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Broken Darkness

Chapter 18: Epilogue


I was lucky to not have become pregnant from our first night but now we were ever cautious to wear protection, no matter who was on bottom. I couldn't piece together how in the world Kana was going to cause a pregnancy in either Yami's or my male body.

"Yugi…" a voice murmured sleepily and I felt Yami tug me down back into the bed. "Come back to bed, it's a Saturday."

"I know, but I wanted to get up," I said and kissed his forehead. We had been together now for two weeks, and Kaiba still needed help with Jou. I sighed; our being together was something wonderful and now we just needed to help Kaiba in order to finish the deal we made.

"Do we have anything to do today?" Yami asked and his eyes looked so tired.

"We were going to meet with Kaiba for another session of 'how much do I need to know about Jou'," I whispered. "He's too nervous still to do anything but try and learn about Jou, and I still think Jou likes girls." Of all I knew about Jou, I still didn't know about his sexuality.

"Then what do we do? It's not like we can break a promise but then again it's not like we can force Jou to like guys…much less Kaiba," Atemu said with a sigh and sat up in the bed. His tanned skin and deep eyes never ceased to make my heart stop beating for increments at a time. He kissed me a few short times before slipping over me and starting to get dressed.

"We'll find a way, we always do," I said with a smile as I watched Atemu dress. He did it so methodically it was mesmerizing.

"I know, we will, it's not like we have to save the world or anything like that," Atemu said jokingly as he buckled one of his belts.

"Although considering what we're doing now, saving the world might be easier," I replied and joined in his laughter. "It's scary in a way, it seems so much harder."

"And you graduate High School soon, don't forget that," Atemu said and I decided that I probably should get dressed to, throwing on the first thing I pulled out of my drawers. I pulled on a shirt and a pair of pants just as his hands came up and pulled me into his embrace. "Have you decided whether to go onto college or get a job yet?"

"I don't know Yami," I whispered. "I mean, you're here, taking care of the store and I'd feel bad getting more schooling."

"Well, you could always ask Kaiba for a job," he said and nibbled my ear.

"He wouldn't give it to me until the issue with Jou is resolved," I replied, "But I guess I could work there if he'd let me. He's changed Atemu, he's changed a lot."

"I think we all have," Atemu said and snaked a hand up my shirt, causing me to pull away from him with a laugh. "But it's been a change for the better."

"I know love, I know," I said. "Come on then, we better give Seto a call and see where he wants to meet today."

Seto Kaiba, who was in love with my best friend. I didn't exactly know what to make of it at first, but now that I've been telling…well, more like teaching Kaiba all about Jou, he really does care for 'his puppy', an endearment Jou probably won't be too fond of. Or he might, I didn't really know.

"Yugi, are you listening to anything right now?" an irritated CEO asked, snapping me out of my thought. I jumped in my seat and felt Atemu's hand come out to steady me.

"Sorry, I was just lost in thought," I said sheepishly.

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Kaiba sighed heavily and buried his hands in his face. We were sitting in his office currently, eating whatever takeout he had ordered. I hadn't paid much attention to it, it tasted good and that was all that had mattered.

"Kaiba, you yourself seem distracted," Atemu said gently.

"I can't go through with it," Seto said. "Even after all these pep talks it isn't helping."

"Oh come on, you've done so much and you'll chicken out on telling someone 'I love you'?"
"Yugi, didn't you have the same fear of rejection that I'm having currently?"

"Well yes."

He glared at me. "You got a chance to say it without fear of rejection, when the pharaoh was dying!"

"Seto, c'mon, don't be mad," I said.

"I don't know what I'm going to do," he whispered. "Yeah sure, I've done so much and yet this…by telling my puppy how I feel will really affect me for the rest of my life."

"This isn't some trivial battle for you," Atemu agreed. "Love never is trivial."

"It's getting past your lunch break," I said knowingly, glancing at the clock. "I don't think there's much more we can do love. Until Kaiba comes up with a plan of action on his own or something of his own design there isn't much we can do except cheer from the sidelines."
"You're giving up on me?"
"No, we're not," I said, looking at Seto as I stood up, Yami standing with me. "But you need to decide how you want to go about this. Once you do that, we'll help more if we can. You need to decide what you want to do, we can't do that. I had to do that too, even if it was a last minute desperate cry that turned out for the better after all."

Seto didn't respond, he seemed to be in really deep thought, his hands folded and his head resting on them, eyes closed. "A plan…I guess. But I don't know what to do. He hates me, I know he does, after the way I treated him, I expect nothing less…but still…" Atemu and I exchanged a glance and shared a sigh. He was off in his own world right now, so it was safe to leave. I think he got the point, about him needed to decide really how he's going to go about it, how there's only so much we can do for him and things like that, now just to wait on it. I took Atemu's hand and led him out of the office. I had other things planned for him now…like him being on the bottom this time.

"Aibou, never ever let me doubt your lovemaking abilities ever again," Atemu purred as I curled up against him.

I smiled wearily. "Yeah, well, you did ask for it. That and you taught me everything I needed to know."

"I'm a good teacher then," he whispered and yawned. "A very good teacher."

"Yes you are," I replied and yawned as well. "But I'm tired now. Your boyfriend is officially tired love, goodnight."
"Goodnight Aibou."


I stared in horror at the test in front of me. How in hell was this possible?

"Yami, are you okay in there?" Yugi asked as he pounded on the bathroom door. "Are you okay? You've been like this for a few days, what's the matter?" I sighed and decided I had better tell him. I stood up from where I had been sitting on the toilet and made my way to the bathroom door. Placing my hand on the knob, noting my hand was trembling; I opened the door and flung myself into Yugi's arms. I wasn't crying…I promised myself I wouldn't cry yet.

"Atemu, you better tell me what's wrong!" Yugi said as he backed up against a wall and we sank down to the floor.

"It's positive!" I said.

"What is?"

"I don't know how she's going to make this work but something in me changed and now it's positive!"
"Atemu…what happened? What's going on?" I looked up into Yugi's big eyes, full of worry and concern.

"She did it, I swear she did it just to be mean," I said. "I mean, why me? Why in the world was it me?"

"Atemu," Yugi began gently.


"When I was…on top…did we forget something?" It was beginning to dawn on him what I was babbling about. I didn't even want to acknowledge it!

"If I could hurt her I would," I said and then I felt Yugi's hand caressing my cheek. "What?"
"Just tell me the news Atemu, I can handle it, I promise," he whispered.

"Yugi…I don't know how she's planning on doing it, I swear I don't know!"

"Atemu, just tell me what's going on."

"Yugi, I'm pregnant!"


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