin her good mood. Not even a small grumpy blond tossing more forms down onto her desk.

"Good morning Edward." she said casually, the monotone level of her voice not betraying her good mood. Edward grunted in response but she paid no attention to his rude behavior as she skimmed though the forms and mark what ever was necessary before handing them back to him before returning to her own work.

"Have the Colonel sign these were appropriate and everything should be good for the time being."

Edward wasn't overly thrilled about having to so the Colonel but that wasn't new. Taking a deep breath he made his way over to the office hoping the 'bastard' would just shut the hell up and file the request for once. He really didn't feel up to dealing with that guy's bullshit today.


A loud bang as his office door was kicked open marking the arrival of Fullmetal was enough to start the man but the only proof of that surprise was the slightly wavy 'G' at the end of his signature. He took a moment to consider the slight flaw before deciding it was good enough, set the form aside, and continued to ignore the young genius.

He grabbed another paper and ran his eyes over the tiny text, not really actually reading it but giving a good impression of work as he considered the smaller alchemist's arrival.

Fullmetal wasn't due to report on till later and it was unheard of for the boy to show up on time, let alone early.

Mustang honestly had no idea why Edward was here. Granted he could just ask the boy and solve this whole mystery but where would the fun be in that?

So, instead of quenching his curiosity he chose to ignore his subordinate.

It wasn't hard for him to imagine the blond's face getting redder and redder as he his temper grew as the clock ticked the seconds away, but it was fairly difficult to hide the amused grin that threated to appear due to such metal images.

Fullmetal was always a good form of amusement. Perhaps he should send the elder Elric off on the pointless mission. Nothing major. Just something annoying that would be enough the ruffle the young mans feathers but easy enough that he'd be able to report before the office closed tonight.

He rolled such possibilities around in his head while he waited for Fullmetal's traditional form of greeting. AKA, fists slamming into his desk. He didn't have to wait long. Just as he predicted, to fists -one metal, one flesh- made contacted with the old oak desk. The dent on the wood and the crumpled papers in the one hand clearing showing Edward's irritation.

Setting his pen aside, the older alchemist folded his hands under his chin and smirked as he prepared to offer the traditional, and much hated, short joke.

"Oh, hello Fullmetal. I didn't see you enter. All this paper work..." he said, gesturing at the nearly nonexistent stack, "must have blocked my view of the floor. How can I help you?"

Now all that he had to do was sit back and wait for the childish hissy fit that always followed such comments and then he could find out why the boy was really there.

He waited patiently for the expected temper tantrum but only received a wicked glare for his efforts.

He raised an eyebrow at the unexpected display of composer. Of all the reactions Edward could have had, he really didn't expect anything near a display of maturity.

Maybe the boy was finally growing up.

Nah... It was early, he probably just missed the joke...

"Maybe you didn't hear me way down there but I said..." he started, not bothering to be subtle, in hope of riling him up and putting their normal game back on track but Edward apparently didn't want to play that game anymore.

He tossed the forms aside and answered the taunt in a completely new way.

In a blink of an eye the long haired man had his metal hand fisted firmly in his superior's lapels and roughly pulled the man over his desk and into a rough, sloppy kiss.

If the initial kiss wasn't enough the surprise the man then the inexperience tongue forcing it's way into his mouth and sharp teeth togging at his lower lip most certainly did.

The colonel blinked stupidly for a moment - completely caught off guard- before pushing aside any confusions, morals, and hesitations to simply return the kiss with a skill unmatched by many.

A few moments passed slowly and just as the younger man started to show any improvement in kissing he pulled away quickly- panting slightly- and left the room with no explanation of his arrival, his actions, or his exit.

Roy took a deep breath before arranging himself back into his chair and turned toward the window as he though about todays unlikely event.

The Fullmetal Alchemist had just kissed him but for some reason he wouldn't seem to find any winged pigs fluttering around outside... Something didn't make sense.

Shaking his head slightly, he turned back around and prepared to finish his work only to finally notice the crinkled papers Edward had brought with him. Unwrinkled it the best he could, he read the form and couldn't help but grin.

It was a request for sick leave. Edward Elric had Influenza and was highly contagious.

The world made sense again.


It was early winter, or perhaps late fall would be more appropriate considering the warm front that had recently passed through, melting the snow, and Riza hated it. Most of the staff, including Colonel Mustang, had fallen victims to the various illnesses that tended to get passed around this time of year, leaving her, and only her, with a large stack of paper work that needed to be filled out and filed accordingly.

There was no way she's be leaving work on time today.