Hello! Sorry for the long wait. I was so busy. I had the musical, and then my mom had surgery, and I've been just SO busy lately! Well, enjoy! (I also started a new phanfic, if you're interested. Humor again!)

The companions all arrived at Yuolin's Spa around ten o'clock the next morning. Raoul seemed to be the most excited of any of them. "I'm going to get a massage, then relax in a sauna, then get a mud bath, and then…"

"Raoul, please shut up." Erik barked.

But Erik was looking forward to this too. He just couldn't wait to melt all that stress off of himself. As they walked into the lobby, Erik walked straight up to the receptionist. She was, of course, a PhanGirl, so he practically got them in for free. Okay, he got them in for completely free.

As the lady led them back to the changing room, Erik surveyed his surroundings. The walls were painted a dark misty green and the floor was covered with a darker green heated tile.

The woman pointed them into separate changing rooms. One for males, one for females. Erik was pretty uncomfortable with the fact that he was going to be changing in the same room as Raoul. The man was sure to be gay at heart! Erik swallowed his fears and changed in a corner into a swimsuit and then black robe with a red rose on the breast. Raoul wore a matching one over his own swimwear.

They met Carlotta and Christine in the hall. They also wore robes exactly like Raoul and Erik's. The receptionist, who Erik noted was named Amanda. She was pale and had brown hair. Next they reached a place where the hallway went two ways.

"This way is to the pool, and this way is to the massages and the gym. Take your pick, you have free run of the place." Amanda turned and headed back to the reception room.

Erik and Christine headed down the hall to the massage room. Raoul and Carlotta headed to the heated pool and sauna room. When Erik and Christine reached the room, they slipped off their robes and swim suits and slid into towels. Christine giggled. Erik rolled her eyes. They lay down on the tables.

Two masseuses came into the room and smiled. Picking up a bottle of oil, the first came over to Erik and instructed him to lie down on the table. He did, enthusiastically. She immediately began to smear the sweet smelling oil all over his back. Erik sighed. This felt great.

From across the room, Christine laughed at the man's reaction to the masseuse's smooth touch until her own masseuse touched her stressed back. She moaned. "I think I'd like to hire a masseuse to come by my house once a week to do this for me."


Raoul ripped off his robe and dove into the pool. He'd been expecting it to be cold and grinned when he found that it was comfortably warm. Raoul treaded water while yelling to Carlotta, who sat on a lounge chair along the pool.

"Carloooottttaaaa…. Why don't you come in here now?" Raoul asked.

"Its not my style. Ieel seet here until I'm hot." Carlotta stuck her nose into the air.

"The water isn't cold!" Raoul reminded her.

"Ieessn't cold? Ieessn't COLD!" she sniffed. "You're pulling mee leg."

Raoul grinned. He formed his hands into a cup and began to pelt Carlotta with the warm water. The furious diva stood up. "You vil pay! Pay I tell oo!"

Carlotta tore off her robe as fast as she could. Doing a swift dive that Raoul didn't know was possible for a woman of her… uh… capacity, she easily caught up with the man and grabbed his ankle. Raoul struggled for air as Carlotta held him under.

When she finally let him up, they were both gasping for air and laughing. Soon, they were playing "Shark".


Erik and Christine had finished their massages and were heading towards something new. "How about that room?" Christine asked.

"Alright. That sounds good." Erik agreed.

As they slipped out of their robes again but kept the suits on this time. Erik stepped into the warm mud, and slid down into it. Christine followed, giggling the whole time.

"It tickles your toes, in a way." Christine said.

"Yeah. But strangely soothing." Erik sat beside Christine awkwardly. "And almost romantic."

As if on cue, the lights went down, and some candles immediately were lit. Erik frowned, but then shrugged.

"Why did it get dark Erik?" Christine whimpered. "Where are you?" Erik touched her arm.

She scooted closer to him. He almost jumped out of his skin when she laid her head on his shoulder. Erik took a deep breath, said a small prayer, and lowered his lips to hers. Surprisingly, Christine didn't flinch or jump away. No, instead… she kissed him back.

When Erik finally had to pull away for a breath, cheering was heard in the halls. He rolled his eyes. Christine was still staring at him open-mouthed.

"What was that Christine? Do I still sense some passion for your Phantom?"

A tear rolled down Christine's cheek. "I- I'm sorry Erik." She said.

"No. Don't…" Erik kissed her again.

When they finally stopped, Erik laughed. "If only Raoul could see me now." He muttered.

Christine's eyes flew open. "Oh my gosh! Raoul! I'm married now Erik. I cannot just be going around and kissing my old love…" Christine paused. "Whoops. Did I just say I loved you?"

"I think you did, Christine." Erik murmured.

Awww… sentimental ending there. I like it. (sighs). Not exactly funny, but definitly enjoyable. R & R!