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Broken Darkness


My room seems oddly empty now. I mean, there's no shortage of games, board games, virtual games and the like but it still feels empty. I guess it's because it's been a while now since Yami returned to the underworld. I'm a little relieved that it's over but I still feel lonely sometimes…even though having things back to normal is best for me and although I think I've gotten over it, I probably just tell myself that because it is lonely not having someone to talk to when my friends aren't around… All my friends seem okay now too, even Tea. I have to admit I've gotten over my crush on her too…I'm growing up in a lot of ways now, I guess. Of course, even though I have my own journey beginning, I had to first complete my education, so I was stuck working on an algebra problem. For a moment though, sometimes during the day, I feel really lonely, but then I just remind myself Yami is back where he belongs…where he was supposed to go and then I can smile again. I mean, well…I don't know…I miss him I guess…and I miss the millennium puzzle too. It was my greatest treasure, now buried deep in the earth.

"Yugi!" my grandpa called from downstairs, "Come down and get some dinner! Worry about your math problems later!"

"Coming Gramps, don't' worry!" I shouted and closed my math book, using my pencil to hold my place and I ran to the kitchen and saw a steaming pot of my grandpa's special soup.

"Looks good, right?" he asked, nudging me slightly in good humor, "Eat up!"

"Alright Gramps," I said with a sigh and we began to dish up. His cooking was good even though some of whatever we decided to make for dinner didn't always turn out the way we wanted it to. We ate silently for a while, as we normally had until Gramps tried to start a conversation.

"Yugi…I don't think I've told you yet but I think you've gotten taller!" he said.

"Ha," I said laughing, "I'll always be short…I have your genetics…"

"Doesn't mean you can't grow taller than me Yugi," he said, "You are alright, aren't you?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"I mean that it's only been a short while since…" he said.

"I'm fine," I said, "I'm totally okay…"

"That's good," he said, "And everyone else is too?"
"Yeah Gramps, you can stop worrying," I assured him, "I don't think anyone hates the fact things have settled down a little…"

"That's good," he said, "And I'm supposed to worry about you, I'm your grandpa."

"Alright," I said sighing, "But I'm fine…really…" It was at that moment the phone rang and Grandpa went to go answer it.

"Don't worry; I have it," he said and hassled to go answer the phone, "Hello…Kame Game Shop, Solomon Motou speaking…" I listened with only half an ear, trying to focus more on the food I was eating and not some business man or salesperson calling late at night. I heard a 'thank you very much' and the phone was hung up. Grandpa came into the kitchen, a grave look on his face.

"What's wrong Gramps?" I asked and he sighed heavily. A long pause fell between us before he decided to break the silence.

"This was a call from the hospital," he said, "Apparently there's a man there who keeps asking for you. They say he knew your name and his but he has a slight case of amnesia…"

"Who is it?" I asked, a panic welling within me. My breath caught in my throat… someone kept asking for me? Were one of my friends in the hospital and needed my help? I hoped not, although Jou could get himself in trouble on occasion although I don't think he's ever had to go to a hospital before…has he?

"They say he had darker color skin," my grandfather continued and I wondered if it was Marik, "And he called himself…" Who was it?

"Stop beating around the bush Gramps, who is it?" I asked.

"Atemu Yami," came the reply and I stood up, bumping the table and spilling a little bit of my soup, my breath hitched in my throat and I felt like I was choking, "Yugi, are you alright?"

"No…" I gasped, "I'm not…"

"Do you know someone by the name of Atemu Yami?" he asked.

"Uh-hu," I replied, feeling light headed all of a sudden. My head felt woozy and I could feel myself wobble slightly so I sat back down and Gramps rushed to get a few paper towels to wipe up the mess I had made.

"We should go see him then…it's not too late, we were having an early dinner," he said.

"I don't know Gramps…" I said.

"What's the matter?" he asked, "Who is this Atemu Yami?"

"Remember what I told you about what happened in Egypt?" I asked and he nodded, "Well…the pharaoh's name was Atemu…"

"Can't possibly be the same person," Gramps said gruffly, "Maybe someone just knows you're famous and…"

"Gramps…I don't think so," I interrupted, "C'mon, I gotta get to the hospital!" I wasn't about to call anyone either…if this was a hoax then let me be the only one hurt by it…I could always call later and they all had things to do tonight anyways. Besides, this was kinda something I wanted to see for myself first…if it was real. I wanted to see him first and not have people stepping over me to say hi too…they could do that later…if it was real… only if it was real. I ran to grab my coat and we headed out the door towards the hospital.

Third Person

"Have you seen the new patient?" one nurse asked, pointing towards a slightly open door, "He's hot!"

"I know…his hair is so interesting too!" another replied with a giggle, "I hope that person he wanted us to call is his family or something…"
"I'll take him home with me," the first replied and both of them walked off dreamily.

A young man lay across a bed, staring off at the ceiling, staring off into space.

"Yugi…Yugi Motou…" was all he muttered and felt his eyelids grow heavy, "Yugi…"


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