aygtet 13




"So, Word is that the Master is due back next week." Click

"Ranma should be here before that." Click.

"Good to hear old Friend. " Click

Some things never change.


Tarou landed at the School

He was roof hoping, not flying.

He was also not looking for Ranma or the old man. He had decided that the name Pantyhose, was like the name Melvyn, Ignored by all but a few who liked to have their asses wrapped around their heads, in one fashion or another.

No today he was after something else.

Something worth more then simple pride.

He was after his bride-to-be.

Tendo Akane, Prized fiancee of one Saotome Ranma.

Okay so he still had an axe to grind with the 'Girly man' and the old perv...

Seeing the Target of his affection, He sauntered over, dropping a Kuno sized bundle of Flowers at her feet, as he knelt and opened a hand carved box of Cherrywood.

"Milady, would you do me the Honor, and consider to be my Bride?"

121 Akane's POV

It was a good morning. No Ranma. No Kuno...

Then Taro landed in front her, dropping a large bundle of lilies, roses, and orchids at her feet. He knelt as pulled out a carved wooden box, opening it to reveal a RING!

"Milady, would you do me the Honor, and consider to be my Bride?" The stone of the Ring was size of a baby's fist, Rose cut, and perfectly clear.

Akane was about to turn him down flat. She even open her mouth to tell him to fly off, and never bother her again...

"Would love to." As the Ring found its way onto her finger.

'What the hell just happened?' Akane asked herself as she stared into the depths of the stone. 'What am I wanting with this overgrown side of beef?'

Then another voice answered, 'Remember that stone Nabiki sold last year? it was your Mother's Wedding Ring. Same cut, Size of a pea, and was ripped off at half a million dollars American. With what this cost, you could live like a Queen!'

"You have to ask Father's permission first, though." Spoke to the male at her feet. 'There, when Daddy says no, the Ring is mine and Beefcakes here is gone. Nabiki will turn green!'

"Done." Taro stood up. "Will see you after school." he turned and wondered off.

Every Girl swarmed Akane to see her new Ring.


He Tripped over a log and fell off the Mountainside...

...Only to land face down in a campsite in a hidden hollow.

As he pulled himself out of the ground, he looked about. Small Tent. Too small for a human to use, but something might use if he was more comfortable with his Other form. There was a Bowl of water sitting next to the banked fire, so it would be warm enough for tea when the sleeper awoke...

Casting about he noticed a couple small ponds near by. One was big enough to swim in for other people. There was also room for one to stretch out and work through the last bit of a technique, and yet there is enough coverage to keep it all to oneself.

Setting his backpack near the fire, he pulled out his teakettle and couple tubs of Instant Noodles. Using the last of his water, he placed the now full tea kettle on the fire, before digging out his Tea tin.

As he waited for the water to come to a boil, he picked up a tome of 'Lost Arts' and began to flip through the pages. He would get his Revenge; One way or another!


She was awaken from a deep sleep and a dream of Neko-Ranma pinning her down as he Mounted from behind (no further details at this time) when something heavy landed in the middle of her camp.

Flipping from a sprawl to het feet, she poked her nose out the tent flap in time to see Ryoga levering himself out of a hole not 10 feet from where she crouched.

When she noticed him using her fire to heat his water for Soup and tea with asking her...'How is he to ask me when he does not know that I am even here? Get a hold of your self.'

Then she saw his book. 'So, You are trying to beat my Ranma? We will see about that!' She bared her fangs in the cute way only a Chinese Longhair can, when a thought came to her.

'He can not beat Ranma, but when you Defeat That bloody Duck, and then rescue Husband from Lost-Pig, It will be in your arms that Ranma will awaken in. It would be your Arms that comfort and nurse him back to health. Then Husband will know your love for him and will return it.'

She then cocked her head. 'Will have to leave Village afterward, as Husband will not survive a caged animal, and those old fossils will not allow a Male to Live free. Besides, I will wanting to return to Japan.'

She pushed forward, out into the sunlight. "Good Morning, Lost-Pig" She Slinked up to Ryoga and stropped his chest. "Got enough for me too?"

"Hello there, Beautiful" His voice smooth and gentle. "Are you Cursed? or is Your Human not back yet?"

"Silly-Piggy, You no recognize Xain Pu?" 'Oops still cat!'

She stepped around to the Water bowl, and with the skill of long practice, flipped the bowl on to her head...



Xain Pun looked up from under her new hat. Yeap, the boy was out cold from a nosebleed.



He heard the silk of the tent shift and looked up to see a white and purple cat step into the sunlight.

She moved like she owned the world. Ryoga knew the legends of the World, and knew that in times of old, the Cats did own the world, Humans just ran it. Cats had more important thing to do.

"Meow, ow, rroww." She jumped into his lab and rubbed against his chest. "Meow?"

Careful not to scare her, "Hello there, Beautiful" His voice smooth and gentle. "Are you Cursed? or is Your Human not back yet?"

"Meow?" She sauntered over to the bowl and flipped it onto her head...

...His eye traced the dainty paw, now pale arm, up to the naked body of the girl, her face covered by the bowl hat she was wearing. the only thing she was wearing!...


...he did not even have time to grab for his nose...