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"History repeats itself, whether you want it to happen or not it just do. Never question the past, because if it isn't for it you won't be here."

Haku walked into the kitchen eyes fixed upon Chihiro who had her back towards him. Even as he walked in the house Koji still had his small hand fixed onto Haku's.

Smiling down to the little child Haku gave him a nod and Koji smiled, strutting his way to his room. Haku needed time to talk to Chihiro; to sort out his thoughts. He had to tell her about his flashback, his time was running out.

"Chihiro," Haku called, eyes still fixed upon her figure.

He watched as she turned around slowly, locking her eyes onto his she couldn't help but smile. "Hey," she smiled, taking a step forward.


Flash back

"This is the last day that I will ever remember her and our past together," Haku spoke sadly. "After tomorrow I would have crossed the 100 year barrier and my memory will be blanked," tears fell from his face.

"Never forget Haku, forgetting a loved one isn't easy. Even with a spell," Zeniba said, walking up to the pained dragon who sat on the shore of his river. The Kohaku river had channels, half was in the human and the other half was in the spirit world. When he was here he could hear everything his river heard in the real world. He knew each time when a human jumped in for a swim or even if a leaf touched his water.

"But I will forget her Zeniba," Haku stood up furiously.

"A part of you will always remember," Zeniba said as she walked toward her hut, "You just got to find that part," she turned around and said.

"How?" Haku asked.

"Just remember one thing Haku, if you ever see her again and if you find that part where you remember everything, don't tell her, she will remember in time," Zeniba smiled. "Telling her will only slow down the process. She will remember in time Haku. She will find her part and remember the past the two of you shared," Zeniba spoke, "in time."

End Flash Back

"Are you okay?" Chihiro asked, laying a hand on his forehead.

"Uh..yes," he answered blankly.

"Did you want to tell me something?" Chihiro asked.

"I uh..we..should go," Haku said.

"Go? I thought you said we don't have to go until 9pm tonight?" she asked.

"Talking to the Gods won't take just five minutes. They need full human day, and I say we go early so that we finish early," Haku tried to smile.

"Sure," She said, her face still filled with confusion. "I'll go get Koji ready," Chihiro said.

"You get yourself ready, I'll help Koji."

"Okay," she smiled. "Thanks," she leaned in to kiss him before walking off to her bed room.

"In time," the words escaped his lips.

Truth was he didn't need to go to the gods of the spirit world. Chihiro already was a goddess, she just doesn't know. Only gods of the spirit world or spirits can pass into the spirit world without any special entrance with the gods.

Chihiro was that goddess, and Koji that god. If they were a past god and goddess, they can still past. Because their soul carries a part of information that only the spirit worlds barrier reads.

Turning toward the exit of the kitchen Haku walked toward Koji's room. He rested his hand on the handle and turned it slowly, eyes coming to rest on the child that lay asleep on the bed. Koji must have had a late night last night with Ben and Tom.

Bending down to the small cupboard that sat at the corner, Haku took out some clothes and packed it in a small bag he found under the bed.

Finishing it off with a small jumper he zipped up the bag and threw it over his shoulder. Turning around he stared at the sleeping child. How peaceful a child slept, it didn't matter where or how, a child was always innocent and pure until it grows up. Every baby is born innocent and pure, it is only when it matures that it learns of evil and hatred. That's when good becomes bad.

Leaning down he carried the child in his arms, surprisingly Koji was very light. Well considering his size and all he was pretty proportionate.

"Mmm.." Koji mumbled; stirring from his sleep.

"Shh," Haku soothed. "Go back to sleep," he urged.

Koji nodded sleepily without opening his eyes and snuggled closer to Haku's chest.

Haku made sure the child went back to sleep before exiting the room. Taking one last look at the room, he saw the small pendent that sat on Koji's side table. It was a small pendent, in a shape of an eye. Quickly he walked over and took it in his free hand, and placed it around Koji's neck then walked out to Chihiro's room.

"Ready?" Chihiro perked her head up with a smile.

Haku smiled back and nodded. "I've got sleepy here and his bag as well."

"Thanks, do we need food?" Chihiro asked.

"Depends if you are hungry," Haku said.

"I should for sleepy there," Chihiro smiled.

"Hmm..Always thinking like a mother," Haku noted.

"Well, I try," Chihiro giggled and lugged her bag over her shoulder whilst she made her way to the kitchen. Haku close on her trail.

After a few minutes of Chihiro rushing through the kitchen she took some biscuits and packed it in her bag.

"Lets go," Chihiro said.

"Yeah," Haku rolled his eyes. "lets."

"Hey, I didn't take that long."

"Sure," Haku smirked.